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✓ Juliet the Maniac õ Download by ✓ Juliet Escoria A really great novel It s about a teenage girl who loses her mind and goes looking for it in an institution Reading this reminded me how great art can be when it s wounded and weird and funny and strange where the heart is Takes place in the 90s, back blurb compares it to the Bell Jar and Girl, Interrupted I thought it was its own beast I thought it was wild and fun, and devastating, and cool.
4 Haunting Stars I truly felt like I had a broken brain Except it wasn t even my brain It was a brain of a homicidal maniac She was trying to kill me A story told by a 14 year old Juliet, is a story of drug addition, mental illness, and teenage rebellion This is an unapologetic, raw, and ruthlessly honest account of a young girl s struggle to fight the demons of mental illness It was a heart wrenching, dark, and horrifying read for me, but I admired Juliet s ability to distance herself from some truly disturbing and painful events in her journey to recovery The writing was superb and it really allowed me to get inside of Juliet s mind and experience with her the darkness and pain of her illness and addiction Even though Juliet s thoughts and actions were often

Uh huh Get ready.
I ve been struggling for a few days over how to review Juliet the Maniac From reading other reviews on here it seems a lot of people went into this with totally the wrong expectations either being misled by the cute coloured cover or the apparent YA categorisation on Netgalley but that isn t what I m struggling with it was in fact exactly what I thought it would be, albeit even better.
This is some stellar auto fiction which seemingly, it s hard to be sure draws closely on the author s own experiences with her mental health as a teenager We meet Juliet when she is 14 and starting a new school, and from here things quickly spiral increased anxiety, self harm, drug abuse, suicide attempts while Juliet maintains a collected and coherent voice the entire time throughout the narrative The effe Infectiously readable and excellently executed, Juliet the Maniac is a brilliant cross between memoir and fiction Escoria packs a million little punches, reminding the reader just how much truth is written into these page, sharing some of the most personal moments of her teenage years via scans of the letters she wrote, her initial hospital bracelet, and patient evaluation statuses Cracking the book open, I was worried that I d focus too heavily on the blending of fact vs fiction, wondering which parts were pure memory and which were mostly made up to pull the story along and fill in gaps or dull spots, but honestly, I was so completely absorbed in the story of Juliet that it barely crossed my mind If you really get down to it, mental illness aside, much of what our teenage Juliet goes through the self esteem issues, drug use and sexual experimentation is some I couldn t possibly do this book justice by reviewing it It was SO incredible and so accurate in all of her descriptions from the way that she felt to psychiatric hospitalization to the effects that the different drugs have I found pieces of myself in Juliet s story, frequently snapping pictures of certain pages or jotting lines down in my notebook Honestly, I ll have to buy a copy so that I can highlight the crap out of it I don t think the library would appreciate that much Beautifully done.
Not once did anyone ever talk about what it was like when the trauma was yourself This stark, unsentimental novel puts readers inside the head of Juliet, a teenager in the late 1990s battling bipolar disorder, drug addiction, and suicidal ideation.
The first person narrative is cleverly supplemented with reports from therapists and psychiatrists on Juliet s diagnosis, behavior and condition to juxtapose her internal perspective with the external.
While it s a raw and candid account of an adolescent in the throes of mental illness, there lacked a sense of freshness or novelty about this often written about subject Most compelling to me was not the redundant progression of Juliet s life get high, self harm, repeat , but the introspective insights on the horrors of mental illness that claustrophobia of being unable this one hit really close to home and i had to read it in spaced apart bits the hardest parts were the photocopied notes and letters and diary entries heartbreaking book it ll wake you up, but it ll hurt.
A Shockingly Dark, Funny, And Heartbreaking Portrait Of A Young Teenager S Clash With Mental Illness And Her Battle Toward Understanding And RecoveryAmbitious, Talented Year Old Honors Student Juliet Is Poised For Success At Her Southern California High School However, She Soon Finds Herself On An Increasingly Frightening Spiral Of Drug Use, Self Harm, And Mental Illness That Lands Her In A Remote Therapeutic Boarding School, Where She Must Ultimately Find The Inner Strength, And Determination, To Survive This book made me uncomfortable in the best way possible I usually find it challenging, at this point in my life, to read books from the teen daughter s perspective This book was so well done my skin was crawling and I had to take breaks to get my breath What I often find challenging is understanding the cross section of teenage behavior and mental illness Escoria did a brilliant job by clouding the issue of agency The confusion of the narrator, Juliet, was wrought so well that I had to imagine how frightening it must have been for her character to be at that stage of development People are using the words brutal, and raw a lot in their reviews there is the brashness of youth unfettered in here The characters are allowed to speak freely However, there is a tenderness shown to the nar

JULIET ESCORIA is the author of the novel JULIET THE MANIAC, forthcoming from Melville House in May 2019 She also wrote the poetry collection WITCH HUNT Lazy Fascist Press 2016 and the story collection BLACK CLOUD CCM Emily Books 2014 , which were both listed in various best of the year roundups Her writing can be found in places like Lenny, Catapult, VICE, Prelude, Dazed, and Hobart and has