Download Epub Format Ó Medieval and Modern Greek PDF by ↠´ Robert Browning

Download Epub Format Ó Medieval and Modern Greek PDF by ↠´ Robert Browning To Speakers Of Modern Greek The Homeric Poems Of The Th Century BC Are Not Written In A Foreign Language The Greek Language Has Enjoyed A Continuous Tradition From Earliest Times Until Now This Book Traces Its History From The Immediately Post Classical Or Hellenistic Period To The Present Day The Aim Is Both To Analyse The Changing Structure Of A Language Stabilised By A Peculiarly Long And Continuous Literary Tradition, And To Show How Changing Historical Circumstances Are Reflected In Its Development In Particular The Historical Roots Of Modern Greek S Internal Bilingualism Are Traced

An absolute gem crammed with information Robert Browning s Medieval and Modern Greek is a survey of the changes that the Greek language went through after the classical variety of the 5th century BC, written with the assumption that the reader already has a thorough grounding in Classical Greek The book was first published in 1969 by Hutchinson, but in 1983 a second edition was published by Cambridge University Press to represent the outcome of the great changes of the previous decade, which saw the artificial literary norm Katharevousa finally dismissed in all spheres of activity in favour of a standard language closer to Demotic, or popular, Greek.
So Browning proceeds chronologically, noting when classical constructions fell out of use or innovative formation arose He ascribes the major pronunciation changes to earliest times, and after that his comments are mainly on morphology and lexicon This presentation of the p

Robert Browning, Greek historian, translator, Byzantinist, and professor was born in Glasgow in 1914 He graduated from Glasgow University in 1931, acquiring several prizes and honors He also learned several Eastern European languages, beginning with Albanian In 1939, he acquired a second degree from the university and joined the Royal Artillery, where he mastered Georgian.Browning returned to a