í For the Hunt (For the Blood #4) ✓ Download by à Debbie Cassidy

í For the Hunt (For the Blood #4) ✓ Download by à Debbie Cassidy I love that we get to read a novella about this crew I was really excited to read how their lives were after Eva took on her role in The Hunt We were warned that she would struggle and it was heart wrenching and heartwarming to see her fight and rise above This short little glimpse was perfect I wish it was , but it was still amazing There was so much packed into this novella Not to mention the crossover Oh I am so looking forward to reading , other series are starting to tie into each other and I can t wait Debbie Cassidy does it again and kept me enthralled from the very first page Oh you know what I am talking about.
Cassidy s For the Blood series is one of my favorites and I was sad to see it come to an end I was excited to hear that she was writing this novella to give the readers an insight into Eva s new life in the Faerie Realm with her guys and The Hunt Cassidy does a good job showing Eva s transformation as she adjusts to her new life and her guys try to fit into her new world We also get to see a few other familiar faces from her Heart of Darkness series pop in As with her other books, there is plenty of action, suspense, danger, and sexy times And even though this is a shorter read, you will be so engrossed in the adventure, you will not even notice After all Eva had been through, to be transformed into a goddess of The Hunt and pulled from her world and thrust into another had to come with major adjustments and I lo This one of my favorite Debbie Cassidy series I was left a bit disappointed after the end of the third book, but only because I wanted This story definitely delivered on that front although I d love even of these characters I always enjoy DC, and this is a great little snack for a fan of the series.
I loved this quick book and new look into what was happening with Eva, her guys and The Hunt I loved that Debbie did not leave this story line going after the last book This book really shows that struggle that Eva is having trying to keep who she is and to be with her guys, but at the same time needing to lead and own The Hunt Debbie Cassidy is so talented and once again I was dragged into a book that was impossible to but it down highly recommended Totally amazing series This series is amazing Eva and her guys have been sent to the Fae realm, as she was made into the Goddess of the Hunt She is afraid of losing herself to the Hunt and forgetting those she loves, but the guys intend to be her tether and not let her forget Will they be enough Will the Hunt ever truly be hers to command if she only has one foot in their world In this book, a taint has fallen over the deaths they have been reaping and the Queen herself sends Eva, the Hunt and her men to find out what has happened to a small village where nobody returns that is sent to investigate, including the winter king I don t want to give away any spoilers This book is great as is everything Debb

This is a Novella and is a follow up to the For The Blood series of books which need to be read in order prior to reading this I absolutely love the fact that Debbie Cassidy listens to the fans in her Face Book group who wanted to know about Eva and her guys new life in Faerie This Novella finishes off the series perfectly Its well written with a strong storey and grips you from the first page so that you literally cant put it down until you have completely finished it The storey shows Eva s transformation and how it affects her guys along wit her complex relationship with the Hunt There is a certain amount of dark humour, tension and heat I absolutely loved every moment of this book.
I also really love the fact that true fans would have picked up that this takes place in the same world as her Heart of Darkness series of books.
I just love Debbie Cassidy and her mind I really have loved every single one of her series, so when we get glimpse of them again I snatch it up For the Blood series is so good.
Eva was made into the Goddess of the Hunt, so she was sent to the Fae realm with her guys She is having to struggle with making sure all of her guys get her attention Also struggling with being Goddess of the Hunt.
The guys are there to help her, and seeing how they treat her just endures them to me They have her back and she needs to just figure out how to get a balance between everything.
I don t want to give away any spoilers But as usual with a Debbie Cassidy book you will enjoy this short, and be impatient for the next great thing she writes.
I was so excited to read that Debbie Cassidy was writing a novella for the For the Blood series, looking into what happened to Eva and the guys after the end of the third book The opening scene was just hot And the rest of the book certainly didn t disappoint After what happened in the third book we finally get to see how this has affected not just Eva, but also her relationship with her men, and they may be a little addition to her group which I admit I didn t see coming.
I could happily read about this group and definitely wouldn t say no if Debbie wrote for these characters I still can t choose a favourite guy cause I love them all for their different qualities.
I was so excited to learn that we would get a novella about Eva and the guys and how they are dealing with her being a goddess of The Hunt I also don t think this is the last we will see of them either This was a quick great read for any fan of Eva and her rag tag band of men.
There Is No Pixie Dust In Faerie In Faerie The Hunt Is The Top Of The Food Chain, And Me I M The Head Of The Viper, Or So They Tell Me But That S A Lie Something Is Rising, A Dread, A Fear That Cannot Be Named, And I M About To Dive Right Into The Thick Of It Now, If Only I Can Get The Guys And The Hunt To Work Together Then Maybe We Can All Come Out Of This Unscathed Join Eva And The Guys As They Adjust To Life In Faerie In This Sequel Novella To The For The Blood Series

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