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[Debbie Cassidy] ✓ For the Blood (For the Blood #1) [south-africa PDF] Ebook Epub Download ê Wow I absolutely LOVED this Eva was an awesome character to get to know and the guys brought back all my favorite Vampire Diary type feels Debbie s world building is what made me fall head over heels for her stories and For The Blood is no exception The story is interesting and well thought out It pulls you in and keeps its hooks in you I am so hellaciously in love with Debbie s Chronicles of Arcana and Chronicles of Midnight series, but this could be a new favorite of mine So excited to read the next book I really enjoyed this one A dystopian walking dead with fae, vampires, weres, and a bad ass h.
Also team Ash This onetook me by surprise Very well done, strongly action orientated, especially considering it s a RH The well crafted plot really does seem like a hybrid between walking dead, but I would leave out the Vampire Diaries comparisonFull review to come later I m awful with reviews the past two years , but a couple of key points 1 The Let s Dance, I ll Lead fight scene epic for some reason Can t get it out of my head.
2 I love Ash3 The way she meets Ash and the boots in the night leading up to it, the little things make all the swoon difference4 Logan really is a douche5 Mad science experiments6 Spoiler view spoiler I don t think Tobias is okay and am sensing a bad ending, but I really liked him so I hope not hide spoiler The blurb on this one intrigued me, but as I read it it was a bit confusing I wasn t sure if the big bad was zombies or some kind of shifter, at 1 3 of the way through you d think things would be made clear Eva and Tobias came off as bumbling idots that were lucky I gave up after 10 chapters, things just weren t interesting enough to keep me reading, this one just wasn t for me.
5 stars yes I m following this series

Proper review to come nearer release date, but this a great start to a new series that feels darker than the author s previous work.
Great concept, kick ass heroine and an intriguing group of guys EDIT 4.
5 upon contemplation.
The RH genre can get pretty samey, if I m honest But one thing I have really come to love from Debbie Cassidy is that she has a massive diversity in the types of RH she writes Firstly we had brilliant Urban Fantastic with the Chronicles of Midnight and Arcana series , then dark fairy tale fantasy with Captive if Darkness and now dystopian I highly recommend this series for either fans of RH or just people in general The MC is kick ass of course but has huge emotional walls she s had to build to survive in the harsh reality she has been forced to live in I love the take on the usual vampire werewolf z This is awesome Eva is a badass chick just trying to survive with a mission from her dead dad in the post apocalyptic world of super natural chaos.
i loved this world and the characters I cannot wait for the second one I m intrigued and look forward to reading Eva was likable She is a strong female who knows that she can t give a crap about everything going on around her if she wants to stay alive, but is still willing to sacrifice her life for a few things she believes in She has had to fight really hard to get to the co ordinates her dad left her before he died and it shows in the way she thinks about things Let s talk about the men in this series I don t really feel like I KNOW any of them yet, but from what I do know so far I have a few thoughts I m not quite sure if I want Tobias to be found I mean, it would be nice for him not to be dead at the hands of the feral fang, but I don t totally have a strong preference for him to make it back into the story or not I really like Ash In fact, I liked him from the moment he was introduced, there was no time n FIVE STARS BECAUSE FUCK YES THIS WAS GOOD.
Gaby if you re reading this, thank you for the recommendation.
Ugh, where to start I ll post my initial thoughts below Am I team Tobias I can t decide I am certainly TEAM ASH A LOT of Walking Dead vibes but whatever we will roll with it.
I have to say, in the stories where the MC is at first wary of the men that she may hate now but in just the span of however many pages depends on the author they re gonna be balls deep inside her, always has me laughing Such a fun part to read, if not slightly annoying.
You may hate them now little Eva BUT SOON ENOUGH their cocks will be THRUSTING into you as you scream your undying love for them.
Again, laughing.
It s bound to happen.
Nah, we got a slow burner in our hands y all Ugh The anticipation is killing me.
But I m liking this Eva chick The way this auth Stay Alive At All Costs No Attachments, No Looking Back, No Emotion The Last Thing My Father Gave Me Was A Key No Explanation, No Details, Just A Key The Last Thing He Asked Of Me Was To Take The Key To A Set Of Co Ordinates But Survival In A Fallen World Filled With Feral Isn T Easy The Fangs And The Claws, Once Upstanding Members Of Society Are Now Slave To The Virus, Hunting Indiscriminately Under A Perpetually Full Moon There Is No Hope There Is No Haven Not Alone Not Until Them They Are A New Breed Of Monster Beasts Of Both Fang And Fur Unaffected By The Sickness, They Crave Only One Thing, And It Runs Through My Veins Survive, My Father Said Look Out For No One Except Yourself But Sometimes The Only Way To Survive Is To Make Attachments Sometimes The Only Way To Live Is To Accept A Dance With Death And Right Now, For Me, The Path To Survival Is In The Blood Here S To Hoping It Doesn T Kill MeThe Vampire Diaries Meets The Walking Dead In This Post Apocalyptic Urban Fantasy With A Slow Burn Why Choose Romance

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