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[ Pdf Foxy æ young-adult-science-fiction PDF ] by Emma Dodd ✓ Emily, the main character, cannot fall asleep because she is nervous that she won t have all the supplies she needs for her first day of school So when Foxy, a red fox, comes into her room and says he can help, Emily starts telling him the things she needs for school Foxy uses his magic tail to help her, and waves it at every wish Except, the tail doesn t always bring back what Emily tells him she needs For example, she says she might need a pencil and eraser to start school properly, and Foxy waves his tail bringing back a penguin and an elephant He always fixes his mistakes the second time around and in no time, Emily is laughing at Foxy s errors and starts to forget how nervous she is Her last concern is that Simple story about being afraid and how preparation can curb your fears Not outstanding the wrong things Foxy magicked into existence could have been relevant, or rhymed, or somehow fit in better , but could be used in conjunction with some other great books in a school themed story time with preK kids.
Foxy Has A Special Talent He Is Magically Able To Produce Anything He Needs From His Bushy Red TailSometimes Foxy Comes Up With The Wrong Solutions, Such As The Time He Tried To Give His Friend Emily An Eraser For School And Gave Her An Elephant Instead Fortunately, Foxy S Magic Mishaps Can Always Be Fixed And He Knows That Some Very Important Things Like Making New Friends Don T Require Any Magic At AllIn This Humorous Tale Of Friendship, Award Winning Author Illustrator Emma Dodd Introduces A Truly Endearing New Character With A Great Big Heart Foxy is the stuffed animal helping to prepare her owner, Emily get ready for her first day of school Of course, nerves can be calmed, and that is what the magic fox does to help Emily Foxy brings all the school supplies she ll need to be successful in school and on her first day of school The voice of the narrator seems to be too young for an actual kindergartener going into their first day of school There is magic in the tone of the story which I can appreciate when reading for young children The first day of school is a big day and the essence from the magic is relevant to keep children from getting nervous The illustrations also resonate with me as an aspect of the magically feeling the fox brings to Emily Using the imagination was a critical part of this story and like Emily, young children would be able to relate to Countdown to Kindergarten Letter x.
It s the first day of Kindergarten and the main character is worried She doesn t think she has the supplies she needs Foxy works his magical tail to grant her wisheswith a few mistakes along the way Humorous Cute and with good illustrations but I m looking for something to read during a magic themed storytime Though this has magic I think it would be better in a get ready for kindergarten themed storytime.
Hmm A bit cheesier than what I was looking for in the K 6 Magic theme storytime Some humor was fun Other just didn t cut it for me And with I dare you to entertain me 5th and 6th graders, this wouldn t work as well If I end up with a younger crowd, maybe.

Emily is nervous about starting school All sorts of worries and questions swirl through her head Does she have all her supplies Will she make lots of friends Will it be hard Her friend Foxy tries to set Emily at ease with a dash or two of magic, which causes smiles, laughs, and magical mishaps galore.
Big, clear characters and illustrations fill the pages with color and cuteness Emily may be the cutest girl ever with her curls and giggles An adorable book to keep in mind if you need to soothe some nerves around your house about the first day of school.
Like many children on the night before school starts, Emily can t sleep Foxy, a kind fox with a magical tail, tries to help by conjuring the items she needs The items that appear aren t always the ones she needs, but eventually, Emily feels ready to go to school and meet new friends I would have enjoyed this one if the mistakes were clearly related to the objects that Emily needs for instance, a penguin instead of a pencil, but some of them seem a bit random Young readers will smile at how crowded Emily s bedroom gets with all this magic This would be an excellent first day of school read aloud to banish some anxieties I liked Foxy s pretty bushy tail and concern for Emily.

Emma Dodd Author IllustratorEmma was brought up in Guildford, Surrey, in a family of artists and from as far back as she can remember she has wanted to be an illustrator.Emma studied Graphic Design and Illustration at Central Saint Martin s School of Art and has worked extensively in advertising, editorial and book illustration.She was nominated for the Booktrust Early Years Award in 2006 for her