Trailer ☆ Les Proies: dans le harem de Kadhafi PDF by ✓ Annick Cojean

Trailer ☆ Les Proies: dans le harem de Kadhafi PDF by ✓ Annick Cojean .
In , Annick Cojean, Senior Reporter At Le Monde And Special Correspondent For Tripoli, Wrote A Shock Article, Titled Gaddafi S Sexual Slave , Which Told The Story Of Soraya, A Twenty Two Year Old Libyan Woman Who Had Been Kidnapped And Held Captive Since The Age Of Soraya Was A Schoolgirl In The Coastal Town Of Sirte, When She Was Given The Honour Of Presenting A Bouquet Of Flowers To Colonel Gaddafi, The Guide, On A Visit He Was Making The Following Week This One Meeting A Presentation Of Flowers, A Pat On The Head From Gaddafi Changed Soraya S Life Forever Soon Afterwards, She Was Summoned To Bab Al Azizia, Gaddafi S Palatial Compound Near Tripoli, Where She Joined A Number Of Young Women Who Were Violently Abused, Raped And Degraded By GaddafiIn , Cojean Returned To Libya To Continue Her Investigation Her Book, Gaddafi S Harem, Takes Soraya As Its Starting Point To Recount The Fates Of So Many Other Women She Has Gone To Remarkable Lengths Rape Is The Highest Taboo In Libya To Collect These Women S Stories Heartwrenchingly Tragic But Ultimately Redemptive, Soraya S Story Is The First Of Many That Are Just Now Beginning To Be HeardIn Gaddafi S Harem, Le Monde Special Correspondent Annick Cojean Gives A Voice To Soraya S Story, And Supplements Her Investigation Into Gaddafi S Abuses Of Power Through Interviews With Other Women Who Were Abused By Gaddafi, And Those Who Were Involved With His Regime, Including A Driver Who Ferried Women To The Compound, And Gaddafi S Former Chief Of SecurityGaddafi S Harem Is An Astonishing Portrait Of The Essence Of Dictatorship How Power Gone Unchecked Can Wreak Havoc On The Most Intensely Personal Level, As Well As A Document Of Great Significance To The New Libya 13 14 ,.
Political prisoners who have been beaten, humiliated, staved and chained are given a welcome back to society Not so for Gaddafi s sex slaves and slaves they were Upon release, none were feted, some were killed by their own families, all were labeled whores This is the case of the women in Gaddafi s Harem.
This powerful content needs a better book I recognize that there are loses in translation as it goes from Arabic to French to English and I recognize the need to disguise the identity of those who agreed to be interviewed The problems are that the stories are only sketches and that smaller points take space that should have been given to the larger issues.
The first third of the book is the experience of Soyara While history should have specifics a .
Gaddafis Brutalit t kannte keine Grenzen, ein Scheusal Unvorstellbares hat er seinen Sklavinnen angetan Ungeheurlich, was er sich alles einfallen liess Einige europ ische Staatsm nner hofierten ihn und er belohnte sie mit Millionen Euros Nun wieder brandaktuell M rz 2018 , da gerade der franz sische Ex Pr sident Nicolas Sarkozy festgenommen wurde, weil er unter Verdacht steht, zig Millionen Euro Wahlkampfspenden von Gadaffi angenommen zu haben.

This book is very disturbing yet an important document of the Gaddafi years in Libya The bravery of this young woman and the savagery and cowardice of her countrymen is painful to read, I can only imagine what she herself must feel This story is an indictment of a brutal dictator and the system of men and women who facilitated his systematic rape and torture of young women and men many of them still children really and a society which despite ridding themselves of Gaddafi himself, continue to ignore the victims of his violent crimes Any society which covers up crimes against its most vulnerable citizens rather than confront them and assist the victims to heal is continuing in the perpetuation of the original crime Until a society truly values it s women and child .
This is not an easy book to read, but it is a book that needs to be read nonetheless The atrocities committed by Gaddafi, both public and secret, need to be publicly aired so that the nation of Libya can begin rebuilding its cultural and social history Although a taboo subject, the sexual crimes that were perpetrated by the ruler and his followers cannot be forgotten or simply swept under the rug, as many would prefer It is quite interesting to see how religion and culture can even shape people s reactions to these types of atrocities blaming the women and feeling that a sense of shame is reflected upon the family, instead of on the abusers The saddest reality is that not much seems to have changed in the country regarding the equality of women Until women are given a place at the same table as the men who get to make decisions concerning their lives, there will never be equality.

Annick Cojean, foreign correspondent for Le Monde, is one of France s most widely admired journalists She chairs the committee for the Prix Albert Londres, having won the prize herself in 1996, and has published a number of books.