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[ Read Online Zelia ↠´ cultural-studies PDF ] by Zora Marie ¶ The Fate Of Nine Realms Rests On The Shoulders Of One Desperate Girl With A Daunting Power And A Harrowing Choice To Be The Cause Of Great Suffering And Despair Or Be Banished From The First Place She Felt Secure Since Being A Small Child, And Back To The World From Whence She Came When The Wizards Who Created Her Fear That Their Creation Was Tainted, The Phoenix Of Hope Could Become The Phoenix Of Destruction With Time Running Out, The Wizards Worst Fears Are Careening In Quotes I Do Not See How, Even Now, You Should Be Dead, He Said Standing Back On His Heels With A Puzzled Look Perking Its Ears Forward A Buck Came Up And Smelled Her Turning He Said, I Do Not Know About This One, She Speaks Our Language, But She Smells Funny When The Screams Of The Last Darkan Came To An End, Zelia Put Out The Flames As She Fell To Her Knees, Drained Of Energy The Trees Still Moaned In Pain Though They Did Not Blame Her, She Had Kept The Flames From Scorching Most Of Their Leaves THERE WILL BE NO SPOILERS WITHIN THIS REVIEWI rarely use the word enthralled or gripped when I do a review but both words are true within the pages of Zora s book It would take to long to log all the areas I enjoyed It s a much loved through back to the kind of mesmerizing fantasy stories we all loved at school There s the right mix of everything here, a book for readers young and old and the classic tropes of elves, dragons and such are done in a way that makes them feel fresh and new, which is an amazing feat in its own right Her use of place and setting almost becomes another character in its own right, making it seem like you the reader are walking alongside the characters on their adventures within its pages, and the twists are overlapped to the point where you just don t see them coming, which is a nice surpr Oh man, I feel bad giving this 2 stars but I can t forgive the problems with this story I bought this on kindle and I don t know if the printed version is different but there were so many spelling and structural errors it was ridiculous We re talking three issues a page at times and not just small errors many torcher instruments and blood , being drug across the floor The story regularly jumped in place and time from one sentence to another, without any preamble I also thought the portrayal of Zelia was fairly unfeeling at times I didn t feel the heart of her character I also thought it was a bit OTT with how much everyone loved her and laid their admiration on thick Enough already.
Positives I liked the additional characters and the introduction of so many interesting creatures The story events were action packed and Zelia had some great skills This is, a I m actually impressed by this story So often I pick up a high fantasy book and it takes almost 20% to build up enough of the world for us to start the story But not with Zelia The story jumps in immediately So quickly, in fact, that I thought I was listening to the second in the series It has a fast pace and is full of action The characters are well developed and feel like they have a history in the world.
CB Droege does an excellent job narrating The characters were distinct and the pacing was excellent I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Zelia doesn t know who or what she is when the life she has always known is suddenly stripped away She goes from cherished child under elven care to being turned over as a slave to the dark wizard, Asenten, whose sole purpose seems to be to weaponize Zelia and make her life a living hell Her escape from the cave, where she has been isolated and tortured for an indeterminate amount of time, finds Zelia exposed to various cultures and creatures, with each new experience aiding her in her quest to find within herself higher powers and insights into her true identity.
Bold characters and a strong, page turning plot line clearly define this tale as the author spins an absorbing and fascinating fantasy adventure filled wit Zelia is the first book in what is sure to be an enjoyable series by new author Zora Marie There are many original takes on mythological figures and plenty of action and intrigue The MC is very likable loyal, and selfless Looking forward to readingfrom this author.
As always, I have to state that this book was given to me for free in exchange for a review I always like to state that this does not impact my review or my opinion of the book My reviews are honest and my own opinion of the story, performance, and overall thoughts on the book Bold characters and a strong, page turning plot line clearly define this tale as the author spins an absorbing and fascinating fantasy adventure filled with astonishing venues, fantastic creatures, and magic Marie s writing consistently builds excitement as her character, Zelia, moves from place to place, amassing knowledge, insight, and survival skills as she faces tremendous danger and a high likelihood of death at every turn.
Overall, Zelia s plight certainly held my interest from beginning to end, however, there was a bit too much rep A heroine haunted by traumatic experiences that now colour her outlook and her ability to be close to anyone, and how she views and treats herself Bearing physical, mental, and emotional scars deep enough that she should be dead Unsure of her past, seemingly made as an instrument of revenge rather than being a living being The answers all apply to Zelia She cares deeply for people, she s incredibly trained and much older than she looks but went through so much torment for so many years that she can t shake the effects You ache for her, You hope she finds peace, that she realizes how loved she is.
and that s the journey of this storyfrom meeting the people who first taught her and are like her family, to the person who spends years tormenting her, to thinking she may have found a place, to new people, an SCORE Stars 5 out of 5 for overall story BOOK TIDBITS Genre Sci Fi, FantasyRecommended Readers Pre teen Chapters 42Ending HFN Happily For Now Main Character Zelia REVIEW I love this novel Zelia is descriptive, action packed, adventurous, creative, and she is one bada Zelia was created by some wizards to be used as a weapon to do their dirty work, but Zelia s free will is strong She looks like a young teen, human girl but ages like an elf she s almost 500 years old She learns throughout the story she is created with the blood from different creatures She doesn t have the easiest life to live One wizard in particular abuses her physically and mentally when she doesn t do as he tells her too But her life exposes her to Zelia is a fun and compelling fantasy story from a new author I hadn t yet read It has everything you can ask for from a classic high fantasy story magic, a rich and imaginative world, races like elves, action and adventure the list goes on All your typical tropes make an appearance and are used in the way any fantasy fan would want to see.
Zora Marie is new to me but I was captivated by this writer s style The writing is easy enough to follow and isn t overly complicated or overly descriptive like something from J R R Tolkien In this book, the writing is simple, yet not dumbed down In many ways it reminds me of Christopher Paolini s style and I mean that as a positive I also find the world is not overly rich with too many superfluous characters like something from George R R Martin s writing or also J R R Tolkie

Despite all odds against her, including lightning strikes that fried multiple computers, Mother Nature couldn t keep Zora Marie from getting Zelia s story out for the world to see She is a Jill of many trades who has done everything from bottle feeding calves and being a midwife for a wide variety of animals to making picture perfect wood burnings and yarn from her home raised angora fiber Numer