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È Read È Falling by Kassanna È Great readA story of two people who have been through a lot Bobby Jack stated it best at the lowest points in his life, his family was not there but black folks were Just wish it would have been a little longer didn t want it to end.
We usually see paranormal IR from this author so it was refreshing to see the author branch out into new territory What I liked about this story is that this is different from most books in the IR genre I only wish the author could have expanded on a few issues For instance Bobby Jack the male lead that name Lord He is just being released from prison for robbing a store he has hopes of returning back home to his baby mama Jessi.
Now is when the story takes a turn Jessi is a hot mess of a character she has a son Issac which she cant take care of and enlists the help of her friend Whitney Now Whitney a child of the system has a heart of gold and is willing to help all in need This is a good thing and a bad thing Bobby Jack comes from a very racist family Klans men of course he himself shares some of those same stereoty Bobby Jack Believed In Anarchy He Was Taught, Keep The Races Separate And Let The Best Man Survive Fresh Out Of Jail, He Searches For His Son, Born While He Was Locked Up The Journey Takes Bobby Jack To Dark Places, Ultimately Leading Him To An Eye Opening Truth Whit Stepped In To Take The Toddler When His Mama Was Arrested She Has Her Own Troubles But Couldn T Stomach Watching The Little Fella Be Taken Away By Child Protective Services Given Her Circumstances She Does The Best She Can With What She Has He S A Monster Whose Hate Runs Deep And She S A Woman Doing The Best She Can To Keep From Letting Life Break Her An Unexpected Turn Of Events Sets These Two People On A Collision Course And No One Will Walk Away Unscathed Sometimes You Can T Stop From Falling Warning There Is Explicit Use Of Derogatory Racist Names Used In This Book You Will Find Offensive Graphic Violence And Sex Scenes Better then I expected Be warned, this book has a lot of racial slurs and language throughout the book I was prepared to dislike Bobby Jack being he was a racist But as I read on, I realized he wasn t so bad This story clearly shows people are not born racist, that are taught to be that way Bobby Jack s father was the worst A lot of the things he said made me cringe and shake me head But sadly that s that way a lot of people still think today It was great seeing Bobby Jack open his eyes and see that the way he was brought up was wrong He became his own person and fought for what he wanted, that being Whitney and his son Isaac Whitney was a sweet heart with a big heart She was strong and believed in the good in people She saw the confederate flag tattooe Falling, by Kassanna, is definitely not your typical romance story It is the story of an ex con racist who is Falling for an African American woman That set up alone, while not how it is described in the blurb, made me want to read this story.
Whit is a soft hearted woman who has nothing herself, but is always ready to give to others The one person whom she cares for the most is baby Isaac When circumstances lead to her having custody of him, she also inherits his ex con racist father.
Bobby Jack is a man who was raised to be a racist, with all the body tattoos to show for his beliefs The one thing that gets him through his prison sentence is the knowledge that when he is released his son and baby mamma will be waiting for him As the book progresses we see the evolution of Bobby Jack into a slightly different character than he was at th I don t generally like giving poor reviews but in this case I feel compelled to do so I usually love this author s work but this book was not up to the author s normal level This book had so much potential but it definitely fell flat.
This book contained racial remarks that were expected from the book blurb The characters were not really believable or relatable to me The hero of this story shows slight growth but his racist ways are not truly changed The heroine comes off as needy and desperate The ending of this book is rushed and nothing is resolved.
The secondary characters added some comic relief in spots but all in all they didn t really add anything to this story.
This book didn t really have any depth to me but I will still support this author because she is truly one of my favoritesSPOILERS BELOW If I could suggest anythin Whitney is a young woman who knows about hard times so when she opens her apartment door and finds her neighbor and friend being hauled away to jail she steps in to take care of her young son Booby Jack,member of the Aryan Nation, is fresh out of prison after serving a two year sentence and is looking for the woman he left behind who gave birth to his son while he was away When Whit finds out that the little toddler she has grown to love is the son a white supremest she feels the need to protect the little guy from all the hate, but what she doesn t know is that Bobby Jack s time in prison and a series of events since he has gotten out,has opened his eyes to a few things mainly the truth about his family and other races.
Not a bad story, it had some finer points like the drag queen neighbors and the lady lord were funny and the concept was good, but th This was a good story with realistic relateable characters I would ve liked to seeof a conclusion to the story It felt a little open ended Perhaps another installment is in the works

You know when someone says, You re pretty for a black girl And said black girl blushes like that s the best compliment ever despite it obviously beinger, not That s That s basically both main female characters in books 1 and 2.
This was Bobby Jack and Whit s story.
I loved the story I thought it was brave of the author to even touch this theme I loved the couple they found their own way to love Even when a couple is singing off the same hymn sheet so long as there is a mix whether white black Asian black you will always have to fight some elements of how you were raised in connection with other races Since the civil rights movement all races have come a long way but there is still a ways to go I hope Kassanna will be brave enough to writestories on this theme Love can survive arising out of all kinds of conditions with all kinds of people Even during slavery times there was genuine love between black slaves and their masters, that was a very racist and hostile time period when the N word was used every day So I don t see the stretch being that wide from slave master

Kassanna is a strong believer in love at first sight and happily ever afters After meeting her husband in November and marrying him three months later in February the two have survived and mostly enjoyed every adventure life has thrown their way Ten years, two children, a couple of dogs and a wild turkey that came out the woods and somehow adopted them later the adventure continues.Writing ha