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[ Pdf Golden Boy ↠´ roman PDF ] by Abigail Tarttelin Ñ The Walker Family Is Good At Keeping Secrets From The World They Are Even Better At Keeping Them From Each Other Max Walker Is A Golden Boy, With A Secret That The World May Not Be Ready For This Novel Is A Riveting Tale Of A Family In Crisis, A Fascinating Exploration Of Identity, And A Coming Of Age Story Like No Other I read this as a birthday gift for the smart and beautiful, Vane who is celebrating her birthday on September 19 Happy birthday, hun 3 Don t forget to greet her originally, she unreasonably asked me to read books two to four of the Monstrumologist series before her birthday Girl is dreaming Lol Instead, I read this standalone which she recommended perhaps a little halfheartedly Lol This is a story about a unique 15 year old named Max, a perfect Golden Boy who everyone adores but who has been keeping a secret He is intersex He has both male and female parts but he has never allowed his condition to affect him until one ill fated night when a terrible, horrible thing happened to him He was raped , I read from Vane s review that this is a heavy, painful read and now I can prove for myself that she is absolutely right Not far from the first pages of max is an intersex teenager who identifies as male when he becomes the victim of a sexual assault, the consequences are both physically and emotionally devastating and wayyy too much for a sixteen year old to deal with, especially one who has until then led such a charmed life despite having to carry this secret his whole life, max was remarkably well adjusted before the attack he is an accomplished athlete and student, his home life is fairly stable, despite two overachieving parents and what appears to be an autistic younger brother, and the girls max is very pretty and teenage girls love pretty boys and max certainly takes advantage of the mutual appreciation of prettiness however, because he has to keep his secret, it doesn t go further than making out a Top fiction I had to cut down the GR description of it because it gave too much away If you think you might read this book, only read really short reviews, try and avoid knowing anything about it Everything you know will take away from the interest and surprise There is nothing in this review that will take away from the surprises and I hope only increase the interest in it.
This would make a really fantastic film Intersex fascinates everyone and the book is extremely visual I don t want to sayexcept that it will have you rooting for something you have never even dreamed of but could happen, be happening in your neighbourhood The book is very well written, the characterisation above the level you would expect in a YA book and very challenging in a very good way.
One thing I have to write is that one of the women in the book is very sexually experienced and this is presented as Phenomenal I highly recommend this go to the TOP of people s want to read list Here s one small quote Then I won t say anything , other than this is an engaging page turning unforgettable important book If we don t listen to him, if we take away his right to his own choices, his own body, then he ceases to be an autonomous being and becomes a thing.
This book broke me.
I think it might be the best thing I ve read in the last couple years, and I m not good at choosing favourites Still, a book that makes me sob my heart out silently, in the middle of the night is not something I encounter everyday An emotional impact this powerful is something to commend, and it s not the only exceptional thing about this novel.
I tricked myself a little bit when I started this book Both covers are colourful and simply nice looking, so even though I knew what the book was about I let myself think I was in for a pleasant ride through teenage problems ville with a sprinkle of gender identity issues I was not prepared for what I was about to read, but I was too curious to resist.
Boy, was I wrong.
This novel is full of pain It starts out with a rape not a spoiler and then, in between mo Why have I not I heard of this book before now Why isn t the entire reading community talking about this Abigail Tarttelin has written an amazing story of her Max, who is intersex it is a topic that I have not really thought of much before now, not a lot of us would have I suspect I feel like I am lost for words right now, I don t want to retell the story, this is one that must be read and understood by all that are lucky to come across this fabulous book Max s story comes to us from the people that are his most important His parents his brother Daniel what a sweetheart his General Practitioner, a lady I thought was just brilliant and full of compassion and his friend Sylvie who was quirky, special and rea If you love someone, you love them It doesn t matter where they came from or if they re a boy or a girl, or if you fight, or if they re weird, or if they find it difficult to communicate with you you just fucking love them Max is an intersex child previously called hermaphrodite His story is not an easy read It begins in a rather shocking manner and continues in a sometimes disturbing and often unsettling direction.
When I first started reading Golden Boy, I wasn t quite sure where the author would take us with such a challenging and unusual subject matter, but as I read along, I soon found myself engrossed with the characters and could not stop reading until I knewabout Max, his rare condition of intersex and how his story would end.
Join Max s tumultuous world where he battles inner demons and makes tough choices for a very special, emotionally t This is one of my new favorite books of all time I am astounded by it, and I started crying as soon as I began typing this review This topic is so important and I learned so much throughout this book, and it was told in such a gripping and tragic way that I was nearly sobbing throughout the last half of this book It deals with seriously tragic and infuriating topics, so trigger warning for rape this is an unforgettable read and I recommend it to anyone who breathes Cross posted at Outlaw Reviews and at Shelf InflictedI feel like a big old meany for not liking this book as much as my friends did.
It is wordy and repetitive, the multiple viewpoints drove me nuts, and the characters lacked substance and authenticity Though I really admire Max s parents decision not to make their child undergo surgery to correct his intersex condition, I could strangle them for being so secretive about it and allowing Max to grow up and navigate the difficult world of adolescence without any discussion or guidance about sex, relationships, pregnancy, or gender identity The thing is, when parents don t talk about this stuff with their kids, they will learn from their friends, or the media, and likely pick up all kinds of incorrect information What I didn t understand about Max, particularly in

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