Trailer ✓ Grits and Glory (Glory, North Carolina, Book 3) PDF by õ Ron Benrey

Trailer ✓ Grits and Glory (Glory, North Carolina, Book 3) PDF by õ Ron Benrey A Killer Tries To Make The Hurricane That Blew Through Glory, North Carolina, Look Like The Bad Guy But Storm Channel Cameraman Sean Miller Knows The Body Buried Under The Rubble Wasn T The Victim Of A Fallen Church Steeple Feisty Secretary Ann Trask Seems To Be The Only Person Who Agrees With Him But The Woman Of Sean S Dreams Is Busy Being Romanced By A Phony Celebrity Weatherman, Who Cried On Cue And Hid During The Fi Rst Strong Gust Of Wind Which Means It S Time For Sean To Invite Ann For Some Serious Off The Air Investigation Good suspense Quick read Well written.
It was a good afternoon read Not what i expected The characters were a little over the top, but likable.
MUCH better at enphasizing on the mystery angle of the book versus the romance portion.
some great twists and turns, especially for it being co authored This was an interesting read A story of mystery and romance A storm goes through Glory, North Carolina and it seems the wind knocked over the steeple and killed a person However upon closer look it seems that the storm may not have been the actual killer This event starts the main characters on a journey in figuring out who actually did it An interesting Christian mystery novel.

Ron Benrey, the author of Know Your Rights, a Survival Guide for Non Lawyers for Sterling , and The Complete Idiot s Guide to Writing Christian Fiction for Penguin , is also a prolific novelist who has coauthored nine romantic suspense novels with his wife Janet The Pippa Hunnechurch Mysteries, The Royal Tunbridge Wells Mysteries for Barbour, and the Glory, North Carolina, Mysteries All th