Trailer ↠´ Lorelai, Youll Never Die PDF by æ Laura Konrad

Trailer ↠´ Lorelai, Youll Never Die PDF by æ Laura Konrad I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
I liked it so much I submitted art for the cover Mine wasn t the one chosen, but I still really enjoyed the read.
This is Mad Max from a woman s perspective You get to watch a simple secretary, think Loni Anderson from WKRP transform in to Barb Wire and then continue on to Furiosa.
One thing to remember, it s a series of short stories that she s telling a stranger Just a readers hunch here, but I think those stories labeled as fables are mostly lies, while the rest are mostly true.
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I received a copy of Lorelai, You ll Never Die from the author in exchange for an honest review.
I was really pleased to receive a copy of this for review, because Laura is a writing friend of mine Over the years I ve seen her grow and flourish as a writer, and when it comes to writing science fiction and post apocalyptic fiction, it wouldn t surprise me at all if Laura has her very own shelf in the science fiction section in years to come.
This isn t a book about saving the world, this is a book about surviving when the world would rather you didn t We re not told all the details about why the world is the way it is, but we re given enough information to piece it together and, in all honesty, it doesn t matter How society crumbled isn t important, but how Lorelai is going to get through it Lorelai Is A Woman With Many Stories To Tell She Was Just A Promiscuous Secretary At The County Evidence Locker But All That Changed With The Apocalypse She Found Herself Alone And Wandering The Country In Search Of Something, She Just Wasn T Sure What She Came Across Many Different Types Of People Along The Way, Some Freaks And Some Who Are Just Like Her Trying To Survive Her Adventures Forced Her To Adapt In Ways She Never Thought She Could, Made Her Feel In Ways She Never Thought She Would In The Apocalypse You Either Learn To Adapt Or You Die Loved it so much I published it.
How do I tell you about this wonderful book without spoiling all of the fun parts Like the part with the axe I ll tell you what it is and what it is not, and maybe you ll begin to understand what made it such an enjoyable read.
Lorelai, You ll Never Die is the story of one badass woman on a journey westward, through the remains of a once thriving country that s been ravaged by a series of catastrophes so traumatic, that what s left is only wasteland There s a certain amount of ambiguity in the storyworld we re never told exactly where this all happens, what year it is, or what started the end of the world And that s the perfect setup for this book, because all of those details are extraneous to what s really at stake here Lorelai has a destination, but the name of that location makes little difference it s about how Lorelai, You ll Never Die will never be forgotten Blending witty sarcasm and the quest for emotional connection with the brutal atrocities of the post apocalyptic country, this story is presented in such an original format that you are left with an eerie feeling long after you ve clicked off the last page At times I was utterly mystified, soon to be made all too aware of the gravity of the situation in which Lorelai would find herself The jarring beginning serves as the rocky foundation on which the tale is built, and gets you in the mood for a rough ride through which the nightmare unfolds Lorelai grows and becomes a careful, much mature person, as you might expect for someone hardened by the fight for survival But, as Lorelai tells us, she doesn t just want to survive she wants to thrive Thus the story we find ourselves reading is her search for what that mi I ll start by saying that this author has a ton of potential The issue that I had with this story is that it was hard to follow It jumped from past to present and from one group of people to another With that said with some fine tuning this could be a best seller.
Loralai finds herself fighting to survive a post apocalypse world With humans doing what they think is right to survive any sort of law and order is thrown out the window Not knowing who s friend or foe she arms herself to the max and sets out west on foot.
While I did find it hard to follow I did enjoy reading about a such a strong woman and the few relationships she made in her travels I received a copy from the author for an honest review.

I did like this book Its easy to follow for the most part there was a couple stories I didnt at first understand how they tied into the story of lorlai but as you read along it all ties in some how or another Theres still some things that confuse me but cant really put them in this review or it will give away parts of the story and I like for you to read them and make your own opinions I would recommend this book to read for adults its one of those books that I believe you could discuss for hours as to why that happened or whats that mean I cant wait for people to read it I want to have some others to talk to about it haha I received a copy of Lorelai, You ll Never Die from the author in exchange for an honest review.
Wow What a tale of grit and determination The story follows Lorelai, an apocalyptic survivor, who is on a mission to reach the west, and what she encounters on that journey The book is comprised of chapters that are retold by Lorelai to a stranger that she has met I liked Lorelai s humor and snarkiness and admired her honesty I occasionally had a hard time following a few of the chapters and the strange stories that were thrown in, and had to get clarification Even with that small problem, the book caught and held my interest It was horrific and hard to read, but I grew to care about Lorelai, wanted her to survive, and wanted to know the end of her story I recommend this book, but know that it is not a light I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest reviewWhat an amazing story of resilience and determination In this post apocalyptic she does whatever she must to survive because in this new world it was kill or be eaten This is a must read as you follow Lorelai through this epic journey.

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