Trailer Á Intimate Enemy (Silhouette Intimate Moments) PDF by ↠´ Marilyn Pappano

Trailer Á Intimate Enemy (Silhouette Intimate Moments) PDF by ↠´ Marilyn Pappano Quick read about a man who falls for the lawyer who helps his ex wife during his divorce He considers her the enemy until he gets to know her.
Good book Liked the plot of a lawyer and a construction worker Their past and present battles which were a twist from what you ususally see A good quick read.
God Help Him, He Despised Jamie Munroebut Not Enough To Try To Kill Her In Court, She D Helped His Greedy Ex Wife Steal His Fortune In Town, Jamie Pretended He Didn T Exist And Yet, Even She Had To Remember The Hot Chemistry They D Once Shared In Law School A Crazy Part Of Him Wanted To Remind Herand Keep Her SafeEven Though Russ Calloway Had Broken Her Heart Years Ago And She Was Ashamed How Often She Watched Him From Her Office Window Accepting His Protection Felt So Natural Especially As Her Stalker S Threats Escalated Where Else Did She Feel Safe But In The Arms Of Her Enemy A wonderful little suspense that has that something extra,that talent, magic, whatever you choose to call it, that keeps the reader s attention Marilyn Pappano has been on my BOLO list for quite some time and Intimate Enemy shows why With the plot starting out, the female lead is a lawyer who has represented the male leads ex wife in a divorce settlement, with that improbable situation the author has created a believable story line with interest and depth A great little book, well worth going in the cart.
She s just so pathetic And he s a selfish asshole.
A sweet and catching story One Stormy Night Forbidden Stranger 63

Well, this was a nice surprise Having read the comments on this book on one of thethreads I really thought I d hate this book, but had to read it How can you not when in the past the H has thrown over the h for another woman I liked the h, she had a really mature take on things and about the H treated in the past, but possibly a little too understanding and tolerant Well the H was interesting, we get his POV so we see his growth, but still he should have made a sincere attempt at an apology for how he treated her in the past view spoiler As usual she apologises, but we get nothing from him The suspense story actually brought this together quite well, though calling it a suspense may be exaggerating somewhat In the end I still didn t buy how the H goes from active dislike to love in a matter of days, especially Warning Alot of spoilers Russ Calloway hates Jamie Munroe Everyone knows it, yet when Jamie is threatened by an increasingly aggressive stalker, it s completely natural for him to offer his protection Not only does he offer, to Jamie s complete surprise, he demands that she allow him to take care of her While their relationship may have deteriorated almost irrevocably over the years, Russ despises the idea of anyone harming her, and vows to her that no one will get to her while he s there Once they are again in close proximity, unable to avoid each other, all the memories of their previous love resurfaces and Russ has to wonder why he ever let her go in the first place Now that he wants to love her again, he s going to have to fight for her, because someone else wants her too This was bad, borderline horribl Hero sounds like too big a creep even for me.

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