Trailer ↠´ Jade Green: A Ghost Story PDF by ↠´ Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Trailer ↠´ Jade Green: A Ghost Story PDF by ↠´ Phyllis Reynolds Naylor Okay, I m sorry, but I just wasn t in love with this one To begin with, it s got that stick up the butt pseudo Victorian narrator voice that great children s authors of the 1980s always seem to adopt when they re writing about the 1800s think Cynthia Voigt in The Callender Papers I hate that voice Also, the whole thing just seemed muddled to me Age wise, I mean, not plot wise See, the story s about Judith, this orphan who comes to live with her uncle after her mom dies in an INSANE ASYLUM wooooo , and the only stipulation that her uncle has is that she CAN T BRING THE COLOR GREEN INTO THE HOUSE But of course she does, because GIRLS IN THESE books NEVER LISTEN, and the house immediately becomes haunted Because it turns out that a girl named Jade Green seriously, whut lived there before her, and Jade Green totes offed herself By cutting off her hand and letti A mix or romance, rumors, horror, and a murderous stalker, this book has a bit of everything What I liked about this book though, was that it was predictable but not in a way that the author tried to hide it You knew who killed Jade from the beginning but it was still thrilling and suspenseful A very difficult thing to accomplish.
Orphaned Judith Sparrow had been given everything by her uncle when she arrived penniless, and even still she has disobeyed him In the exciting horror novel Jade Green by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, Judith never thought she would be so lucky Her uncle had taken her to live in his house in Whispers, South Carolina All seemed well, but that is about to change.
There is only one big rule her uncle has that she must keep Nothing green is allowed in the house Judith thinks nothing of it every family has something odd about them She promises her uncle she will leave anything green behind, but she doesn t keep her word for long She has only one possession of her dead mother, a picture fitted in a lovely green silk frame She cannot bea Recently orphaned Judith is sent to live with her kind uncle Geoffrey Uncle Geoffrey s only condition is that nothing green is allowed in his home Judith can t bear to part with a green picture frame holding a photo of her parents, so she sneaks it into the house buried deep in her trunk Soon, however, she starts hearing strange noises coming from the closetThis was a compelling ghost story, hard to put down Judith s lecherous cousin Charles was much disturbing than the ghostly Jade Green he is one of the most creepy characters I ve ever read Jade Green reminded me of The Secret Garden, Jane Eyre, and What Lies Beneath Don t read it alone Its a little scary but its really good The book jade green is about a young girl who is an orphan and is adopted as a young child As the she grows up her mother passes away, and she moves in with her uncle When she moves in with her uncle she learns that the color green is forbidden in the house Along with some other things related to jade green As she lives in the house she hears rumors around town saying that her cousin is a drunk most of the time people see him coming in and out of the saloon drunk.
Eventually she findes love but her cousin wont alow that One day her cousin asaults her threatnng her She refuses and runs off the all breaks loose On a stormy day there is supposed to be a hurrican so every one in town is supposed to evacuate by noon When she tries to leave with the boy she loves she forgets somt Then At The End Of The Street, The House The Large Brown House With The Two Eyes Made Me Suddenly Clutch At The Driver S Arm As If To Say, Turn Back Turn BackAt The First Sight Of Her Uncle S House Her Future Home An Inexplicable Cloud Of Foreboding Engulfs Orphaned Teen Judith Sparrow Unfortunately, Her Fears Are Confirmed When She Hears A Mysterious Scratching At The Back Of Her Closet And Senses A Ghostly Presence Hovering Over Her At Night Even Chilling, Judith Learns Of The Death Of A Girl Named Jade Green From The Town Gossip A Girl Who Lived In Her Uncle S House Before Judith And Died A Horrible Death On The Attic Stairs As It Turns Out, Jade Dearly Loved The Color That Was Her Name Suddenly, Judith Knows The Reason She Was Forbidden By Her Uncle To Bring Anything Green Into The House She Fears That By Smuggling In A Small Green Picture Frame, She Has Roused The Sleeping Ghost Of Jade Green And Assured The Doom Of All Who Sleep Under Her Uncle S RoofJennifer Hubert read this book for my reading challenge a book with your favorite color in the title.
As I read this, I realized that I ve read it before, a long time ago, because snippets of it were familiar and I knew what was going to happen just before it did though not the overall plot Oh, the pre Goodreads days.
This is a short, well written Victorian ghost story Younger readers teens might find this adequately spooky, but as usual as soon as we re shown the spooky thing, it s not scary to me any Still, I d recommend this to fans of the genre.
The ending was such a twist Judith s cousin Charles was acting weird all along He set the house on fire but they got out When they were evacuating for the hurricane and Judith stayed behind to help board the house, she went upstairs to pack her bag and Charles came up and tried to rape her The ghostly hand that had been running around kill Charles It turns out that he tried to do the same thing with Jade Green but she didn t make it Charles killed her.
Just picked this up from the library today I ve read some other stuff by the same author, but this is definitely totally different cause it s kind of historical fiction Seems ok, but it s pretty short, lol.
I finished this at about four in the morning It s not terribly scary, but sort of suspenseful SPOILERS The disembodied hand of Jade Green was interesting I never really got the feeling that it wanted to hurt Judith, but then again, I had the luxury of reading the book, and not actually having the experiences I d imagine, if it actually happened to me, I d be pretty freaked, too.
I thought that Jade Green was fairly predictable, but almost in a good way The end wasn t really a surprise at all MAJOR SPOILERS be

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor was born in Anderson, Indiana, US on January 4, 1933.Her family were strongly religious with conservative, midwestern values and most of her childhood was spent moving a lot due to her father s occupation as a salesman.Though she grew up during the Depression and her family did not have a lot of money, Naylor stated that she never felt poor because her family owned good boo