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Download Epub Format Ü Diamondback Cave PDF by ë K.L. Fogg This book concludes Fogg s trilogy, and is a little bit of a change of pace from the first two The first half of the book feels like the previous books did, but then things are resolved and the family has to deal with some psychological issues rather than the physical dangers they have been through It was interesting, but unexpected It s a clean, fun, exciting series, and would be a good book for a parent to read with their elementary school aged child.
Rating PG 13 for some intense content.
I was so excited that this book came out I absolutely loved the first two books I finished it in two days It would ve been faster, had I had time to read it I loved the twists of the plot in the book The beginning was pretty predictable, but I like it when I can predict it The rest of the book just twisted and turned constantly I thought one thing was going to happen, and the exact opposite happend This book was wonderful, but I could ve been better The editor must not have gone through this very well, because there were lots of grammar and punctuation mistakes Most books have one or two, this had quite a few In the end, this book was really good and I would reccommend it to just about anyone Imogene Vandergrift Wants Out Of Jail And She Ll Say Or Do Just About Anything To Make Sure She Can Recover The Millions In Diamonds She Has Hidden Away Television Reality Adventure Star Jack Mackey Wants Nothing To Do With Imogene Especially After What She Has Already Put His Son Wesley Through Jack Has Assured Wes That The Evil Woman Who Pretended For Years To Be His Mother Will Remain Behind Bars But That Was Before Alex Harris Mysteriously Disappeared Now The Rules Have Changed Wesley And His Best Friend Amanda Decide It Is Up To Them To Find Alex, Amanda S Soon To Be Stepfather A Little Covert Detective Work Leads Them To Diamondback Cave Although Imogene S Diamonds Are Hidden Inside, It Is Named For The Rattlesnakes That Infest The Black Hole In The Ground However, The Cavern Also Holds Other Dangers Henchman Who May Be Working For, Or Against, Imogene Can Wesley S Friends And Family Survive These New Attacks From Imogene Vandergrift Will Amanda Find Alex Before It S Too Late For Him To Become Part Of Her Family Will You Be Able To Catch Your Breath As You Dive Into Diamondback Cave SPOILERS This series provides some delightfully surprising symbolism that I thoroughly enjoyed When they lost the diamonds in the cave, then Maggie lost her memory, I was struck by the parallelism of those two events Just like the briefcase of priceless diamonds that tumbled down the abyss, Maggie lost what was most precious to her the new life she had began with Jack, Westley and her little children.
When Jack retrieves the diamonds, Maggie retrieves her memories.
I also loved the climax on the cliffs overlooking the place where it all started As far as story line goes, this book kept me guessing I really didn t know what Jack was going to do about Imogene.
The characters were delightful I was very impressed by the way the 5 STARSOne places says series is Serpent Tide series and one places Wesley Mackey series Either way I like the series Full of action, dramas, interesting characters and just a well told story.
Alex has disappeared right before his wedding to Maria Wesley thinks its than cold feet that made Alex text his breakup No one believes him So Alex and Amanda decide to try and find him They find him and get kidnapped themselves.
Missing diamonds in a old cave system with lots of bats, snakes and other wild life It goes from one dangerous adventure to another clean read Exciting right to the last page.
HOLY CRAP THIS ONE WAS AWESOME I liked this one just as much as the first and second This one was the most unpredictable, and it had a lot of awesome adventure When Maggie lost her memory, and Wesley stepped on a Stonefish, and Teddy died, and Maria got married, and all of that awesomeness, it was amazingly incredible, unpredictable, the whole nine yards This is one of my all time favorite series, books, etc I read it in a day, and just loved it The books ahev so much packed into them, that you wonder, after everything you read about in the summmary, if it will ever end, and you re shocked at how much you have left and wonder what will happen and how it will end It was miraculous, I just loved this book and I love the series.
The third book in the almost unknown series Serpent Tide, by K.
L Fogg equally unknown , Diamondback Cave appears to me as an attempt to draw in an older crowd The previous two books were aimed at readers at a third to sixth grade reading level While Diamondback Cave s style remains ideal for this level, the plot line seems a poor attempt to create drama and romance As far as I can tell, all this has done is make the younger readers skip over the gushy parts.
In all, this is a good book and necessary to finish the story presented by the first two books, but I really only recommend this for young readers and those looking for a quick read.
I read this the third book before I read Widow s Revenge the sequel to the first book and I still understood most of what had happened from references and clues It s not like Harry Potter where they flat out tell you what has happened before, which is buggery.
I liked this book, but it did get quite predictable The first book of the series is good but wanting a sequel But having not read the second book, I don t know whether this was a good addition to the trilogy that K.
L Fogg has created so far.

It is the last one in the series so I was sad when it ended I loved it though and hope the author writes books Love it every timeThe first and second book are my favorites but this one toes things up nicely There s still some humor and I like the twists.

K.L Fogg is a former television news anchor, reporter, and talk show host She received her bachelor s degree in communications from Brigham Young University, and studied for her master s in journalism at the University of Missouri, where she worked for NBC 8 She is married and has three children.