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[ Pdf How Not to Ask a Boy to Prom Å strippers PDF ] by S.J. Goslee µ DNF 30 pages i m going to dnf this because i m not able to connect with any of the characters or the story perhaps i ve become to old to care about high school books any because i m not being able to get into any of these stories lately i think they re too immatureso yeah i m not going to invest any of my time into this How Not to Ask a Boy to Prom is a cutesy, laugh out loud, fake dating LGBTQ YA contemporary that somehow both surprised and delighted me and also felt a little lacking Googling how to fake date since I obviously have no idea how to read date, either brings up a treasure trove of fanfiction that I bookmark for later, but is otherwise super unhelpful.
There are a lot of things at play in Goslee s book and because we re only given vague explanations it skips along as if we re already in the know and therefore doesn t bog us down with a lot of backstory or any flashbacks whatsoever We re excused from much of the drama and yet I feel like as a result some of the impact is also lost For the record, I am nothing like a hipster at all I have an appreciation for art that Nolan Grant Is Sixteen, Gay, And Definitely Still A Virgin He S Never Had A Boyfriend, Or Even Been Kissed It S Not Like Penn Valley Is Brimming With Prospects And When His Big Sister Stages An Elaborate Prom Posal So Nolan Can Ask Out His Not So Secret Crush, Nolan Freezes He S Saved From Further Embarrassment By Bad Boy Bern, Who, For His Own Reasons, Offers To Fake Date NolanNolan Thinks It S The Perfect Way To Get Daphne Off His Back And Spend The Rest Of The Year Drawing Narwhals, Tending To Plants, And Avoiding Whatever Died Under His Bed A Few Weeks Ago What He Doesn T Think About Is Bern S Ex Girlfriend, Who Seriously Wants To Kill Him screaming bc the fake dating trope is my favourite ever and I love some good queer content fake dating misunderstandings that come with it the drama secondhand embarrassment THE FLAVOR ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewDNF 50% sadly this book was so boring rtc on all the reasons why I couldn t focus at all UPDATE upon further inspection aka I thought about it I m changing my rating to three stars There were a few plot points that felt out of place and weird Some things weren t even addressed and even if the main couple was cute I didn t really feel like they were exploredHow Not to Ask a Boy to Prom reminded me of fanfiction but likenot in a bad way Maybe it was the fake dating trope, maybe it was the fact that 90% of the book was just Nolan and his stream of awkward slash borderline embarrassing trains of thought Maybe it was the fact that Nolan actually references fanfiction AND the trope multiple times throughout the course of the book Either way it was quick, entertaining, and HIGHLY addicting which is basically why fanfiction is so appeal

i think i probably prefer whatever but this was so good too 4.
5 Rep gay mc, Jewish bi li, Korean American lesbian side character I m between 3.
5 and 4 stars, so I rounded up.
Even though it reminds me of the late 1990s early 2000s movies like She s All That, She s the Man , or 10 Things I Hate About You albeit with a gay twist , S.
J Goslee s new book, How Not to Ask a Boy to Prom could easily be made into a movie right this second and still feel totally relevant and fresh It s a sweet, slightly goofy book that s not perfect, but it s definitely a fun read.
Nolan Grant Sheffield is a slightly eccentric high school junior who would be than happy just to ride the school year out without making any waves He s perfectly happy hanging out with his best friend Evie, working at a greenhouse, and drawing, as well as tolerating okay, maybe even enjoying his adoptive family s ultra competitiveness Sure, he gets bullied a bit at school gym class is torture , and h you can just tell that goslee writes fics like, she gets it, you know she gets how fake dating is supposed to work, how pining is supposed to work ugh this is just kisses fingers like a chef