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[Dianna Crawford] Ö Lady of the River (Reardon Valley Series, 2) [robots PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ö F Cra I started in on this book thinking it was the second Reardon Brothers series and it s actally the second of the follow up series Oops But I went ahead and finished it and hope to work on finishing the ones in between I remember reading the first one, this is fun Good characters and conflicts.
Good book.

This is a good romance I love it I am not sure where I got this book but it was different It was about a guy that had a severe injury Most people did not want much to do with him He meets a girl on the river that has secrets she doesn t want known The guy is just waiting to recover so he can go back to the wilderness It was just an o.
k book for me.
Wilderness Explorer Max Bremmer S Dreams Are Shattered When He Suffers A Severe Injury That Forces Him To Settle In Reardon Valley When He Catches Sight Of The Mysterious Belinda Gregg, He Is Driven To Uncover The Secrets Of Her Family S Secluded Life On The River As Max Enters The Uncharted Territory Of Belinda S Heart, Belinda Must Expose The Truth Or Risk Losing Love Forever

Dianna Crawford, best selling author of 13 novels and 5 novellas, lives in Southern California with her husband, Byron, and the youngest of her four daughters She was given a great start with her first novel in 1992 Writing for the general market as Elaine Crawford, she was fortunate to have it become a best seller and be nominated for Best First Book with Romance Writers of America Three