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[ Read Online In Honor Bound Ï x-men PDF ] by Gerald Seymour æ Barney Crispin, A Captain In The SAS, Is As Tough As They Come He Is Sent On An Urgent Mission To The Afghanistan Border To Destroy One Of The Soviet Mi Helicopters, A Highly Sophisticated And Virtually Invulnerable Piece Of Military Equipment, And Retrieve The Hardware In Order To Do So, He Needs The Help Of The Mujahidin Resistance And Must First Train Them In The Ways Of Stealth And SabotageBut The Guerillas He Trains Are Ill Equipped And Disorganised Their Attempt Fails And Several Of Them Are Killed In The Process Against Orders And With Only Eight Missiles And A Local Boy As His Guide, Barney Decides To Undertake The Mission Alone, His Own Solitary Battle For Vengeance Another great book from Seymour Although the dialogue is slightly dated the novel has pace, tension and action

Seymour used, as the title indicates, the theme of honour, worthiness, decent, fair, just and upright to not only describe his hero, but also the people of Afghanistan His descriptions of the main characters and the reasons for being in a such a violent foreign country at that time rang true and his descriptions about the afghan people and their war with the Russian army was excellent However, this story first released way back in 1984 was well worn and cliched, not all of it, mind you, but certainly how it ended Even so, the relationship between the main characters and that with their rivals was riveting and so was the story In Honour Bound , was action packed and quite different from many of Seymour s later novels because it wasn t as complexed and detailed like The Journey Man Tailor or The Dealer and the Dead , Not impressed The story was simple an SAS officer works with a rag tag group of Afghan refugees to train them to use US SAM missiles to defend themselves against Soviet Hind attack helicopters Unfortunately all the characters were caricatures The writing was clumsy and ham fisted There appeared to be no attempt to delve into the socio political complexity of the Soviet occupation and the motives of the Mujaheddin Just not worth finishing.

Gerald Seymour born 25 November 1941 in Guildford, Surrey is a British writer.The son of two literary figures, he was educated at Kelly College at Tavistock in Devon and took a BA Hons degree in Modern History at University College London Initially a journalist, he joined ITN in 1963, covering such topics as the Great Train Robbery, Vietnam, Ireland, the Munich Olympics massacre, Germany s Red