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[Lisa Renee Jones] ¿ I Belong To You [slice-of-life PDF] Read Online à Master Being That Person, That Man Is How I Define Myself, How I Allow The Rest Of The World To Define Me As Well And Now, With A Terrible Loss Shredding Me Inside Out And Someone Trying To Destroy My Family To Punish Me, Control Is Important Than Ever It Is Everything It Is What I Need It Is All I Need Or Maybe I Just Need Her ONCE AGAIN, I HAVE NO CONTROL.
Mark ComptonMark just got back to New York.
He wants needs to be there for his mom, who s going through chemo radiation.
And he has to take care of the family businessAnd I also have to take the helm of my life, and everything around me I have to be the Master that I lost somewhere along the line the one who would never allow someone close to him be hurt, as I did RebeccaThen there s Crystal, of course.
He just can t get her out of his head.
They think they re so wrong for each other, but they are totally drawn to each other.
To make it easier for both of them, Mark tries to scare her away from him by offering her a Dominant Submissive contract.
But Crystal won t be scared away so easily.
She s not going to sign th P 5 180 .
Mark Compton Mr Compton Master How I ve longed for your story to be complete How I wanted to see you as the man that caught my attention in all of Rebecca s entries but I fear that man is gone forever Mark is heading to New York to stand by his mother s side as she battles cancer, closing Allure and being sure to mitigate any fall out his scandal might cause for Riptide But beyond those reasons there is Crystal Smith A woman that has seen the man beneath the fa ade that he s given to the world for the last ten years There is also that little mess with Ava on the loose to deal with.
Mark is certain of one thing, he can t resist or deny himself of Crystal He knows that he should be protecting her by getting her away from him but now that he s had a taste of this stubborn ARC received via netgalley and the publisher for an honest review 5 Vanilla Stars Aww swoon my favorite series This is Mark s full length novel This novel changes everything we ever thought about Mark This novel shows that Mark likes vanilla sex This novel proves Mark loved Rebecca This novel proves that Mark can be in love This novel shows that a Master can get rid of terms and contracts I fucking loved this novel Yum Yum, Marky boy So far so good.
More after I m finished Updated my rating to 5 stars just because after reading this book I love Mark s character even if that s even possible.
So I won t go fangirling about Mark, I ll do that in the privasy of my home and believe me, I m doing plenty of that , but the man is just WOW That is all I m going to say about him I like the relationship between him and Crystal, but I kind of hope that Rebecca is somewhere out there please don t throw stones at my face I know, I know, but they haven t found the body and until there s a body it s still possible And I don t even want Mark and Rebecca to have another shot at it, I just want closure for him, that s all It would be kind of nice for him to let her go, because he never really did.
But that s wishfull thinking on my part, Rebecca probably is d In what is perhaps the most pivotal book of the series, I Belong To You chronicles the 180 degree personality change of Mark Compton and gives us some much needed answers to the mystery that is the Inside Out Series I Belong To You is also the first full length novel centered on Mark Compton and Crystal Smith with nary a mention of Chris and Sarah, however their story continues in All Of Me coming in February 2015 There is a long slow buildup to what seems inevitable, the fall of Mark, and his conversion from a cold hearted Dom to a man that learns to associate love and sex.
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