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[ Read Online Nowhereville Í yaoi PDF ] by Sean Campbell á This book is a great little read Actually like 4.
5 stars than just 4 The only reason not a 5 being a few instances of awkward phrasing at the outset But once the author hit his stride, it was a believeable romp reminiscent of Ray Bradbury s Martian Chronicles Fast moving and compelling, you are engaged from the first page The characters are well fleshed and relateable, the sibling relationship authentic The author even tugs at your emotions with a robot who is human than machine The setting was incredibly real and the science, solidly grounded and plausible If you crave adventure and want to escape to a space station in the future, this is the book for you Well done, Mr Campbell I can t wait to read your next This was a First read book I received from the Goodreads Giveaway program.
This was a very easy book to read and I found it difficult to put down, which suprised me as I am not really an avid si fi reader.
The main characters are very believable, and the dialogue between them is what I would expect as typical of siblings Interesting plot, well thought out, though as this is Part One of a set, this has set the scene, introduced characters, some briefly at this time, and it certainly leaves you feeling that the story is going to get even interesting The pace is excellent, and I look forward to the next volume.
After His Mother S Death, Sixteen Year Old Seth Bradley Chooses To Leave Behind His Friends, His School, And His Entire Life Within The Rusted, Broken Down Space Station Ticonderoga With His Sister Jenna In Tow, He Sets Out To Join A Father He Barely Knows In The Orbital City Of Grass Valley, A Monument To Human Achievement Floating Three Hundred Miles Above The Earth He S Never Seen The Open Sky Before Never Seen A Robot Either, Until He Meets Anne, A Strange, Quiet Shopgirl That No One Ever Seems Too Bothered To Notice Ava Morales Is A Girl With A Mysterious And Violent Past The Soldiers Of The Democratic Republic Of Mars Sing Praises To Her Name, But To Her Family She Is A Terrible Secret She Is Considered A Terrorist By The Allied Nations Of Earth, But To Others Still, She S Nothing Than A Troubled Teenager, On Her Way To Becoming A Permanent Resident Of The Grass Valley Prison System When Grass Valley Is Caught In The Crossfire Of An All Out War Between Earth And Mars, Seth, Jenna And Anne Must Work Together To Survive As They Find Themselves Trapped In A World That Is Literally Crumbling Around Them Meanwhile Ava Unexpectedly Finds Herself Alone And Finally Free In A Chaotic, Hostile City Torn Apart By Conspiracy And Fear A City Where, Maybe, She Has A Chance To Finally Live In Peace A City In Ruins, Lost To The Blackness Of Space A City With Secrets All Its Own Nowhereville is the beginning of a courageous story arc about young siblings who move to an off Earth colony to start a new life with their previously absentee father, and about a young woman who is trying to find her place in a budding Martian revolution with contacts in the same colony Nothing turns out the way any of them expect, as the colony becomes a crucible for multiple world changing events, into which the young people are thrown Add to this an evolving race of intelligent robots evoking memories of the ancient myth of the golems, and you have an intriguing and tantalizing look into humanity s complicated future The novel is a complex mix of the powerful dream imagery haunting the young revolutionary girl, and the unquenchable and entertaining banter between the young siblings in the face of danger And the conclusion of the novel packs a gut busting punch th Let me start by saying I don t read Sci Fi.
it s never been my thing It s usually hard to follow and there is too much going on for me to really feel as if I am escaping reality Now that i have gotten that outlet me just tell you how much I LOVED this book Nowhereville was a surprisingly awesome change of pace from what I normally read There was a lot of world building in this story which usually detracts from everything else for mebut it didn t in this case The descriptions were so detailed, I was easily able to envision everything was happening from beginning to end The book mainly follows Seth and Jenna a brother and sister pair as they integrate into a new world Jenna is by far my favorite charactershe is sarcastic and has plenty of spunk Love her Seth is the smart, somewhat awkward guy who has a lot Right from the beginning of Nowhereville there s so much going on We have Seth and Jenna who have just faced tragedy and are going to live with a father they barely know We have Ava who is in trouble or is trouble All of this happens on a space station that may become the center of a Mars and Earth war that is building in the background But, even with everything that s going on it s easy to get absorbed in the descriptions that the author administers The setting of the book is what makes it simply remarkable I loved the way Sean Campbell constructed this world that when I think about the book feels like it s a memory and I was there I wanted to be there, even with everything going on It really makes one of my favorite quotes come to mind Reading makes immigrants of us all It takes us away from home, but important, it finds homes for us A nice young adult Science fiction novel About two teens who loose their mother in an accident that occurs on the space station where they grow up Leaving them with no choice but to move to Grass Valley another space station up to date and larger than they have ever seen, It s like having earth floating about in space Here they find it hard to settle into the new surroundings especially as the Martian war breaks out They see their prior home destroyed and then suffer through and deal with the war that rips apart the new home During this time they have yet to meet up and reunite with their father Going on a journey to find him and to understand what is happening All the while Seth has to deal with his sister Jenna and the risk she runs of her implant lungs stop working and it becomes harder to breathe Accompanied by This is a very interesting concept I enjoyed how Campbell set up his debut novel as it is fast paced and shrouded in mystery We meet Seth, Jenna, and Ava around the same time, but Ava has something to hide, something big The chapters alternate back and forth between the characters as they go their separate ways and the world around them begins to crumble as Grass Valley is attacked by Martians Campbell really sets up his novel well, explaining the different space stations and the people that live there it s ingenious really, and learning about the characters world was vastly interesting While I did really enjoy the premise of the novel, I have to admit that I was a little disappointed that Ava eventually disappears from the story completely, leaving the reader in the dark much too soonTo read my full review 11 5

This is my first of many reviews celebrating self published authors for Indie Author Month hosted by Nikki at Wicked Awesome books I would definitely recommend Nowhereville if you love YA science fiction or love books with huge cliffhangers for the next books in the series As with many science fiction novels, Nowhereville had an amazing premise I was immediately enad with the fast paced, action packed plot filled with fancy futuristic references I loved how it took place in an off world colony where Martians were simply people who lived on Mars in political turmoil with Earth and the Allies rather than an alien race I liked the silent nod to futuristic ethics with the treatment of robots and how attached Seth became to Anne As a Martian, Ava was my favourite character because she was the reason the whole battle was started So little was explained of her family and history that I loved this book First of all, the environment was both original and described with enough detail that the settings really came to life In my experience that s a rare combination Further, most of the techno jargon was completely plausible which always makes a book real to me The characters were also both realistic and loveable But the best part of this story is how quickly it moves along I love a story that s full of excitement and adventure I m even impressed when the reader has absolutely no idea what s in store for them in just a few pages Nothing about this plot was predictable and it was all original I only had two gripes with this book One, I think modern science fiction spends a little too much time on robots that are people too

Sean Campbell began writing at the age of fourteen, and it was a complete disaster A sample Beavis Butthead script earned him a spot in the Greenville Fine Arts Center s Film Video program, where he finished his first feature length screenplay at the tender age of sixteen By day, he s a mild mannered Broadcast Operations Technician at a local television news station, but by night he writes