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☆ Read Ó Girl on a Diamond Pedestal by Maisey Yates ✓ Never Been KissedNoelle Was Once The Girl Who Had Everything Until The Piano Prodigy Fell From Grace Destitute And Desperate, She S Forced To Accept Billionaire Ethan Grey S Convenient Proposal Ethan Wants Revenge All He Needs Is Noelle S Signature On The Marriage Certificate Yet His Carefully Composed Facade Cracks In The Face Of Her Innocent Attempts At Seduction Noelle S Only Ever Felt Love And Excitement Whilst At Her Beloved Piano Yet Now Her Traitorous Body Craves The White Hot Passion Ignited By Ethan S Skilled Touch But Will He Ever See Her As Than A Means To An End First Maisey Yates book that I really did enjoy.
This was an okay read.
I felt that the beginning of the story was a bit choppy and stilted.
Can t say that I liked this heroine very much and ditto towards the hero too.
The latter part of the book was better and even.
The story begins one year after her mother takes all her money and properties from her,leaving her with an old mansion that was the only thing in her name and no money.
The mansion is now in foreclosure and she is being hounded by the banks.
The heroine was a child star pianist and her mother was her manager.
Enter the hero with a proposition,marry him and the mansion will he hers after a quickie divorce.
Of course,he has a hidden agenda.
His father was her mother s lover years ago and that relationship ,destroyed his mother who used to be an A list movie star.
This could have been a very good read,but some how,this book jus I love the cover of this book and being written by one of my favorite authors, I was really excited.
Noelle, a famous pianist, abandoned by her controlling mother, who has run off with all her money, is left almost destitute and with a dead career.
Ethan, trying to get back at his amoral father and sometime lover of Noelle s mother He asks Noelle to marry him and he will help her career and money wise He will then inherit the family business instead of his father.
I so did not bond with the two mc s I thought Noelle very shallow and self absorbed and Ethan cold and calculating.
I was kind of so so in the first part of the book but half way began to like it.
As these two lost souls amble along in reaching their own quests , I began to feel a bit sad for them Sins of the fathers as that saying says, children suffer punishment related to the father mother s past sins, clearly This is the story of Ethan Grey and Noelle Birch Both of them are at a cross roads in their lives Noelle is about to lose the last thing she had left after her career as a child prodigy crashed and burned under the management of her now absent mother.
Ethan is at the point of finally taking revenge on his father for the misery his mother endured when his affair with Noelle s mother hit the headlines Noelle is the tool he intends to use to exact that revenge and at the same time humiliate his father.
What they don t expect is the connection, even friendship that grows as Ethan s plan of an arranged marriage plays out There is a roller coaster of emotion for both Ethan and Noelle as they both learn what they need and what s important to them and the cost of ignoring those things in favour of revenge and giving in to fear.
I was interested to re Noelle was a famous child star pianist, who has just abandoned by her mother Noelle is left homeless and poor longing for money and fame and her glorious past Ethan is a tycoon who wants revenge against his father because of the way he treated his wife and son Ethan is a very damaged brooding hero All he wants is the unconditional love both his parents denied him His own mother even tried to commit suicide because according to her having a child, Ethan, is what ruined her life Their marriage is one of convenience, it will bring Noelle money and fame and it will give Ethan the company his father wants for himself But soon Ethan breaks Noelle s icy composure, he shows her how to live life fully and Noelle shows him that revenge is not good enough to heal him Only love will fill the emptiness he feels and even though Ethan resists he knows that his marriage is the best thing that ever The heroine Noelle s life is on hold her music career appears to be over, her child stardom has faded, her controlling mother has left along with all of Noelle s money, and now she is about to lose her home She meets the hero Ethan when he comes to look at her house, he asks her to come to his office the nest day and she is shocked when he asks her to marry him Ethan is looking for revenge on his playboy father wanting to take the family business from him but he can only do it if he is married And marrying Noelle will be poetic justice considering his father had a very public extra marital affair with Noelle s mother Noelle agrees, not really knowing what else to do, and as they begin to make their pretend relationship known to society they also g Ya ben bu yazar oook seviyorum.
Ke ke daha ok kitab ksaym bizde Tap lacak Kad n yine bir Maisey klasi iydi.
Konusu da ayr g zeldi.
Annesine ra men harika bir karakterdi Noelle.
Ethan da iyiydi imdi hakk n yemeyim yak kl n n D Once upon a time, Noelle was a girl who had everything, an exceptional talent, adoring fans, time in the spotlight And now it s all gone Even before her mother ran off with all of her money, it wasn t perfect All the stress of practicing the piano, the endless tours, it all took it s toll Not only is she broke and soon to be homeless, but she can t even hear the music any For a former child prodigy, it s painful.
Salvation comes in the unlikely form of one Ethan Gray Ethan needs her so that he could wreck revenge on his father, who never had the time for his wife and child instead he lavished attention on his mistress, who just happened to be Noelle s mother He now has to show his grandfather that he s happily married so that he could get the family business He didn t count on falling for Noelle.
His first hint that thing Me gust la tensi n sexual entre los protagonistas Ambos son muy sufridos y logran contar una linda historia de amor.

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Maisey Yates lives in rural Oregon with her three children and her husband, whose chiseled jaw and arresting features continue to make her swoon She feels the epic trek she takes several times a day from her office to her coffee maker is a true example of her pioneer spirit In 2009, at the age of twenty three Maisey sold her first book Since then