Download Epub Format ↠´ Latex Slave Sissy Maid PDF by ¹ Sabrina Jen Mountford

Download Epub Format ↠´ Latex Slave Sissy Maid PDF by ¹ Sabrina Jen Mountford Dylan Is On The Edge, He S Gotten Drunk And Headed Down To The Railway Line, His Intention Is To End His Life What He Doesn T Bargain For Is The Intervention Of The Enigmatic, Devious Anita Grey Who Challenges Him And His Motives And Ends Up Making Him Give Up His Attempt On Suicide She Postulates That He Wants To End His Life Because He Needs To Be Controlled, Because He Cannot Deal With The Pressures Of Life S Decisions She Offers Him An Alternative Life, She Offers To Enslave His Mind, To Make Him Essentially A Human Robot, To Be Used As A Domestic Slave, His Owners Having An Impression That He Is Actually A Very Realistic Robot Rather Than A Person The Offer Is Tantalizing, Feeling Like Has Little Choice He Finds His Way To The Brampton And Volunteers To Be Transformed Into A Mind Controlled Slave With No Free Will The Resultant Treatment Means His Gender Is Changed With Help Of A Little Pill, And He Is Fitted With Various Implants Making Him Utterly Controlled And Helpless To Disobey Commands Finally He Is Given The Appearance Of Being A Realistic, Android Clad In PVC, Rubber And Latex, With Only His Face On Show After Being Transported To A Country House To Serve A Wealthy Sophie Greenwood Everything Goes To Plan Until An Unforeseen Event When He S Given The Choice, Of Freedom Or Slavery, What Will He Choose To Retain His Free Will And Live A New Life, Or To Submit Completely, Offering To Sacrifice His Mind Willingly To A Lifetime Of Slavery

I love writing this story, I really enjoyed it The idea of the ultimate submission of submitting your mind, your whole persona I find it fascinating, but scary too, especially when it seem permanent Hehe I also like the medical bits and the implants and surgery any things I love the idea of the charging station, I think it s a really fun unrealistic fantasy.
Sabrina xx.
Another great gender swap story from SJM This is a wonderful new short story following her the full length novel An Accidental Transformation but still on the subject of the transgender pills In this story a man Dylan is dissuaded from committing suicide by Anita Grey, the beautiful but rather perverted doctor who developed the transgender pill She s a bit of a mad scientist and persuades Dylan that instead of committing suicide he should become her first test subject, as a human robot that she s attempting to develop denied any independent will and programmed to obey any and all commands given to him, he will merely exist as an obedient robot slave I must admit that quite why he should have his gender changed is a rather nebulous point but he, now she, does make for a better slave robot as a female More androgynous than either gender, she works mindlessly as a robot providing

I enjoy writing about extreme, unrealistic scenarios I like to write about female domination, male chastity, BDSM and forced feminization I m not a professional dominatrix or anything like thatI have experimented with this sort of thing in the bedroom, don t get me wrong, I find nothing amusing and satisfying than having my boyfriend wearing knickers, a bra and a suspender belt, his fa