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[Vivian Schurfranz] ☆ Heather (Sunfire, #23) [polygamy PDF] Read Online ✓ Two and a half stars, the plot is pretty generic but I did enjoy the occasional burst of Historical content I was surprised at the ending of this book I was not expecting the Heather to make the choice she made I also have a hard time thinking that the people in this book would be so stupidthey believed that Dutch people burned their crops just because they saw a Dutch boat, and people in Dutch clothes, that just isn t realistic Also, I don t think that Heather s Father would have been so naive to think that the neighbor who is trying to steal their land could be his friend I am happy with Heather s choice, but there were parts of this book that bothered me I also didn t think it was ladylike to swimwas that a historical discrepancy She Is Brave Enough For Life In The New World But Is She Brave Enough For Love Two Men Love Her But One Of Them Might Be Plotting To Kill HerFormal Balls And Hired Thugs, Excitement And Danger And Love Are All Part Of Life In New York In And Year Old Heather Lawson Is Part Of It, Too She And Her Father Have Settled On Willow Acres, A Land Grant Along The Hudson River From King Charles Of EnglandBut Someone Doesn T Want Them There Is It Their Mysterious Neighbor, Lord Downing, Whose Handsome, Arrogant Son Michael Is Painting Heather S Portrait Is It Laughing, Blond Jan Van Ryswyk, A Dutch Riverboatman Who Says He Loves Heather And Wants To Marry Her On The Night Lord Downing Holds A Formal Ball, Willow Acres Crops Are Destroyed By Fire All The Evidence Seems To Point To Jan And The Dutch, But Heather Is Not So Sure If She Is Wrong, It Could Cost Her The One She Loves If She Is Right, It Could Cost Her Her Life A by the numbers teen romance that is slight on history and characterization The heroine vacillates between the Dutch sailor and the landowner s son from chapter to chapter on the slimmest of pretexts, and the supporting cast of characters are cliches of good, hearty lower class folk and scheming rich guys Heather s father is another of the recurring infantile adult characters that pops up through some of the Sunfire books The resolution with the scheming landowner is trite and forced The shortness of the book less than 210 pages is no doubt to blame in large part for the overall cardboard feel, but I can t help but think that it could have been way better.
What the hell Seriously What The Hell I can t even begin to guess where the end of this book came from Not that the beginning or middle were all that great, either, but at least they might make sense with a little creative filling in the blanks But the end Nope There were so many things wrong with the end that to enumerate them would just make me angrier What a complete waste of time.
Waxing Nostalgic 13 I don t love the way Schurfranz paints her heroines to be fickle They kiss the boy, feel that he is taking liberties so they get mad, then he is sweet and hugs her and she forgives him I do not love the message that she is telling young impressionable girls She is my least favorite author of this series and unfortunately, she has books than the other authors I did not feel that the boy of choice was very obvious in this one though so that was good The land of New York sounded beautiful and it was interesting to read about the land deals that started there.
I read some of these books as a teenager and loved them Reading it now I think it is of a teenager book I thought it was pretty cheesey now but its a good book for a teenager that wants a clean romantic book with a little history thrown in.
I read this as a teenager and then reread it when I pulled it out for my daughter It is so funny to see how writing styles have changed over the years Decent story that keeps you guessing about the love triangle.

Not looking forward to this one.
And it turns out I was dreading it for a good reason Amazingly, it was boring and annoying We open with our feisty heroine swimming in the river Because well, because she s a Schurfranz heroine, of course She also rides And shoots We re treated to an example of Heather s feistiness when she tries to save a young Native boy from drowning There s just one problem Heather sucks at rescuing people and soon both of them are half drowned Enter Suitor 1, Dutchman Jan, who saves them both Soon we have the appearance of Suitor 2, the son of the eeeeevil Lord Downing, Michael Heather is independent and feisty and TSTL many, many times And do you know that Heather has emerald green eyes and raven black hair Don I haven t read all the books in the SUNFIRE series, but I really think this one is the best The first thing that grabbed me was the cover All SUNFIRES have a pretty girl in the front and two cute guys standing in the back, but Heather really jumps off the cover She looks so alluring and vibrant, carefree and confident, and when the story begins she really lives up to that image I loved the way the two boys were so totally symbolic of their clashing communities Michael, the English lordling, was such a high strung, nervous, commanding and yet really helpless figure I loved how his father wouldn t let him continue his painting and tried to own him like an animal It s nice how Heather has to protect him instead of the other way around She s so strong Jan the Dutch boy on the other hand, was so warm, rugged, and down to earth I just loved h

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