Download Epub Format æ Diving for Pearls, Part 7 (The Pearl Makers, #7) PDF by é Melissa Storm

Download Epub Format æ Diving for Pearls, Part 7 (The Pearl Makers, #7) PDF by é Melissa Storm This part of the story was really special for me Floramaria can actually see Elizabeth She kept calling for Theo and her father knew that they should go visit Theo The book talked about the meaning of life and the past regression of Daisy in Floramaria I didn t know whether I want to laugh or get scared that she talked to herself about her baby in the previous life I really love it This part made you think a lot and I like it.
I m really looking forward the next part.
A must read I received a free copy of this book in exchange of an honest review.
She Saved Her Daughter S Life Now She Must Save Her Soul Although Elizabeth Died Giving Birth To Her Daughter, Her Death Wasn T The End She Awakens To Find Her Sacrifice Has Transformed Her Into A Special Kind Of Angel A Protector And If She Is Able To Help Her Charge Through The Pearly Gates, She Too Will Be Welcomed Into Heaven Elizabeth Is Both Heartbroken And Overjoyed When She Finds She Ll Be Watching Over Daisy, The Daughter She Never Got To Meet She D Like Nothing Than To Live With Her Little Girl In Paradise, And Being A Guardian Is Hard Work Will Elizabeth Be Reunited With Her Daughter, Or Forced To Suffer In Silence As She Watches Daisy Make Mistakes That Place Her Just Out Of Heaven S Reach This Tale Of Sacrifice, Redemption, And Unyielding Love Is For Anyone Who Believes In Angels Or Is Looking For A Reason To Believe Diving for Pearls Part 7by Melissa StormReviewed by Jaime KurpSpoiler alert, I don t do this often The author is killing me, but in a good way I am so hooked on Elizabeth and Daisy s story that I can t wait for the next story to come out I try to hold out and read 2 at a time, but it is not enough In this part of the story you learn that Daisy s spirit is in Floramaria and she remembers everything that happened in Daisy s life It just breaks your heart because Flora s parents don t know how to deal with this Got to read the next part to find out what happens.
I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.
The story of Elizabeth and Daisy Floramaria continues Daisy Floramaria can still sense Elizabeth even though she is no longer an infant Floramaria can still remember her life as Daisy and continues to tell her new family about her other life Her family thinks she is crazy and the destruction reverberates through the family.
Each part is s short part of the overall story and I am glad to read them all at once.
Diving For Pearls Part 7 was great Melissa Storm takes you through so many emotions in these short stories One minute you re crying, the next laughing, hopeful and excited I m always curious to see what happens next I really love this series and recommend it highly It s so creative and imaginative This story continues with Elizabeth and Floramaria, her new charge Elizabeth can t quite let go of her past and it is effecting Floramaria s future Florimaria remembers her past from when she was Daisy, and Elizabeth doesn t quite know what to do.
Each Diving For Pearl story I read is so amazing I really like the writing style of Ms Storm She has created a very believable series that will warm and break your heart For all readers that believe in Guardian Angels, I highly recommend Part VII and all the other Diving For Pearls stories.
Elizabeth seems to have all the other protector angels mad at her when Floramina remembers her past and throws the present for a total loop, affecting everyone involved.
The tension in this book is building and the outlook does not seem favorable for anyone

Last chapter ended with a little girl who kept saying the name Theo This chapter is about what that means The soul of Daisy is in this little girl,and she remembers that her father s name was Theo.
The parents realize that she needs to see the man named Theo,so they embark on this adventure together As always Elizabeth is there as the guardian and the little girl,Philomina,is excited to go see him and tells Elizabeth Shocked,Elizabeth asks philomina can you see me And she replies yes,and I know that you are my mommy Elizabeth is very happy but also confused,because she knows that there might be some severe consequences because of it This part of the story is so different from the others before it The author totally changes up here giving you the hope that Elisabeth and Daisy are becoming closer to becoming pearls , wonderful story.
Part VII of the Diving for Pearls series is a little bit strange But I mean that in a very good way Floramaria, the little girl who is the reincarnation of Daisy, can see Elizabeth, her guardian angel She also insists, much to the chagrin of her parents, that she needs to meet Theo, Daisy s birth father Floramaria s parents decide to go along with their daughter s visions and take her to see Theo Unfortunately, things get a little crazy, and Floramaria and her parents are asked to leave I found part VII to be a fascinating take on reincarnation and how people deal with it differently I also liked how Floramaria was able to see Elizabeth, and she seemed to know her angel was also her Daisy s mother I m looking forward to part VIII Curious to see where i Learn about her other author alias at