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[Sally Gardner] î Maggot Moon [x-men PDF] Read Online ¾ Me alegra enormemente haber terminado el a o con este libro Sin duda, para mi top 10 Arrollador Hermoso Ese final Estoy sin palabras.
5Es unos de esos estilos que hacen volar las p ginas sin que te des cuenta, y que te describen un estado, una situaci n, unos sentimientos, una mentalidad, m s que una trama en s Y aunque precisamente he encontrado algunos agujeros en esa trama, no importa demasiado, porque leerlo, escuchar sus palabras en tu cabeza, merece la pena por s mismo.
A COSTA BOOK AWARD WINNERA Boy, A Friendship, A Lie And Some Hard Choices The Motherland Is A World In Which Individuality And Difference Are Crushed But Standish Treadwell Won T Be SubduedUtterly original And Stunning, It Is Impossible Not To Be Moved By Maggot Moon S Powerful Story And The Unforgettable Heroism Of Standish Quite simply, I did not GET this book I don t get the hype and rave reviews it has received, but significantly I don t get WHO it was written for or what it s trying to say or achieve.
I was expecting it to be a good crossover text, written for young adults, but very much easily enjoyed and appreciated by adult readers alike Not so If this was written for young adults, it s WAY off the mark in my opinion I teach teenagers I WANT books to be written for them which will challenge them and open their minds, but I fail to see how Maggot Moon hopes to do this Historical allegory Maybe so, but novels such as Boy in the Striped Pyjamas do that far better Maybe I simply prefer realism It s not the disturbing subject matter which grates if the intended audience is young adults, it s the clumsiness of it the sudden Introduced in 1939, The Carnegie Medal is perhaps the most prestigious of children s YA book awards, with any winner or even shortlisted title gaining a bank account buckling sales boost The latest winner 2013 is Maggot Moon by Sally Gardener, a dystopian fable which follows dyslexic protagonist, Standish Tredwell.
Standish lives in a kind of alternate realty in which the Motherland has taken control of 1950 s England Surveillance, disappearances and capital punishment are the daily norm, and the rat infested streets are virtually an inhabitable ruin It s a pretty grim existence and Standish s dyslexia, fierce imagination, as well as his one blue and one brown eye, make him a prime target for the regime and it s hierarchy of violent bullies.
Fending off starvation thanks to a couple of hens and a meagre vegetable patch, Standish lives with his Gramps in a mo Thanks to Goodreads member Ellen Lee for recommending this delightful book Set in a dystopian past reminiscent of Nazi era Germany, this story chronicles the slow disintegration of a family by a totalitarian regime.
At first read the tale seemed simplistic, but over the course of the novel I was able to become engrossed in it The book also features an interesting graphic vignette of other creatures associated with despair such as flies and rats.
Highly recommended for Young Adults.
Omg what just what This is the strangest book I ve ever read but very beautiful The writing enchanted me The story was moving and heartbreaking despite its short length I just loved everything about this book

5 5Sin palabras me qued cuando termin de leer este libro Tengo que reconocer que pensaba que todos exagerabais un poco al hablar de l, pero ha sido una gran sorpresa Y muy grata, he de decir tambi n Porque Las tres caras de la Luna se ha convertido ya en uno de mis libros favoritos.
Con una narraci n inocente y desgarradora, nos transmite un mensaje muy importante La carga emotiva y la carga reflexiva son palpables en cada una de las p ginas La narraci n es deliciosa, directa y clara Los cap tulos cortos facilitan y agilizan mucho la lectura, y sinceramente, esperaba que no se acabara nunca Intent alargar la lectura todo lo posible, porque no quer a despedirme de Standish, ni de Hector, ni del abuelo Y al mismo tiempo estaba deseando llegar a casa, acabar de estudiar y hacer lo que tuviera que hacer, para ponerme This story is as disturbing as it is multi faceted.
Set in an alternative 1950s past in a dystopian England after World War II, reigned by a totalitarian regime which seems to follow a mixture of Stalinist and Nazi dogma, it tells the story of a young boy called Standish Treadwell Starting out as a bleak school boy story, featuring dyslexia and bullying issues, along with teacher abuse and authoritarian methods of teaching, it slowly reveals darker, and dangerous elements, challenging the reader to double check the easily flowing language Did the teacher just beat a student TO DEATH Is that what the text says Bits and pieces of propaganda make an appearance, a meta plot is taking shape there are good and evil forces at work, the Motherland and its invisible, secret enemies To prove eternal superiority, the Motherland is about to land Imagine living in an alternative universe, but one eerily similar to Nazi Germany Is this historical fantasy Historical science fiction It s like nothing I ve read before, but that s the thrill of it Standish Treadwell and his grandfather Gramps live in Zone Seven, where outcasts and political anarchists are sent They have nothing except some scraps of food to get them through the winter and contraband television We all know about Nazi Germany But do the citizens in Maggot Moon fare the same Maggot Moon is an example of compelling, inventive and truly great storytelling Although some chapters are only a mere half a page, by the end of the book you ve become immersed in Standish s world, and genuinely understand what he has gone through And what he goes through is horrific It s a book you ll finish the same day you pick it up There is n

Sally Gardner grew up and still lives in London Being dyslexic, she did not learn to read or write until she was fourteen and had been thrown out of several schools, labeled unteachable, and sent to a school for maladjusted children Despite this, she gained a degree with highest honors at a leading London art college, followed by a scholarship to a theater school, and then went on to become a ve