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[Lars T. Lih] ¸ Lenin [indonesian-literature PDF] Ebook Epub Download ¸ I am enjoying this book, but within the space of two pages the author compares the Russian social democratic party to a character in buffy the vampire slayer and then talks about a knot of Damocles it s a Gordion knot or a sword of Damocles you could maybe use a sword of Damocles to cut a Gordion knot I suppose This throws the whole book into question.
Det finns m nga biografier ver Lenin, av varierande omfattning De tenderar att antingen vara hagiografier ver marxismens store utvecklare eller anklagelseakter mot en psykiskt st rd tyrann, allt efter f rfattarens inst llning till Lenin och st llning i klasskampen Lars T Lihs lilla bok om Lenin r ingen hyllningsskrift, men tillh r nd de som har en positiv grundinst llning till sitt mne Lih tar i boken p sig uppgiften att motbevisa en vanlig uppfattning om Lenin, att han var en person som i grunden misstrodde arbetarklassen och i dess st lle s g ett parti av intellektuella yrkesrevolution rer som det revolution ra subjektet Lih f rs ker ist llet visa hur hela Lenins politiska g rning kretsade kring ett heroiskt scenario vilket kan sammanfattas s lunda The Russ After Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin Is The Man Most Associated With Communism And Its Influence And Reach Around The World Lenin Was The Leader Of The Communist Bolshevik Party During The OctoberRevolution In Russia, And He Subsequently Headed The Soviet State Until , Bringing Stability To The Region And Establishing A Socialist Economic And Political SystemIn Lenin, Lars T Lih Presents A Striking New Interpretation Of Lenin S Political Beliefs And Strategies Until Now, Lenin Has Been Portrayed As A Pessimist With A Dismissive View Of The Revolutionary Potential Of The Workers However, Lih Reveals That Underneath The Sharp Polemics, Lenin Was Actually A Romantic Enthusiast Rather Than A Sour Pragmatist, One Who Imposed Meaning On The Whirlwind Of Events Going On Around Him This Concise And Unique Biography Is Based On Wide Ranging New Research That Puts Lenin Into The Context Both Of Russian Society And Of The International Socialist Movement Of The Early Twentieth Century It Also Sets The Development Of Lenin S Political Outlook Firmly Within The Framework Of His Family Background And Private Life In Addition, The Book S Images, Which Are Taken From Contemporary Photographs, Posters, And Drawings, Illustrate The Features Of Lenin S World And TimeA Vivid, Non Ideological Portrait, Lenin Is An Essential Look At One Of The Key Figures Of Modern History the biography seems somewhat abstract because it is based on what Lars T Lih calls Lenin s heroic scenario , so it s all somewhat subordinated to that scheme but still not a bad book Entertaining page turner, breaks down modern misconceptions of Lenin and provides a well of historical context from which to draw understanding.
Lenin by Lars T Lih is a modern classic on the politics of the communist leader and intellectual, Lenin Lih presents several new insights on Lenin s socialist vision Controversy, the author argues that Lenin stayed true to the traditions and principles of revolutionary social democracy, and remained a devotee of Marxism a la Karl Kautsky This was despite Lenin eventually viewing the pope of Marxism Kautsky as a renegade who betrayed his own principles Lenin has two main weaknesses First, Lih shows a lack of understanding of Lenin s concept of the state, and how Lenin s conception of the class nature of a post Czarist state in Russia did undergo a transformation Second, Lih ignores Lenin s interest in Hegelian logic Lenin s study of Hegel s logic allowed him to traverse the collapse of the socialist Second International, to develop his position on the need for a workers go Lars Lih, Lenin Criticals Lives Reaktion books 2011 Lih s Lenin Rediscovered What Is To Be Done in Context Haymarket books 2008 is known for contextualizing and detailing the meaning of What Is To Be Done in long term context Lin is also contextualizing Lenin here, in terms of his relationship to Kautsky, his development of a heroic theory of revolution, and the exact nature of the party In such a brief book, this remains largely a intellectual biography that takes a thematic birds eye view into the meaning of Lenin s ideas and the origins of his motivations While this is a polemical text, Lih seems to want to critical but largely supportive view of Lenin, particularly his relationship to Karl Kautsky, particularly prior to 1914, and the effects of the fall out in the context of the Russian civil war could have led to some political mistak A lot of good information to dispel common myths and misconceptions about Lenin One of the largest of these notions is the idea that Lenin was plagued by a pessimistic concern about workers I ve frequently heard people make claims such as Lenin considered the workers too stupid as an explanation of why he cared about a revolutionary vanguard To his credit, Lih tears down this myth repeatedly, in lockstep with Lenin s actions year after year as they harshly contradict this simplistic assertion In contrast, Lih describes what he calls Lenin s heroic scenario of class leadership a scenario which is not too pessimistic, but too optimistic Lih tells us in the assumptions it makes about mobilizing the masses of humanity in struggle against capitalism Both strands of anti Leninism are wrong The biggest defect in this book is that Lenin is made into a religious like figure who essentially will

ilerin fabrika cezalar na y nelik hukuki pozisyonlar n anlatan kitap n ven bir muhacire kar Lenin yle yazm t Hi bir eyi i iler i in yazma imkan na sahip olmak kadar ok istemedim, hi bir eyin bu denli hayalini kurmad m.

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