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[ Read Online Frontier Highlander Vow of Love Ä anthropology PDF ] by Dorothy Wiley ✓ I read a LOT of historical romance, and Wiley s books are always head and shoulders above the others WOW She knows how to weave historical events and details into the plot seamlessly creating a richly captivating read The romance is deep and heartfelt without being graphic But what I loved the most about this book was what I learned I was clueless about the Highland Clearances and came away with a deeper understanding of the early Scottish American, and I also ate up her descriptions of day to day life in the Colonies Bear was adorable and Artis one tough cookie Bravo to this author for yet another great read Awesome ReadBear being the big adopted brother of the Wiley family was anxious to finally settle down when he meets the one , Artis This book was a real page turner and was exciting, sad, loving and fulfilling Such a well written book I can t wait for book 5 in the series.
Strathnaver, Scotland, Summer The Highland Clearances Abruptly Destroy Artis MacKay S Idyllic World Patrick Steller, The Countess Of Sutherland S Brutal Estate Manager, Murders Artis Family And Burns Her Village Forced Into Indentured Servitude In The American Colonies, She Becomes A Virginia Plantation Servant After Seven Long Years, Artis Receives Her Freedom Dues Land In KentuckyBear MacKee Grew Up In The Highlands Too, But Disease Claims His Parents On His Family S Voyage To The Colonies Adopted By The Wyllies, He Becomes A Loyal And Fiercely Protective Brother Who Journeys With Them To Kentucky With His Brothers Safely Settled, The Time Comes For Bear To Find His Own Wife And FutureTheir Past And Their Destiny Entwined, Artis And Bear Meet And Pledge Their Love But A Cold Blooded Old Enemy And A Ruthless New Adversary Threaten To Crush Artis And Bear S Chance For Happiness And The Dark Side Of Nature Becomes A Frightening Adversary Too For Their Love To Triumph In The Wilderness, These Two Heroic Highlanders Must Evoke The MacKay Clan Motto Manu Forti With A Strong HandONTIER HIGHLANDER VOW OF LOVE, Set In What Was Then America S West, Is The Heart Pounding Fourth Novel In The American Wilderness Series Romances, However Each Book May Be read Independently Like Dorothy Wiley S Other Award Winning And Compelling Novels, This Exciting Tale Is Emotionally Powerful If You Love Romantic Thrillers, Don T Miss This Action Packed read A Readers Favorite Gold Medal Winner, Wiley Has Earned Nearly Five Star Ratings Her Epic Love Stories Of The Frontier Captivate Readers Of Romance, Westerns, And Historical Fiction Charmed By The Beauty Of Her Poignant Love Stories, Romance Lovers Cheer For Her Endearing Heroes And Heroines Spell Bound By Horrific Events And Heinous Villains, Readers Of Westerns Fear For Her Valiant Characters Settlers Of The Untamed West But All Readers Appreciate Wiley S Ability To Take Them On A Thrilling Journey To A New World For The Brave With Her Singular Voice, Passionate Narrative, And Thrilling Plots, Wiley Has Written An Enthralling, Highly Romantic, And Timeless Western Series Dorothy s characters continue to bring out emotions in me that I forgot I had, but they are good cries and happy cries all rolled into one pleasurable and satisfying read Her oh so likable Bear hero, and his new found love, Artis, exude a quaint affection for each other perfectly portrayed by their Scottish charm and truly heroic personas Her story artfully balances respectful love and true passion that s the part that makes me cry Her new story of Bear and Artis is so inspiring that you truly appreciate what our ancestors endured and overcame and how thankful we should be they were there to pave the way I d love to be next door to Bear and meet him in person, but I ll just have to be satisfied with reading the book again Dorothy s book brings the best of both worlds, Scotland and frontier America Her fourth great book i Great storyKeep very much enjoyed this riveting story that had one exciting adventure after another Dorothy Wiley has out done herself with this one.
An amazing story of survival and love Faced with many hardships, Artis never gives up and when she meets Bear they make it through all the trials put in their path, to live a life full of love I enjoy this story very much.
Bear and Artis story is an excellent and exciting read History is subtlety woven into a truly beautiful love story Can t wait for Wiley s future books.

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com by clicking on the link below Dorothy is an amazing narrator and story teller A wonderful story of loss and gain, hate and love, and the fight between evil and good This amazing series is a Christian romance set in the late 1700s when America was very wild and beginning to be tamed by trappers and mountain men The romantic scenes are clean, meaning the final act is not described but the foreplay is sensually portrayed and lovingly communicated It s a love relationship where two hearts are joined, not a sexual performance I love this series and Dororthy is an amazing narrator and story teller Frontier Highlander Vow of Love is the fourth book in Ms.
Wiley s epic American Wilderness Series Romances It continues the gripping saga of the courageous men and women who faced the constant dangers and hardships of traveling to and settling in Kentucky in 1797.
As with any series, readers anticipate an enjoyable read with each new book Sometimes books fall short of readers expectations for one reason or another This is certainly not the case with Frontier Highlander Vow of Love.
Ms Wiley fulfills readers expectations with heart wrenching moments of danger, thrilling scenes of fast paced action, and character portrayals which run the gamut of loving and honorable to abhorrent and murderous.
Wiley s writing style is comparative to classic novels which have s

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