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☆ Read Å Nicholas St. North and the Battle of the Nightmare King by William Joyce ✓ This was a great story and yet there was something about it that didn t fully hook me After reading his other books like the Sandman, I know William Joyce can weave a crafty tale that carries you along on wings of silver and this story was missing something to bring it fully to life.
Santaff Clausen is the name of the city this takes place and there is magic in the world that this place harnesses The imagination behind the book is fantastic as usual I do plan on going on with this story and I hope it gets better with each book.
This book was exactly the sort I love to find in the children s section it had the wonder and imagination of childhood while still offering danger and adventure It kept me turning pages and the illustrations were gorgeous.
There were so many things about this book that I loved All the twists given to childhood characters was one of the best The Man in the Moon, the Boogeyman and of course Santa Claus were all done in fresh ways I even liked how djinns and Abdominable Snowmen were used in the story By far I have to say I m most intrigued to read about Nicholas and the journey he will take that leads him to his future role.
The community of Big Root was fascinating as well, and all the spells put in place to keep it safe were later used with great effect when Nicholas and his bandits came by.
I can hardly wait to see how the author deals with the

I must admit I didn t know the books about The Guardians of Childhood until I had seen the movie But as soon as I had realized where the story came from, I bought all of them and thought that December was the perfect time to start reading the series I started with The Man in the Moon, which is like a picture book for really small children Nicholas St North however is of a storybook, with less pictures Nevertheless, I enjoyed it tremendously The story is funny and full of wit as well as instructive and the drawings are simply magnificent The author really put his heart into it, one can tell Also, what is good for reading the book as several bedtime stories to a child is that the chapters are almost all relatively short Also, I m glad that this story as well as the ones to come which I have already started are longer than the fir Essa foi uma leitura muito gostosa e divertida O William Joyce criou um universo m gico muito nico nesse l vro Tudo muito bem descrito, as ilustra es do autor s o lindas e os personagens s o muito cativantes.
Esse primeiro livro deixa algumas pontas soltas, mas isso n o me deixou irritado Muito pelo contr rio, s me deixou com mais curiosidade para ler os pr ximos da s rie Super recomendo se voc est procurando uma fantasia infantil bem escrita e r pida de ler Adorei D The possibilities were endless Battles would be fought Wonders revealed Many journeys Many lands Many joys Many sorrows William Joyce, Nicholas St North and the Battle of the Nightmare King The Guardians, 1 In the center of a large forest, protected by a spirit that tempts trespassers with glittering jewels, and guarded by a ferocious bear that stalks the shadows, lies the hidden village of Santoff Claussen This strange place is hidden from the world and is home to an odd group of individuals, including families with children that are capable of speaking to insects and an old wizard from Atlantis, Ombric Shalazar, who is able to perform amazing magical feats Deep within the shadows an evil stirs, an evil that is both ancient and terrifying Pitch, the Nightmare King, and his Fearlings have awoken and Ombric cannot defeat them on his own He needs the help of a brave warrior, Okay so I saw the film and wondered what the books where like Can you say I am the only one So I went looking for the books and here is the first one It is not what I was expecting and to be honest I am very glad This book has not only the same feel as the film but a lot of the graphics have made the transition too However this is the story of St Nick master swordsman and master of the north This is the very beginning of the story where as the film in rights is the very end So what of this book yes its aimed at a certain age group no wonder I enjoyed it so much but the artwork and imagery is incredible creative but also atmospheric its one of those stories supported by the illustrations which is ageless and I suspect stand the tests of time Yes there is a rip roaring adventure which rattles along at such a This reminds me so much of classical children s books It s very different from the movie, but in a good way that I appreciated I think it could have focused a bit on the problem of Pitch rather than North just hanging out in Santoff Claussen, but I really enjoyed it Definitely a book to read to young children, and for children to pick up when they re just discovering their own love of reading.
This was honestly so good It s basically everything I needin my life, which is sort of funny because the first time I watched the film well, I didn t really like it But I ve watched it many, many times since and it s one of my favorite animated films So imagine my surprise when I find out that it s based off of books Uh, I like books Let s read the books William Joyce certainly doesn t disappoint, even if this is a children s book It captivated me the moment I began reading The story is wonderful Nicolas is wonderful It s just all so wonderful But what I really like is the backstory we get on Pitch I mean this guy was a fallen hero.
People adored him, and he s the way he is now because he was trying to be kind even if they did sort of b Before SANTA Was SANTA, He Was North, Nicholas St North A Daredevil Swordsman Whose Prowess With Double Scimitars Was Legendary Like Any Swashbuckling Young Warrior, North Seeks Treasure And Adventure, Leading Him To The Fiercely Guarded Village Of Santoff Claussen, Said To Be Home To The Greatest Treasure In All The East, And To An Even Greater Wizard, Ombric Shalazar But When North Arrives, Legends Of Riches Have Given Way To Terrors Of Epic Proportions North Must Decide Whether To Seek His Fortune Or Save The VillageWhen Our Rebellious Hero Gets Sucked Into The Chaos Literally , The Fight Becomes Very Personal The Nightmare King And His Evil Fearlings Are Ruling The Night, Owning The Shadows, And Sending Waves Of Fear Through All Of Santoff Clausen For North, This Is A Battle Worth Fightingand, He S Not Alone There Are Five Other Guardians Out There He Only Has To Find Them In Time Okay, first of all, I feel it necessary to establish that I think William Joyce is an American treasure A top tier illustrator of many, many children s books, overflowing with imagination Check out Santa Calls, or Dinosaur Bob, or the Rolie Polie Olie books and associated television show, which worked a sort of throwback to the early Disney stuff Joyce is amazing, and his Moonbot Studios is responsible for this year s Academy Award Winning short film, The Fantastic Flying books of Morris Less.
All that to say, William Joyce, you are very good at what you do Except for the writing part Because YIKES The lesson was right there in the title of your Award winning movie in the name of your main character Less is Less is In order to achieve that magical quality, a good story has to be lightly seasoned with it Joyce upende

William Joyce does a lot of stuff films, apps, Olympic curling but children s books are his true bailiwick The Numberlys, The Man in the Moon, Nicholas St North and the Battle of the Nightmare King, Toothiana, and the 1 New York Times bestselling The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Less, which is also an Academy Award winning short film, to name a few He lives with his family in Shre