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[ Read Online Marriage Meltdown × androgyne PDF ] by Emma Darcy Ñ For me, this book is right there with Ultimate Betrayal I love the book despite hating the theme and I believe in the HEA despite knowing that it s not quite right.
Seven years of marriage and three children later, our heroine feels like her marriage is falling apart and she s been reading articles trying to figure out ways to fix it Her hubby hasn t actually turned to her for sex in a while and before that it kept getting and sporadic She feels like she s being put into a box in his life labeled Mother of His Children and that s not where she wants to be Despite her efforts, her hubby doesn t even seem to notice her.
She had a very repressed childhood where she went to an all girls school run by nuns, and her own parents were very stickler with things you don t talk about or mention She also has low self esteem and This was very good emotional read,Reid Gina have been married for 7 years outside everything is perfect but inside they know nothing is right,their marriage is melting and dying and Gina is being feeling it strongly that Reid is either having an affair or thinking of having it which proves right Reid is thinking of having the affair yet he has not decided with whom but his PA Paige Calder has been giving him signs that she is ready to do anything but Reid has not yet given any signs to her,Gina decides to fight for her marriage and starts making change but Reid s cynical attitude,taunts and comments which are coming from his first marriage hurt her humiliate her,Reid thinks Gina is playing games cause she is scared that she will lose her place in his life and tells her again n again stop all this games,what ever other outlet he has plan The Seven Year Itch On The Outside Gina Tyson Seemed To Have The Perfect Marriage But Inside She Ached With Frustration At The Distance Reid Had Placed Between ThemSo, Gina Decided To Challenge Her Husband And Was Shocked Rigid By What She Heard She Had To Do Something To Show Him Just How Much She Really Desired Him Had Always Desired Him But She D Have To Act Fast If She Didn T Want To Lose Him To Another Woman Re read after Boogenhagen s excellent review Still five stars I had forgotten what a riveting story this is I could barely look up from it even though I ve read it before and all the reviews were fresh in my mind.
This time I was struck by how reptilian the wanna be OW was The air of menace around her was palpable and I m glad the hero finally clued in especially how he would have been under a blackmail threat if he had done anything with her I was further struck by how the hero really didn t know how to have sex with someone he loved His first marriage really did warp him I don t think I picked up on his immature view of relationships the first time around He and the heroine were a matched set in not really knowing what they wanted or how to get it but they did see it through The hero picking up the slack after the heroin Oh my god I was furious at this hero His wife was a virgin raised by nuns and he expected her to be a wild sex animal He was the one with all the experience He was much older than her, he had been married before and he was clearly a sophisticated man So his cruelty towards the heroine broke my heart Plus he was seriously on the verge of cheating with his bitchy slut secretary He drove me crazy Still I loved all the angst This book has all the things I love in a harlequin romance intrigue, drama, complicated characters and relationships, passion, alpha hero, vulnerable heroine It s perfection, and I loved every moment It also had incredible depth and mature writing It deserves than 5 stars This is one of my all time favourites published by Harlequin.
It is a brilliant story full of emotion Gina Reid are married but with 3 children but he feels neglected and that she only wants him to provide her with babies Their sex life is predictable and in his opinion she only participates to keep him happy.
Although he wants and wants to be wanted for himself he cannot bring himself to have an affair.
Meanwhile his Personal Assistant has got the hots for him and Gina realises She truely loves Reid but was brought up in a very staid environment as a child and he was her only sexual partner Because she loves him she decides to fight for him and try to be of what she thinks he wants her to be but in true Harlequin style the path to happiness is never quick and easy.
I loved this story and could see both sides but was pleased to see the HEA.
Point of View Dual Gina Reid Tyson Writing Third Person Past TenseSetting Sydney LondonGenre Adult Contemporary RomancePersonally I think the storyline was a little outdated Maybe if I had read this book 10 years ago, I might have enjoyed it Or maybe not The most irritating part of the book was the main characters Both of them really made me mad because it was just pure frustration when Gina was all submissive and pathetic, while Reid was being one of the biggest fictional douche bags I have ever read I totally understand that marriage is not a one way street Both husband and wife need to put efforts into the relationship and all that But gosh, the way Reid said about how Gina was a passive participant in the relationship made it sound like he tried to keep score or something It was even annoying when Gina did try to make it work and he went all angry and made

TWO STARS Terrible Reid was a gigantic asshole Hated him.
Re Marriage Meltdown Brace yourself HP Voyagers, we are going again to the Trainwrecky Dark Side of HPlandia, in a full blown examination of the Darker Side of a May December HPlandia HEA.
This one is about marital infidelity, so jump off now if you aren t up for the ride.
We start with 28 yr old Gina, nice Italian Catholic girl and mother of three after six years of marriage Gina is married to Reid, a 39 yr old smug, patriarchal Captain of Industry It is Gina s one and only marriage and Reid s second.
The book starts with Gina contemplating Reid over the dinner table, while he ignores her diligent efforts to make him a nice home life, and realizing that if this how an HEA is supposed to work out, she isn t down for it.
Gina is lonely, Reid seems to firmly categorize her as a mother and housekeeper and the fizzles that she felt when she first met him have just gone by the wayside Gina d Not sure how to rate this I m not a real fan of reality in HPLand and a couple of books I ve read by Darcy have strayed too far into that territory for my personal tastes.
I see what she was trying to do with the what happens after riding into the sunset type of approach to an HP I think she succeeded in many ways as far as addressing the things mostly never spoken of that get between a husband and wife And, honestly, it is good food for thought for those of us who are married or in a long term committed relationship.
I ve always been a bit of the mind that people can t and don t change and consequently don t waste my time trying Then again, as the heroine pointed out, it s not fair to make assumptions about someone and never give the other person a chance to make an effort HOWEVER, infidelity is taking things a disgusting step too far.
The H never actua