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Trailer Ö Fate's Edge PDF by ✓ Ilona Andrews We really had fun working on this one, Ilona got to put in her Ocean s Eleven and Leverage elements and I got to put in my disdain of Prosperity Preachers, plus there is romance and fighting Bayou Moon is still my favorite but this is a very close second Oh, crap, am I damning my own book with faint praise Probably, they should put that on there as a blurb, not as good as the last one but not completely terrible either.
Re reading with all my fellow addicts at Ilona Andrews Addicts IAA again.
yes that makes it 3x but I don t care I love this series After Morning Star and Calamity I need something I know I m going to love or risk falling into a severe book funk.
This was just perfect.
Kaldar can pull anyone out a book funk Plus George and Jack helped a ton The blond boy called out I m terribly sorry, but is there any way we could grab that cage off the porch We won t disturb your dalliance Dalliance Another boy emerged carrying a fuzzy gray creature by the scruff of its neck You can keep making out, he called out We just want the cage This raccoon is really hard to hold, and she doesn t like meThe word Dalliance will now forever hold a special place in my heart.
2nd read Reasons why I m so happy I reread this with my ever

OMG Bad boys, right I loved Kaldar when I met him in Bayou Moon, so I was excited to read his story And he didn t disappoint Neither did Audrey, for that matter I loved the snarky back and forth between those two, because arguing is the spice of every good relationship Ah, ah, ah You know I m right, ladiesNow, I don t mean the are you fucking my sister arguments I mean the kind of everyday battles you fight over the small stuff Remotes, covers, thermostats, driving skills, and who gets the good side of the bed These are the sorts of squabbles that keep things exciting If you enjoy reading about couples who can quarrel like pros, then you ll love this installment in the Edge series I d give this 5 stars if I was basing it solely on how much chemistry the couple in question had Audrey was awesome, funny, and spunky, but importantly Kaldar was the type of book This third installment in Ilona Andrews THE EDGE series may be the best one I ve read yet The Edge is a semi magical border land that lies between two dimensions a magical version of our world the Weird and our normal world what the Weird and Edgers call the Broken because their magical powers don t work here Only a few people can cross over the magical borders in either direction, and Audrey Callahan is one of them.
Audrey is one of an Edge family of gifted and dedicated con artists, but she s trying to leave that life behind her and go straight, living in the Broken and working as a private investigator Her magical talent opening any lock, no matter how complex When her grifter father begs her to do one last job with him and her no good brother NGB so they can, once again, get NGB into rehab, she caves Too bad the item she helps them steal has a lot of extremely 3,5 StarsBR with the awesome IAA gang Hook is my Kaldar It fits perfectly I wanted to love this book I did want to, badly It didn t work that way though Although IA s usual charm is still there, in the badass characters, in the great dialogs, in the bickering couple, in the freaking awesome side characters, this book was just a tiny bit too slow for me to love.
Kaldar and Audrey were great I loved how Kaldar could charm the pants off a nun and how Audrey could con her way into anything Still, Kaldar proved a bit mushy than I believed He fell for the heroine and started spewing sunshine comparisons ten minutes after he met her Not exactly ideal for me.
I would have prefered a bit resistance on his part I did like Audrey s stance though At le I would write a review, but it would be 33,33333 % gushing 33,33333% swooning 33,33333 swearing fealty and undying love to Ilona Gordon, so I will spare you.
I will only use some keywords like awesome, fun, conmen women, spies, politics, crazy family, adorable racoons cool wyverns It offers thrill, chase, excitement, laughter, heartache happiness in abundance.
Go and find out the rest for yourselves, if you haven t read this book series It s sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo worth it.
I wrote this short review long ago but forgot to post it, so here we are actual rating 3 stars, 1 star removed for reasons I ll state later But now that I think of it, this book is closer to 2.
5 counting the problem that made me lower my rating It was so meh.
I avoided reading this book for months and now that I finally read it, I m relieved One book left before I start the innkeeper chronicles I enjoyed the first 2 two books quite a lot so you might wonder, why didn t I want to read this book Truth is, I don t like series in which each book tells the story of someone introduced in the former books I liked William so it wasn t a challenge to read Bayou Moon However, I m not the biggest fan of Kaldar, he just never interested me Was I disappointed Not really, I expected the worst Brief summary if helping her father in this heist means he ll stay aw Why did this sit on my Kindle for so long unread Because I m a dumbass This book was SOOO fun I ve said it before about this series, and I ll say it again This author knows how to write kids in urban fantasy that I don t want to get shipped off to military school and never see again I LOVE these kids characters And honestly, i think I wasn t crazy about the love interest from the last installment and that s why I was slow to read this, but the book really matched the leads up well Top UF author for surezies Audrey Callahan Left Behind Her Life In The Edge, And She S Determined To Stay On The Straight And Narrow But When Her Brother Gets Into Hot Water, The Former Thief Takes On One Last Heist And Finds Herself Matching Wits With A Jack Of All Trades Kaldar Mar A Gambler, Lawyer, Thief, And Spy Expects His Latest Assignment Tracking Down A Stolen Item To Be A Piece Of Cake, Until Audrey Shows Up But When The Item Falls Into The Hands Of A Lethal Criminal, Kaldar Realizes That In Order To Finish The Job, He S Going To Need Audrey S Help It s nice to know I can still count on an Ilona Andrews book to get me out of a book slump These books are connected, but can be read as stand alones Although, I believe the next and final book involves some characters and a plot set up in this one A final war against The Hand and Spider and his crew, I believe Kaldar is a thief, pick pocket, rogue, scoundrel, player, etc He meets Audrey, who is also a thief, but a retired one They end up having to retrieve an item she stole with her toxic father and brother It s part romance, part paranormal fantasy, part heist The Edge is an interesting world There is the Weird and the Broken as well The Broken appears to be similar to our world, the Weird is where the high born magical elite live The Edge has magic and is kind of like living out in the woods somewhere They all exist in slightly d

Ilona Andrews is the pseudonym for a husband and wife writing team Ilona is a native born Russian and Gordon is a former communications sergeant in the U.S Army Contrary to popular belief, Gordon was never an intelligence officer with a license to kill, and Ilona was never the mysterious Russian spy who seduced him They met in college, in English Composition 101, where Ilona got a better grade