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[Ashley Hope Pérez] ¶ Out of Darkness [madagascar PDF] Read Online ☆ Honestly this book bored me to tears, the chapters were very short and not concise There are some books that start off very intriguing but a little bit too intriguing, if that makes sense I feel that the author tried to sound spooky with the language but it frustrated the hell out of me The synopsis did not even make sense, it was just a bunch of mini plots that was not consistent with the first plot Who were the characters that suppose to make a difference When is the story about to pick up I wanted to be in the light after reading this snooze fest, thank God I came Out of Darkness reading this travesty.
Note to authors Please save all the foreshadowing, if there is a BIG event happening Also if you are going to have short chapters, at least let it be CONCISE Ter If you haven t read a book by Ashley Hope P rez, you are missing a unique and empowering voice in young adult fiction The author s work for Teach for America Corps inspired her debut novel, What Can t Wait Her gritty sopho novel, The Knife and The Butterfly, explored the consequences of gang violence.
P rez s third novel, Out of Darkness features a clandestine romance which dares to cross the racial divide of 1930 s Texas Inspired by the most deadly school disaster in American history, this provocative novel gives voice to those whose voices were silenced and whose histories were unjustly revised In Out of Darkness seventeen year old Naomi moves with her half siblings to her stepfather s new home in an oil drilling settlement town When their Mexican American mother died in childbirth seven years earlier, Naomi became the surrogate moth This Is East Texas, And There S Lines Lines You Cross, Lines You Don T Cross That Clear New London, TexasNaomi Vargas And Wash Fuller Know About The Lines In East Texas As Well As Anyone They Know The Signs That Mark ThemNo Negroes, Mexicans, Or Dogs They Know The People Who Enforce ThemThey All Decided They D Ride Out In Their Sheets And Pay Blue A Visit But Sometimes The Attraction Between Two People Is So Powerful It Breaks Through Even The Most Entrenched Color Lines And The Consequences Can Be ExplosiveMore Than Grief, Than Anger, There Is A Need Someone To Blame Someone To Make Pay Ashley Hope P Rez Takes The Facts Of TheNew London School Explosion The Worst School Disaster In American History As A Backdrop For A Riveting Novel About Segregation, Love, Family, And The Forces That Destroy People I don t get book hangovers very often but when I finished reading Out of Darkness I swore, I took the names of various deities in vain, and I stared off into space for a few minutes I was physically exhausted by the time I read the last line This book will just tear you apart from the inside out and spit you out on the back end.
Out of Darkness is a dark book that deals with some really rough things like blatant and violent racism and statutory rape At times it s a difficult book to read but it s so damn compelling I dare you to willingly put it down If life didn t get in the way I have no doubt I would have just plowed through this in a very long sitting.
The story itself focuses on a real event that happened in East Texas w this is being described as a novel about a major disaster an explosion at a school in Texas in 1937 as a backdrop for a story about love, family, segregation, racism, etc Which is accurate But is also a novel about a young girl being molested by her stepfather This is why trigger warnings are a thing I don t want to read books about young girls being molested, I find it upsetting I think understandably I am especially tired of picking up YA books that I think are going to be literary and moving, and having them be super rapey I mean, half the town thinks she should marry her stepfather, so gross I cannot deal with this sort of thing any and that s not even getting STARTED on the extremely crazy and bummerific ending which I live chatted in a Slack channel b c I was so horrified and bemused One friend said it sounded like misery porn and I honestly hav You know what this book is about from the first page The worst school tragedy in American history I almost looked it up to see if it still was, but then I didn t want to know a gas explosion in a Texas oilfield school that killed most of the students and teachers It s also about racism, about family, about death and loss, abuse, and violence And that s why I m not really sure about how I feel about this book It starts with the explosion and the community working to clear away the debris, gathering up pieces of the bodies, mostly of children Then it rewinds a year, to show the events leading up to this We re introduced to several characters an African American teen boy, a Mexican girl, her little brother, their white stepfather As they interact with each other, with the community, the whole picture begins to emerge It s a tense book, with a lot going on, especiall YA is becoming diverse THANK THE LAWD in representing a variety of issues people of color have experienced Further, I was SO EXCITED to see an interracial romance that wasn t black and white PUN Would that be considered a pun Moving on Heartbreaking, beautiful, and superbly executed read about race, politics, and love that is very much relevant today Let s talk about my the tragical element The two main characters mixed in with Naomi s crazy stepfather and his lemme get advice from this terrible yet i know of plenty that still exist could be baptist preacher relationship When we meet Wash Naomi they were just radiating thatEspecially because in my cinematic mind Let s just say that BOI Meets GURL andensues In the teenage agnst way because nothing says first love like a whole lot Beautifully told story, wonderful editing But so, so bleak Why on earth would anyone need to endure such a horrific tragedy in their leisure reading I neededhope More joy.

I am known for being soulless and hard, but this book has broken me in about a hundred ways Brilliant Heartwrenching Brave Intricate I will saycoherent things in the morning maybe, but DAMN.
Okay, here s the rest of my review I don t even know how to rate this book Like, it s an important book And I liked the characters But it s also possibly the bleakest book I ve ever read and I hated so much of what happens in the story because it filled me with so much rage Full review to come Hopefully a rating will come with it Okay, so I m going with a 2.
5 star rating at this stage Because even though I think the story is incredibly important and wonderfully diverse I mean, it s set in the Texas oil fields in the 1930s and it s the story of a Latina girl and an African American boy falling in love it s just so dark and bleak and miserable to read that I can t really give it anythingthan that I honestly would even hesitate to call this a young adult book Because even though that s clearly the intended audience and that s the age of the narrators, it deals with so many incredibly serious issues and there is so much of

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