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Trailer È Maleficent PDF by ä Elizabeth Rudnick Maleficent while reading the beginning of the book the first chapter or so felt slow to me, and didnt quite grab my attention perhaps because there was so much going on around me while I was trying to read it, but then I sat down again and gave it another shot and from what ive always known from sleeping beauty, Maleficent was cruel and just pure evil im glad this book was published to show us another side to Maleficent that we never knew how love and betrayal can damage us whom were once happy and innocent to the fact that then it changes and fills us with a bitterness that we all can relate to im glad that this was different than the original true loves kiss with a prince that awakens aurora to Maleficent losing hope that there ever really This rating is given by my 7 yo daughter, who, despite struggling over some big words, manages to finish the whole book by herself.
There was Maleficent s past, which was intriguing The plot twist was predicatble because, hey, it is a fairy tale after all No complaint here.
There was this feeling of being betrayed throughout the book, both from Maleficent POV and Aurora s The latter one made my daughter cry.
Overall, it s a nice little journey I have with my kid and it s priceless That s been said, we cannot wait for the movie to hit theathers Helloooo, Angelina Jolie A Deluxe Novelization Of The Walt Disney Studios Film Maleficent, Starring Angelina Jolie This Visually Dazzling Live Action Film Explores The Origins Of One Of The Most Iconic Disney Villains Maleficent, The Infamous Fairy Who Curses Princess Aurora In Disney S Animated Classic Sleeping Beauty This Origin Story Is Told From Maleficent S Perspective, Intersecting With The Classic In Both Familiar And Unexpected Ways The Movie Stars Academy Award Winning Actress Angelina Jolie As Maleficent, And Is Directed By Two Time Oscar Winning Production Designer Robert Stromberg Avatar, Alice In Wonderland The Film Co Stars Elle Fanning Super As The Princess Aurora, And Features Sharlto Copley District , Imelda Staunton Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix , And Juno Temple Atonement This is a wonderful story, adapted from the movie of the same name It is a different take on the story of Sleeping Beauty I enjoyed it so much, I went to the library to get the movie.
Maleficent is a faerie who, after her parents are killed, is raised by the Fair Folk She finds goodness in everything until one day she meets a human and falls in love with him All is well until he betrays her and she begins her life of darkness and revenge.
Maleficent is a re telling of the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty In this version we see the story from the evil villain Maleficent s POV Although all the characters that appear in this re telling are the same as in Sleeping Beauty, the content is greatly different In this version based on the 2014 Disney movie Maleficent, we find out about Maleficent s background and see her throughout her childhood This book is pretty much the same as the film and although it makes a nice read, it doesn t contain anything different to the movie I really like this story and think that it is a good and original portrayal of Sleeping Beauty yet in some ways I actually prefer this content to the first Sleeping Beauty although I love the Disney animations.
SpoilersIt is a reall Las novelizaciones no suelen ser el tipo de libro que m s me atrae, pero am tanto la pel cula Maleficent que no pude resistirme Obviamente no es lo mismo, y la adaptaci n est pensada para que sea apto tambi n para el p blico infantil, as que no est hecha con gran profundidad.
De todos modos, si les gust la pel cula es muy probable que disfruten tambi n del libro.
No voy a entrar en detalles sobre el argumento porque si ya vieron Maleficent lo conocen, y sino, les sacar a la sorpresa sta es la historia de la famosa hada malvada de la Bella Durmiente, ahora contada desde su punto de vista y siguiendo la moda actual de probar que los malos no siempre son tan malignos Vamos a ver a Maleficent antes de volverse oscura y echar la maldici n sobre Auro This is movie tie in for the Maleficent movie, which I loved The book didn t add anything to the film, though, other than a prologue about Maleficent s parents After that it was minute for minute with the movie, and the language was overly simplified, like the author assumed that very, very young readers would be the only ones interested in this book So that was a bit disappointing I d kind of hoped that it would stand out on its own as a novel But I will give it extra bonus points for presentation This book is GORGEOUS It s a hardcover, but small, and the edges of the pages are black The dust jacket has that velvet feel, and the cover of the book itself has a pattern of thorns on it The typeface and chapter headings are also fancy If you re a fan of the movie or just Maleficent Sle

I m a HUGE fan of Maleficent, so when I heard they were coming out with a movie about her, I about blew up I was so excited I was even excited when they announced that Angelina Jolie was going to play her, an excellent actress playing one of my most favorite Disney villains, it was almost too much for me I was at a Target store when I found the book, I got it for a good price and to me, it was a very good book It explained a lot of her character of what we already knew, and what we didn t know It starts off with the explanation of her parents, who wanted peace between humans and the fair folk Maleficent was only a baby at that time, when she grew to be a child, her parents had met an unfortunate end Maleficent had trustworthy wings that could carry her wherever she wanted to go, and the book describes her wing This movie novelization tells the other side of the Sleeping Beauty tale.
You see, Maleficent wasn t just some fairy who got mad that she wasn t invited to a party and decided to put a curse on a baby She wasn t as petty as she was originally made out to be.
In this book, you ll find she really did have reasons for doing what she did It s a tale of deep betrayal and vengeance, and you won t believe who the true villain is.
Ok so the book wasn t the most epic, award winning thing in the world but it really set up the premise for the movie greatly I only gave it 4 stars because it was very rushed like most movie to book adaptations since it s derived mostly from the movie script This is a whole different perspective of the story like you ve never heard before I cannot WAIT to see this movie.

his is the part I m always the worst at talking about myself So as you ve figured out, my name is Elizabeth Rudnick and I m a young adult author I m also a Senior Editor at Disney Press in New York City I ve edited books based on movies like Pirates of the Caribbean and Prince of Persia as well as Miley Cyrus s memoir, Miles to Go, which was a New York Times bestseller imagine if Tweet Heart w