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¿ Read ¿ MXX by Donald Schlising î MXX Is Born Into The Galaxy S Darkness And Forged By Its Heartless Cruelty Trusting Only His Gun And The Edge Of His Knife, MXX Becomes One Of The Galaxy S Greatest And Most Feared Agent Soldiers As He Claws For His Share Of The Scraps The Unified Governments Leaves Behind When MXX S Latest Mission Draws The Attention Of The Unified Governments, He Makes The Most Difficult Decision Of His Life Hunted By The Most Powerful Leaders In The Galaxy, MXX Strikes A New Deal His Life For The Lives Of His Crew The Unified Governments Fashioned A Galaxy Of Wealth And Power For The Empire Nations, Ignoring The Heavy Cost Of Their Actions They Created Desperation And Aggression They Created A Galaxy Of Darkness They Created MXX, And It S His Time Now

I received this book as part of a Goodreads First Reads giveaway Hiding this for spoilers just in case I add something that is spoiler like MXX, overall, was pretty good It had a good pace and a fairly creative plot.
I ll break my review down into a few things Characters, Plot, Conflict, Setting Description, and Pace.
Characters At first I thought that the main character might turn out to be very Gary Stu like The main character, Maxx, wasn t greatly a Gary Stu There were a few instances where the fighting seemed a bit unrealistic, but overall, Maxx seemed to have his limits Similar for the other characters Character development wise, the characters were a little developed and had some definable characteristics But the character voice wasn t immensely strong.
Plot However, the lack of strong character voice was made u MXX Agent Soldier by Donald Schlising is a novel was the characters live and travel in space Different planets, or race of people, experimented with making an ultimate soldier to fight for an advantage point over the other planets The enhanced a person was the unstable they could become unless the device is removed But they liked the added abilities they were able to obtain MXX, or Maxx, was an agent soldier who didn t believe in using the enhancements, and even had to leave the woman he loved behind because she refused to have her enhancements neutralized to ensure her life and stability Maxx is finding the cargo in his ship is causing attention from the wrong people than he can handle Plus he must figure out who the double agent is on his ship My favorite part in the book would have to be where Maxx had the compensation JaC hidden I was surprised at who was really worki

Donald Schlising is an author of science fiction and horror with a number of published short stories and creative works to his credit MXX Agent Soldier is his first published novel and the first book in the MXX series.Donald lives in southern Wisconsin, and in addition to writing MXX Two Promises, the second novel in the MXX series, he s also an award winning nature and landscape photograph