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[ Read Online Invisible Influence: The Hidden Forces that Shape Behavior ✓ young-adult-historical-fiction PDF ] by Jonah Berger Õ The New York Times Bestselling Author Of Contagious Explores The Subtle, Secret Influences That Affect The Decisions We Make From What We Buy, To The Careers We Choose, To What We Eat In This Fascinating And Groundbreaking WorkIf You Re Like Most People, You Think That Your Choices And Behaviors Are Driven By Your Individual, Personal Tastes, And Opinions You Wear A Certain Jacket Because You Liked The Way It Looked You Picked A Particular Career Because You Found It Interesting The Notion That Our Choices Are Driven By Our Own Personal Thoughts And Opinions Is Patently Obvious Right WrongWithout Our Realizing It, Other People S Behavior Has A Huge Influence On Everything We Do At Every Moment Of Our Lives, From The Mundane To The Momentous Occasion Even Strangers Have A Startling Impact On Our Judgments And Decisions Our Attitudes Toward A Welfare Policy Shift If We Re Told It Is Supported By Democrats Versus Republicans Even Though The Policy Is The Same In Both CasesBut Social Influence Doesn T Just Lead Us To Do The Same Things As Others In Some Cases We Conform, Or Imitate Others Around Us But In Other Cases We Diverge, Or Avoid Particular Choices Or Behaviors Because Other People Are Doing Them We Stop Listening To A Band Because They Go Mainstream We Skip Buying The Minivan Because We Don T Want To Look Like A Soccer MomIn His Surprising And Compelling Invisible Influence, Jonah Berger Integrates Research And Thinking From Business, Psychology, And Social Science To Focus On The Subtle, Invisible Influences Behind Our Choices As Individuals By Understanding How Social Influence Works, We Can Decide When To Resist And When To Embrace It And How We Can Use This Knowledge To Make Better Informed Decisions And Exercise Control Over Our Own Behavior Good book Here is what I want to remember p.
59 If people can t see, or observe what others are doing, there is no way for those others to influence themSocial influence only works when other people s opinions or behaviors are observable p 65 Birth order is the biggest predictor of elite athletes 75% have at least one older sibling p.
68 69 Sibling rivalry is about who gets to be a certain type of person and who has to be someone elseKids personalities even seem to shift over time in opposition to their siblingsForever connected, but forever striving for difference p.
86 The illusion of distinction we focus on the ways we are different even if at the core we are very much the same p.
97 Social influence seems to push us to be both the same and different Imitating others and distinguishing ourselves from them, and it matters w I received this book for free through Goodreads Giveaways programs.
The premise of Jonah Berger s book is intriguing we don t make decisions that are truly our own Instead, we are constantly relying on input from others without fully realizing it This book struck me an entertaining, somewhat pop psychology book that had some interesting information who knew that youngest children are usually the most likely to be top athletes But overall, I thought it was pretty bland Of course we are influenced by what others buy, do, and think This book reinforced that and showed just how much this is the case When he delved a little deeper like talking about the use of names starting with K after Hurricane Katrina , I found his work muchinteresting An entertaining and quick read, which doesn t shed that much light on something we already know.
Li esperando coment rios sobre o trabalho dele com influ ncia e m dias sociais, mas n o foi bem o que encontrei O livro tem boas hist rias sobre o que nos influencia, de valores que queremos ter com os gostos pelo que n o queremos ser Algumas achei um tanto repetitivas, porque j tinha ouvido no O andar do b bado m sicas, downloads, sorte e a vantagem dos primeiros , enquanto outras ouvi no You May Also Like Taste in an Age of Endless Choice Achei um tanto longo e mais extenso do que o necess rio, como boa parte dos livros da rea de mente tema, com aquelas hist rias, voltas e hip rboles para introduzir uma ideia simples Ponto para o audiolivro, que permite avan ar por isso em modo 2x sem perda Mas, all in all, um bom livro, especialmente para qu I loved this book In line with Malcom Gladwell, I am fascinated by social psychology and what drives humans to do what they do I enjoyed his scenarios, his stories and his statistics I found myself plotting how I could use social influence to make better choices, to motivate me, and leverage the now visible to work in my favor I first heard about the author many years ago and decided to take his Coursera marketing module which is based on his other book Contagious.
This one is a fun reading, simple and brief Influence is such a huge topic and for people who do not have any other previous reading this can be life changing, however, if you have read about Cialdini or other influence persuasion books there is no much new here.
What I really liked is the simplicity of explaining the concepts and fun stories around them, also had no idea companies paid celebrities to not wear their brand Like the author said you think you have not been influenced but everyone is part of someone s else action or decision, is neither a good or bad thing.
Eu poderia facilmente ficar sentada por dias s lendo ouvindo o Jonah Berger falar sobre experimentos sociais e marketing o segundo livro dele que eu leio e esse foi ainda melhor tudo explicado de forma simples para que qualquer pessoa acompanhe e entenda.
Um dos favoritos do ano, sem duvidas 3 So disappointing I was a huge fan of Berger s previous book, Contagious It s actually on my favorites shelf This new book lacks the structure and applicability that made his previous book so useful It also feels overwritten As though the publisher editor asked him to stretch out the content a liiiiiittle bitHere s an example, Teenagers are unlikely to be confused with 40 year old business executives All of this filler gets in the way of some of hisinteresting points There are some fun nuggets, such as how siblings try to differentiate themselves and how audiences impact our performance in different situations, but they are disappointingly few and far between.
A very fast read but lacking in substance compared to Contagious These genres of books tend to blend together Same stories, different angle Not a lot of new here.
While there are a number of books on this subject, Berger s stands out for its Malcolm Gladwell like accessibility and depth of understanding For those not familiar with the social impact on our day to day choices this is an excellent introduction Frequently, books like this seem geared for corporate drones trying to become slightlyhuman, Berger avoids those sorts of pitfalls with great humor and brio while also offering ways in which this information could be used effectively for personal growth and development Highly readable and highly recommended

Jonah Berger is a marketing professor at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and bestselling author of Contagious Why Things Catch On and Invisible Influence The Hidden Forces that Shape Behavior.Dr Berger has spent over 15 years studying how social influence works and how it drives products and ideas to catch on He s published dozens of articles in top tier academic journals,