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ê Her Secret Santa ☆ Download by ✓ Day Leclaire Mathias Blackstone Is Either Seattle S Own Version Of Scrooge Or Santa ClausMathias Blackstone Has A Reputation For Ruthlessness He S In The Procurement Business Whatever You Want Gold, Diamonds, Secrets He Can Get But There S Another Side To His Operation He Prefers To Keep Quiet Every Christmas, Mathias Blackstone Procures WishesBut Despite His Ability To Deputize For Santa, Something Is Missing From Mathias S World, And Has Been Since The Death Of His Young Son Then He Meets Children S Writer Jacqueline Randell For One Of His Young Clients, Meeting Jacqueline Randell Is A Wish Come True And The Mathias Blackstone Woos Jacqueline, The He Begins To Suspectthat Jacqueline Randell Is His Christmas Wish, Too This is one of my favorite books.
I read it over and over again.
keep the books like this one.
Holy Moly, this made me cry.
The few Day Leclaire books I have read have always been well done and this is no different It s of a story with a romance than a formulaic HP that spins out a brooding billionaire spider and a doormat spy The heroine writes and illustrates children s books under the pseudonym Jack Rabbit She s completely anonymous after some shenanigans at her family s company The family dynamics are by far the weakest element of the story which is a shame The H arrives at the family estate with potential business the company needs to survive with the caveat that the h is there Insta attraction between the two and he swans her off to a dinner party The H is a procurer I know, hmm What he does is get people what they want He has an underlying reason to seek the heroine out relating to her being an author although he doesn t let on he knows she is Jack Rabbit The H

This was a five star reading experience of 4 star book What do I mean by that I stayed up late to finish it.
I felt happy while I was reading it.
I teared up at the end.
I still remember it vividly the next day That s a five star reading experience.
Now you may ask why not give the story five stars you ungenerous reviewer Part of the fun was not knowing where this plot was going I don t think I would have the same reaction during a re read There were plot threads dangling esp with her family ploting to blackmail her and then pulling back I didn t get her father s characterization at all There are two books in this series, so maybe those issues are cleared up later The villain did not get his comeuppance.
But enough about shortcomings this was just a sweet, happy courtship story of a reclusive artist heroine and a mysterious tycoon hero They I have discovered that I enjoy quirky heroines, the ones full of life, who are so uninhibited in expressing what they want and this one had such a heroine and I loved her The hero was her opposite, devoid of colours and he knew she could enrich his life.
The hero is a procurer, a Santa of sorts and he thinks he has finally tracked down the elusive children books illustrator Jack Rabbit, and he knows getting to her will be tricky so he uses her family s PR firm and before he knows it he is getting to know her better, falling for her, as well as enjoying her colouring his life, working with her on her projects.
These two were perfect for each other, the heroine had retreated to herself after a bad engagement and the hero brought her

Wacky comes naturally to Day Leclaire It always has Or maybe she s just a trouble magnet Like the time she taught all the kids in her kindergarten class how to lock the bathroom stalls and slide out underneath Or when she became the first kindergartner in the school s history to get suspended, after starting a glue war to the tune of one carpet, ten emergency haircuts, fifteen shirts, three pa