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✓ Read ✓ Little Brats by Selena Kitt ð Taboo hotnessTotally taboo relationships between step parent and stepchild, but these were pretty damn hot Short stories that are quite steamy.
This was a great collection of book Every storyline and plot was captivating They were steamy hot fun to read.
StepdaddyIssuesThis was a fun hot little box set of the first five books in the Little Brats series Each story features a daddy daughter short story And it s Selena Kitt, so they are ALL off the charts HOT As per the synopsis this collections features teenage girls getting it on with their step fathers, most of whom are still married to said girls mothers Recommended to readers who enjoy the above, don t mind cheating with no mention of condom use.
I like Ana s, Christa s and Eva s stories.

Little Brats Vol 1Anna and Drew I liked this story yes it was short but enjoyable Anna is a bookworm but she doesn t pay attention to her school books Drew makes her a deal if she gets all A s she gets 100 per A but Anna wants something else Drew can give her.
Becca and Duncan Becca is a toyboy who dresses and acts the path but gets an idea when a new girl shows up in her school wearing a short skirt and tight top She decides that if she also dresses like this she can get the guy of her dreams Her theory is proved correct dressing provocatively got a girl all sorts of attention, turned heads and made everyone talk As it also turned out, it landed her in the principal s office with a call home to Duncan to either come pick her up or bring her a change of clothing She gets a spanking from Duncan with his belt and after she gets all her dreams come true, an Great collectionThis collection is full of erotic short stories of young girls who have awful relationships with cruel mothers finally getting what they want most, their step dad.
Dirty TabooI don t usually read taboo stories, but I must say they are totally hot and panty melting Most definitely will read Selena Kitt once again shows us why she the is Queen of Taboo The only real complaint I have is the fact that the characters at the end of each story declare their love for each other This would be great because I love happy endings but here is seems like an afterthought unnecessary to the story.
These Naughty Little Brats Have A Secret, Taboo Fantasy About The Hot, Sexy Man Of The House It S Oh So Wrong, But Behind Closed Doors, It Feels Oh So Right Get Six Tempting Tales Of Forbidden Sex, Half A Dozen Explicit Fantasies That Will Push All Your Buttons And Your Boundaries All Six Sizzling Stories Feature Dirty Brats Who Want It Old School And Hardcore With Their Kinky, Older Patriarchs These Exciting Fantasies Will Give You All The Heat You Re Looking For, And You Ll Get It All Just Like She Does Hot, Hard And Unprotected Included In This Volume Anna, Becca, Christa, Clara, Darla And Eva

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