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[Peter J. Leithart] ✓ From Behind the Veil [french-literature PDF] Ebook Epub Download Í Peter Leithart S Commentary On John Is The Latest Entry In The Through New Eyes Bible Commentary SeriesJohn, In His Epistles, Is Continuing Themes That He Began To Write About In His Gospel, But Which Now Have Heightened In Intensity And Urgency AsAD ApproachesIn This Verse By Verse Commentary, Dr Leithart Expounds John S Inspired Instructions To Christians Living At The End Of An Age, To Whom God Himself Has Drawn Near And Revealed Himself In Jesus Christ Really, really good Leithart s exegesis is, as always, stellar But most facinating for myself was his argument that 1 3 John is not refuting the gnostic heresy at least, not as we would think of it He argues, I think convincingly, that gnosticism began primarily as a Judaic reaction against Christian theology Thus, he finds that Cerinthus, the gnostic leader bothering the Churches John s epistles are addressed to, is a gnostic Judiazer Great stuff.
Nothing particularly surprising if you re already familiar with Leithart, but he makes the devotional and intellectual aspects of St John s epistles accessible and clear There are enough insights to make it compelling for the irenic Protestant layman.
An excellent commentary on John s three Epistles Peter Leithart does a great job bringing out the literary and historical dimensions of the text What sets this apart from some of his other writings is his wonderful application Over and over again he pushes the text into the life of reader, forcing us to ask questions like, are we loving the brethern, do we love the world too much, etc The book was very pastoral in nature There are some technical portions But it can be easily read and profited from by any Christian.
Good, light commentary Several places of strange connections and assertions that he makes such as the children, young men, and fathers signify prophet, priest, and king Overall, classic Leithart.
Yet another oddball commentary by Leithart, who again argues against well established scholarship that the three epistles of John were written 1 by the same author as the gospel of John they weren t , 2 that they were written by the same author as the book of Revelation they weren t , 3 that the enemies in the gospel are not Christian gnostics but actually the Jews, and 4 that they were all written before Jerusalem s destruction in A D 70.
This commentary was very accessible and helpful It was a great resource to go through as I finished up a study of the Epistles of John recently Definitely recommended.
Full review here Concise, profound, typical of Leithart, this is the sort of commentary you love to read right through Particularly helpful is his discussion of gnosticism at the beginning of the book.
I am reading this in the flurry of my thoughts about regeneration John is THE new birth Apostle, and I was curious as to how Leithart would handle the text I still have some questions that have to do with how the Spirit can leave the believer that has faith and about John 10, but Leithart handles 1 John well and explains how the they went out from us, but they were not of us can be taken as a description of false Apostles, perhapsparticularly from Jerusalem He also argues that assurance is not how we know that we are really saved but how we have existential knowledge that we really are in the family of God To me, this makes sense, because none of the things John brings up obeying the commandments, loving t

Peter Leithart received an A.B in English and History from Hillsdale College in 1981, and a Master of Arts in Religion and a Master of Theology from Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia in 1986 and 1987 In 1998 he received his Ph.D at the University of Cambridge in England He has served in two pastorates He was pastor of Reformed Heritage Presbyterian Church now Trinity Presbyter