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5 stars It might contain spoilers.
This is the kind of tale that raises all red flags in your brain as soon as it starts It s a car wreck ready to happen since there is a driver, but he s blind As the blurb states, Dr Crane, fresh out of school, takes on a new patient.
God help him He was so NOT prepared for Max, it s not even funny Max, dear lawd just bring the straightjacket Max, the patient, is a master in manipulating He lures Dr Crane in his web and unleashes the beast hibernating inside Crane That was clever Scary clever Machiavellian kind of clever.
The result I just wanted to shout Dr Crane, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE Did he listen Course not He was fascinated by Max, not mention his attraction to him Dr Crane downfall was fascinating to wa

My latest dose of fictional depravity was really good, y all I felt a couple of things held it back from sheer greatness, but if you enjoy dipping a reading toe into the psychological dark arts, I can easily recommend this one for the elements where it shined.
The plot is basically a therapist patient relationship gone horribly wrong one that was, quite frankly, never right to begin with It started as discomforting but interesting, even while it required a healthy portion of suspended disbelief Then, as it got and twisted, I couldn t rip my attention away If you re a fan of stories where a mind and life get twisted to a psychopath s will, there s something in this one for you.
The books where I can glimpse a hidden masterpiece are the ones where I most hold a slight miss against them None of these things made the book anywhere Buy links ExcerptFolks who dislike unhealthy relationships, are sensitive to consent ambiguity, or have eurotophobia should take a big step back from this story.
It s dark ish and full of mindfuckery Substance abuse, pornography, violence, cheating, unprofessional behaviour, criminal intent, abuse and good lord, the lies.
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Be forewarned that this psycho sexual thriller contains issues of consent, abuse, violence, cheating, doctor patient improprieties, general depravity and a number of WTF moments If you are sensitive to anything please tread carefully If you love depraved mind fucks and when it comes to your reading have few hard limits like me, you re going to want to get that one click finger ready Under reason for seeking counselling on the intake sheet, Max had written taedium vitae , which translated to tired of life.
From their first session Dr Dennis Crane is completely intrigued by the young man Max is good looking, charming and obviously intelligent, but there is something unsettling about him About his expressions, the way he 4 stars audiobook Well, I wanted to read something different, and this was definitely different I don t think I have read a book this dark before, and for some strange reason, I found it very hard to stop listening When Dr Crane takes on a new patient, Max, he certainly is not ready to be attracted to him, and the time they spend together, lines are crossed What ensues is a crazy, dark and twisted story as Dr Crane goes down the rabbit hole Besides being an absolute psychopath, Max is in total control and manipulates Dr Crane to the point that Crane doesn t even recognize who he is any and is completely at Max s mercy to the very end.
This book is a total mindf ck I couldn t wrap my head around it sometimes and kept questioning the reason behind all the twisted head games This story is not for the faint of heart, so if you are a sensitive reader, please be warned.
DNF 30%Good book but too fucked up Even for me But seriously, good book.
Re the Audible version I am giving Nick J Russo 4 stars on his performance here I think he could have done so much with Crane so I m disappointed about that His Max was excellent and Russo surpassed my expectations with all the secondary characters.
Merged review That was crazy good It was so much fun to watch Crane unravel and go through this journey At every turn I was thinking, oh god, Crane don t do it and then something else would happen, a twist I totally wasn t expecting A wonderful sense of foreboding and angst building through the whole story Since I got the first half of it over the course of several months this summer as the author released it on his blog, the experience of waiting to find out what would happen next and not knowing how long the story would be was especially wonderful I m reading it ag Novel , Words Genre S Transgressive, Psychopath, Dark Erotica, LGBT GSMFresh Out Of School, Dr Crane Takes On A New Patient Who Both Intrigues And Unnerves Him Charming, Manipulative, And Amoral, Max Has Exactly The Sort Of Mind Crane Finds Himself Drawn To With Fictional CharactersAs Max Weaves Himself Into Crane S Life, Crane Realizes That While Fiction Might Be Safe, Max Certainly Is NotWhen The Professional Line Between Them Thins, Who Gets To Define Where One Man Ends And The Other Begins I liked the premise of the book, for me it just did not get there The basis of the story was there, IMO it was lacking any character history leading to how this story got here I really enjoy a good dark or twisted story but it needs some back up,for me this one was lacking that

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