Trailer ä Desert Solitaire PDF by Å Edward Abbey

Trailer ä Desert Solitaire PDF by Å Edward Abbey First Published In , Desert Solitaire Is One Of Edward Abbey S Most Critically Acclaimed Works And Marks His First Foray Into The World Of Nonfiction Writing Written While Abbey Was Working As A Ranger At Arches National Park Outside Of Moab, Utah, Desert Solitaire Is A Rare View Of One Man S Quest To Experience Nature In Its Purest FormThrough Prose That Is By Turns Passionate And Poetic, Abbey Reflects On The Condition Of Our Remaining Wilderness And The Future Of A Civilization That Cannot Reconcile Itself To Living In The Natural World As Well As His Own Internal Struggle With Morality As The World Continues Its Rapid Development, Abbey S Cry To Maintain The Natural Beauty Of The West Remains Just As Relevant Today As When This Book Was Written I m not sure why everyone loves this book, or Edward Abbey in general I couldn t even finish this He is a macho hypocritical egomaniac, hiding behind the veil of saving the earth.
totally thumbs down.
Desert Solitaire seemed the right book to take along on a trip to the southwest in September 2009.
Abbey writes of the beauty of the southwest As a ranger at Arches National Park he had a close relationship with some of our country s most exquisite scenery In the 18 essays that make up the book, he offers not only his appreciation for the sometimes harsh environment of Utah and Arizona, but his notions on things political Those are not so compelling He tells tales of people he has known and in doing so enhances an image of his southwest as at once a beautiful and terrible place North Window in Arches National ParkHowever, I have concluded, with apologies to Ernest Thompson, that Edward Abbey is an old poop It is one thing to have a deep and abiding appreciation for a place, a thing, an experience, an environment, but Abbey seems determined that only certain sorts shoul

Part Walden, part Mein Kampf Desert Solitaire 1968 is to a certain extent sand mad Edward Abbey s homage to the beauty of the American Southwest and to the necessity of wilderness but mostly, the book is an autobiographical paean to the sheer wonder of Abbey himself Like the pioneers, prospectors, and developers who preceded him, Abbey lays claim to all the canyonlands and Four Corners region of southern Utah and northern Arizona Abbey s Country he calls it, and he seeks to fill every twisting canyon and windswept plateau of his private playground with his own immense, misanthropic ego His collected jottings form a notebook of random, often paranoid observations cast in anemic prose He throws in everything that crosses his mind a wearisome narrative of his float down the C Any discussion of the great Southwest regional writer Edward Abbey invariably turns to the fact that he was a pompous self centered hypocritical womanizer And those were his good qualities just kidding, Michelle He advocated birth control and railed against immigrants having children yet fathered five children himself, he fought against modern intrusion in the wilderness yet had no problem throwing beer cans out of his car window, He hated ranchers and farmers yet was a staunch supporter of the National Rifle Association, he hated tourists yet saw the Southwest as his personal playground, and my favorite he advocated wilderness protection with one reason being they would make good training grounds for guerrilla fighters who would eventually overthro

Edward Paul Abbey 1927 1989 was an American author and essayist noted for his advocacy of environmental issues, criticism of public land policies, and anarchist political views.Abbey attended college in New Mexico and then worked as a park ranger and fire lookout for the National Park Service in the Southwest It was during this time that he developed the relationship with the area s environment