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¼ Read ¼ Dangerous Interloper by Penny Jordan Ö The Man Was Trespassing On Her Emotions Women As Independent And Career Minded As Miranda Didn T Just Bump Into A Total Stranger And Fall In Love Ridiculous Impossible Totally Unthinkable There Must Have Been Some Other Logical Explanation For Her Extraordinary Reaction To Ben FrobisherThe Computer Expert Had Already Made Quite An Impact On The Small English Market Town, And The Fact That He D Reduced Miranda To A Giddy Teenager Only Fueled Her Determination To Remain Detached True, She Found Him Incredibly Desirable, But Did He Have To Invade Her Dreams Every Night Did He Have To Reveal Emotions And Needs She Had Never Before Experienced This one tells the story of Miranda a career driven estate agent and Ben Frobisher owner of a software development company and really clearly illustrates just why Jordan was such a woman of her times It s the early 90s and the streets of Miranda s lovely little country town are being ruined by them Londoners moving in and buying up property as it falls into the commuter belt Just as Miranda is getting all up in arms about what is happening to her lovely little town she falls literally into the arms of Ben Frobisher one of them Londoners who is ruining her lovely little town It s a Mills and Boon, so, of course, she decides she hates him although her subconscious is telling her otherwise by making her have very erotic dreams about him.
Miranda is one of those career driven professional types who is so busy and bust

Maybe the reason the female protagonist repeatedly bemoans the fact that she is acting like a child throughout the entire story is simply because she has the mental development of a child Except that it would be an insult to children to liken them to this annoying, wishy washy, insecure blobfish.
As for the hero, he is not even something real, just a figment of a wet dream, which the heroine kept having about him EVERY SINGLE NIGHT in ewwww worthy, graphic detail And then she goes to buy a book on the interpretation of dreams so she can find an explanation why she keeps having sexual dreams over this living, breathing Adoni face palm So yeah, blobfish with a jello cup for a brain ROFL The book was boring There can t be much else said for it It was okay to read if you had nothing else to read or it was a rainy day but other than that I disliked it I tried giving it two stars because it s a Penny Jordan novel but I don t necessarily believe that the book is than one star, one and a half if we are stretching it.

Caroline Courtney,