Download Epub Format ↠´ Out of the Ashes (Sons of Templar MC #3) PDF by Õ Anne Malcom

Download Epub Format ↠´ Out of the Ashes (Sons of Templar MC #3) PDF by Õ Anne Malcom 3 Stars, Just an OK read for me.
I have to say that as much as I have been enjoying this series, I can t help but feel that this story about Bull and Mia was on the disappointing side for me I didn t quite feel connected to Bull and or Mia, I am not sure exactly why honestly but I just wasn t feeling their story Mia and Lexie s backstory, well mainly Mia, was heartbreaking and I mean when we finally get all the pieces of her broken past, I was crushed for her I loved that she and Lexie were so close and that she was such a great mom BUT their humorous bantering back n forth for me, was annoying That sort of back n forth for me was so overdone that it kinda put a damper on the flow of the story Sorry, I didn t like that part of t Out of the Ashes is now available for preorder on Get it here Living A Life In Darkness Causes The Soul To Char To Ash Battling Demons By Turning Himself Into A Monster Is The Only Way He Can Survivethe Only Way He Can Keep A Grip On Sanity That Grip Is Precarious At Best, Every Day Is A Silent Battle With Demons That Threaten To Yank Him Into The Truest Form Of Darkness, The Abyss He Ll Never Escape Then It Happens Light Shines Through The CracksHappiness Mia Spencer S Life Is Full Of It She Has An Amazing New Job, Friends, Family, And The Light Of Her Life Her Daughter Lexie Running From The Demons Of The Past, Escaping A Hell That She Vowed Lexie Would Never Know About, She Worked Through Hardship And Near Poverty To Create Something She Was Proud Of Buried Deep Inside, Underneath The Swell Of Love She Had For Her Only Daughter, Were The Fractured Pieces Of Her Pieces That Were Smashed And Battered When She Was Young And Vulnerable Then She Meets Bull, Who Seems To Hate Her On Sight He Screams Danger, From His Huge Physique, To His Beautiful Ink, To The Motorcycle Club He Belongs To He Is Silent, His Glares Threaten To Burn Her Into Flames, Yet She Finds Herself Falling For Him Finds This Broken Man Slowly Fixing The Pieces She Thought Would Stay Shattered Forever I enjoyed this much than I thought I would I have problems with reading badly or unedited books which is why I DNF d Making the Cut, the first book in the series This one is greatly improved, and the few errors there were didn t detract from my reading experience.
At first I thought Mia was going to get on my wick with her ridiculous decisions, and decided she wasn t the brightest bulb in the box BUT I got used to her quirkiness and batty behaviour which was balanced out by her daughter s maturity I loved Bull even when he was being a miserable get, my heart broke for what he suffered and how he lived with the guilt.
I m anxiously waiting for Lexie s story, I need to know what went wrong there.
Anne Malcolm has basically rewritten Kristen Ashley s At Peace but imho, she has actually improved on it I would not call it plagiarism, rather inspired by I mean, she even inserted a couple of nods to the source of her inspiration, having the characters utter how at peace they are in this new burg they ve moved to.
I had no love for KA s At Peace but I overall enjoyed Anne Malcolm s Out of the Ashes Her H is hot as hell and not the Big Fat Jerk that his KA prototype was The h was still a bit of a doormat The secondary characters were great This is definitely of an ensemble rather than one on one romance The bikers and their families, the h s teenage daughter and her hot baby biker boyfriend, the rock band, were all living, breathing, well developed characters that contributed to the Ding, ding, ding, Yes we have a winner here I read this last night and loved it 4 stars, maybe up to 4.
The best of the 3 full length ones in the series She s definitely getting better grammar editing wise.
Some mild spoilerish info may followI thought the mother daughter relationship was adorable, and it reminded me of all the good stuff between the mum and daughter from the Gil Girls I loved seeing a fun, sensible and NOT broken teenage girl there s not many out there in booklandia and it makes for a nice change We have a very cool heroine fun, quirky in a good way, not a try hard way , caring and while she s not superconfident, she s not a total doormat either She s willing to accept the hero the way he is to a certain degre Re read 3 26 17 3,5 stars.
Wow this one was so much better than book 1, which I didn t care for much.
It definitely had an At Peace by Kristen Ashley vibe to it, yet there were big parts that were completely different Even though I still found that the heroine gave in too easily, at least she wasn t a lame airhead like the heroine from book 1 A lot of people commented that this book made them think of The Gil Girls and I would have to agree with them This didn t bother me in the least because I love that series I also think that Mia was a great mom and her relationship with her daughter really made me laugh.
4 Stars from me This was so KA like it seemed to be fanfic Too much like At Peace The witty retorts and comments of the h and the daughter were too stilted and didn t seem natural both got on my nerves Took me days to read wanted to DNF a couple of times but made myself persevere I might have rated better if it was KA inspired not exactly like KA Don t know if I ll read other books by this author 2 At Peace loving stars.

Note to anyone reading this review you know a book is great when you have to look up synonyms for amazing This book blew me away I loved every single minute reading this book, I didn t want it to end and when I finally read the last page I felt like I was about salivating for the next book especially after the sneak she gives us at the end I have really loved all the books in this series but this book somehow takes it to another level The characters were extraordinary, the story was amazing, and this is one of those books that will stand out among the hundreds of books you read.
After moving far away from the only family they have Mia and her daughter Lexie find a new life While getting breakfast one day Mia see s three unbelievable handsome men, and one of them takes her breath away but from the looks he keeps giving her the feeling isn t even close t So much better than the first two

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