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[ Read Online Mathematical Mysteries: The Beauty and Magic of Numbers ñ international-relations PDF ] by Calvin C. Clawson ↠´ A remarkable book on number theory at secondary school level with a chapter dedicated to the poorly known indian mathematical genius Ramanujan Absolutely fascinating The first two chapters are rather basic but interesting enough, but then it gets into the meaty stuff These should be fairly understandable to anyone who is comfortable with advanced school mathematics, the exceptions being the discussion of public key encryption and of Godel s Incompleteness theorem, which I found needed than one read Some of the work is now out of date so it is worth referring to Wiki for the latest status of certain problems.
My favourite part was the discussion of Ramanujan s work, with many incredible results One of these is an expression for the fourth power of Pi in terms of the fourth power of the prime numbers, which I find absolutely incredible Why should there be any connection between the area of a circle and prime numbers Nobody knows absolute magic Surprisingly there is no mention of Euler s expression giving PI 2 6 in terms of Why Seemingly Unrelated Mathematical Truths Are Connected In Simple And Beautiful Equations Continues To Stump Even Mathematicians This Recreational Math Book Takes The Reader On A Fantastic Voyage Into The World Of Natural Numbers From The Earliest Discoveries Of The Ancient Greeks To Various Fundamental Characteristics Of The Natural Number Sequence, Clawson Explains Fascinating Mathematical Mysteries In Clear And Easy Prose He Delves Into The Heart Of Number Theory To See And Understand The Exquisite Relationships Among Natural Numbers, And Ends By Exploring The Ultimate Mystery Of Mathematics The Riemann Hypothesis, Which Says That Through A Point In A Plane, No Line Can Be Drawn Parallel To A Given LineWhile A Professional Mathematician S Treatment Of Number Theory Involves The Most Sophisticated Analytical Tools, Its Basic Ideas Are Surprisingly Easy To Comprehend By Concentrating On The Meaning Behind Various Equations And Proofs And Avoiding Technical Refinements, Mathematical Mysteries Lets The Common Reader Catch A Glimpse Of This Wonderful And Exotic World Calving Clawson s purpose for writing this book is enlighten your mind with amazing math You can tell he has done a lot of research because he says he has Clawson spoke of how he went to many sources to get information The theme of this book is that math is important Mathematics is everywhere doing everything You reading this report uses math Previous reviews recommend this book for people in grades 9 12, I think that anyone that can do simple math with be able to understand most of this book This book is written in a exposition style He explains and analyzes math to bring clarity to ideas and principals of math You can start from basic knowledge in math, then he starts to explain and by the end you have a very vast knowledge of math By the end of the book it seems as though you are learning college level math I had a harder time u This book wavered from five stars to three, so I m settling on four Good books about math and number theory are so hard to find this is a pretty good one I have decided that I really enjoy Math theory and its ideas I found this to be a facinating book Some of the stuff was over my head and I had to re read it to understand it, but I learned a lot about prime numbers, mathematicians, and the golden mean, etc.
i loved reading this book great introduction to math s great thinkers mysterious and thought provoking.

A breathtaking journey into equations, trascendental numbers, primes, sequences and series, and conjuctures.
An entrancing book, one of the few I ve read 4 times Would make an excellent replacement for most of the 9th through 12th grade high school mathematics texts, if only because unlike those currently in use it might encourage an interest in the subject prompting further inquiry, reading and discovery.
Picked up this book from my parent s shelf while I recovered from a collar bone surgery It was a nice mental distraction with deep mathematical questionings once in a while that even turned out to be philosophical questionings of the realm of the universe There are lots of math topics and brief biographies that made me go down the rabbit hole once in a while to dig deeper on internet on some of the things I found very interesting from the book and which it briefly described The narrative of the book was well done from beginning to end in a successful attempt to link all topics and present them in an interesting way without boring the reader Even the author knows some things of what he is writing is completely hard to grasp, but the effort he does, to show us the magic and beauty behind it, is well executed If you don t like numbe

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Mathematical Mysteries: The Beauty and Magic of Numbers book, this is one of the most wanted Calvin C. Clawson author readers around the world.