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Ì Read ô No One Is Coming to Save Us by Stephanie Powell Watts ↠´ A retelling of the Great Gatsby HAH The only reason I read this book was because the Great Gatsby is my all time favorite book Any and all things alike I must devour This book had nothing in common with the classic and to call it a retelling feels like false advertising It s certainly a novel all on its own, but no need to try to compare it to something it could never be This takes place in Pinewood, NC JJ Ferguson builds a mansion and wants so bad for Ava to be with him these might be the only similarities Ava s mother Sylvia is a major character and she strikes up a relationship with Marcus an inmate Ava s husband is cheating on her and Ava is desperate for a baby I think there were some interesting threads, but none of them amounted to anything worth investi At a crucial moment in F Scott Fitzgerald s classic novel The Great Gatsby, when Nick says, You can t repeat the past, Gatsby instantly disagrees Can t repeat the past he cried incredulously Why of course you can Whether you should is less clear Various people starting with Fitzgerald himself have been borne back ceaselessly into the past, particularly by trying to repeat The Great Gatsby Since it was published in 1925, the story has been adapted for radio and television, acted out on Broadway, jazzed up as a musical, spun into a ballet, sung as an opera, digitized into a computer game, reimagined in new novels, and, of course, dramatized in film, most recently in a garish blur by Baz Luhrmann that portrayed Nick recallin The Great Gatsby Brilliantly Recast In The Contemporary South A Powerful First Novel About An Extended African American Family And Their Colliding Visions Of The American DreamJJ Ferguson Has Returned Home To Pinewood, North Carolina To Build His Dream Home And To Woo His High School Sweetheart, Ava But He Finds That The People He Once Knew And Loved Have Changed, Just As He Has Ava Is Now Married, And Wants A Baby Than Anything The Decline Of The Town S Once Thriving Furniture Industry Has Made Ava S Husband Henry Grow Distant And Frustrated Ava S Mother Sylvia Has Put Her Own Life On Hold As She Caters To And Meddles With Those Around Her, Trying To Fill The Void Left By Her Absent Son And Don, Sylvia S Undeserving But Charming Husband, Just Won T Stop Hanging AroundJJ S Newfound Wealth Forces Everyone To Consider What They Want And Deserve From Life Than What They Already Have And How They Might Go About Getting It Can They Shape Their Lives To Align With Their Wishes Rather Than Their Realities Or Are They Resigned To The Rhythms Of The Particular Lives They Lead No One Is Coming to Save Us Is A Revelatory Debut From An Insightful Voice That Combines A Universally Resonant Story With An Intimate Glimpse Into The Hearts Of One Family 2.
5 starsThis book did not hold my interest I did not like any of the characters I saw little to no resemblance to the classic The Great Gatsby I was however able to make each characters association to this book title They all had varying problems and were looking for a savior I think the author did a good job of making you visualize her characters You could even see them in their speech, although there were parts of this story that just did not make any sense One conversation between Jay and Sylvia, about Barack Obama, went from him saying he missed his mother and they weren t making him president to Sylvia saying, in the very next line, that she had not changed her phone number I saw absolutely no connection there, nor in any of th 3.
5 stars rounded down for reasons that will become obvious later in this review I picked this book up because it was the first pick by Sarah Jessica Parker who is the honorary celebrity book selector of the American Library Association s Book Club Central This is a good news bad news book, I will start with theGOOD NEWS 1 Excellent character development The characters were believable and jumped off the page I was invested in them right from the start 2 Great storytelling The interconnectedness of the characters both with one another and their small town was well done Descriptors executed in a manner to create a meis en scene akin to a film rather than a book that made me feel like I was transported to Pinewood, North Carolina 3 At times, truly beautiful writing and compulsively readable Now, the BAD NEWS 1 My kingdom for a copy editor For Review now posted on a small town in North Carolina an African American family is reaching for the American Dream Life is hard and full of disappointments as it seems like a black cloud is over them Ava is desperate for a baby yet she battles infertility and secretly reaches out to an online community for support and advise Her husband Henry is upset about the decline in the furniture industry where he works, is cheating on Ava and feels disappointed in himself Ava s mother Sylvia s life is stunted she has never gotten over losing her son Devon and is married to Don, a man she doesn t trust JJ Ferguson, Ava s old boyfriend is back in town, wealthy and living large on top of the hill He has built a house overlooking the town and is hoping to get back together with Ava as he searches for the feeling of being home We all get disap Enjoyable read but being compared to the Great Gatsby really isn t fair assessment I would just forget the comparison and get to know the characters for who they are individually.

This novel portrays life within an African American community set in an economically struggling town in North Carolina The book s characters are self conscious about relative wealth status, but their perceptions are unexpectedly stretched when a man returns to his childhood hometown to build an expensive mansion on a hill overlooking the town This man had been raised as an orphan and left the town with minimal prospects, but returns now years later apparently wealthy from sources not fully explained.
It is soon apparent that a motive for this man s return is to court a long ago high school sweetheart But this woman is now married and obsessed with bearing a child her efforts meeting with repeated miscarriages Her focus on pregnancies has prompted her to endure a faithless husband who has fathered a child with another woman From this narrative setup it We believe despite all experience to the contrary in easy money and our own fortunes changing in an instant like the magician s card from the sleeve If one quarter came miraculously from behind the ear, we would milk that ear for days for the rent money We believe We are full of the fevered hope of the newly come to Jesus We can reinvent We can survive At least some of us think so What choice do we have when this book was first offered to me and i read the beginning part of the synopsis The Great Gatsby brilliantly recast in the contemporary South a powerful first novel about an extended African American family and their colliding visions of the American Dreami was like jay z gatsby sign me up NOW i love gatsby, but it s certainly not the most ethnically diverse book ever, and i was looking forward to gatsby s themes filtered through a different perspective somethingmo It was a dilemma for me trying to decide if I wanted to read this book On the one hand I m not fond of remakes of classics they are perfect as they are I ve had a hard time with the Hogarth Shakespeare Series for the same reason But I have to admit that on the other hand, I was drawn to read this book because it was described as a modern day Great Gatsby, from an African American point of view Since it is my favorite novel, my curiosity won over my bias of not wanting to read remakes I have to be honest here, while there are things about this book that might remind you of The Great Gatsby, it felt much too contrived and any comparisons are facile at best Unfortunately, I had a hard time separating myself from the fact that a comparison was made in the first place and it got in the way of seeing this story on its own To be fair to Stepha

Stephanie Powell Watts won the Ernest J Gaines Award for Literary Excellence for her debut story collection, We Are Taking Only What We Need 2012 , also named one of 2013 s Best Summer Reads by O The Oprah Magazine Her short fiction has been included in two volumes of the Best New Stories from the South anthology and honored with a Pushcart Prize Ms Powell Watts s stories explore the lives o