[Jenifer Ringer] æ Dancing Through It: My Journey in the Ballet [noël PDF] Read Online ✓ sro-spb.pro

[Jenifer Ringer] æ Dancing Through It: My Journey in the Ballet [noël PDF] Read Online ✓

Dancing Has Always Been Essential To Ringer As A Child, A Student, And A Principal Dancer For The New York City Ballet, Dance And Her Strong Faith In God Were At The Center Of Her Life And She Has Danced With The Best Over The Course Of Her Extremely Successful Career While Also Becoming A Wife And Mother With Ballet Dancers, Body Image Can Become An Obsession, And Like So Many Others, Ringer Suffered From Anorexia And Bulimiauntil She Ended Up Gaining Enough Weight To Be Fired From The Company Perseverance, Prayer, Family, And Church Helped Her To Get Past These Issues And Return To The Company Then, Just When She Finally Came To Terms With Her Body Type, A New York Times Critic Suggested That She Was Fat, Creating A Publicity Storm That Drove Her To The Talk Shows Ringer Now Offers A Frank And Open Account Of Her Demanding Dance Life, Revealing Seldom Seen Technical Aspects Of This Rigorous Art Form A Sure Hit For Balletomanes And Everyone Concerned About Body Image Issues Danise HooverJenifer Ringers Book Is An Honest And Exhilarating Look Into The Life Of A Young Dancer, With Both The Excitement Of Achievement And The Desperate Anxiety Given Proper Treatment This Is A Must read For Anyone Entering The Dance Community, But Evenbroadly, For Any Young Person Passionately Following Their Dream Jenifer Was Fortunate To Have Help In Conquering Her Eating Disorder And Other Demons, And This Book May Be A Help To Those Wrestling With Their Own Issues Besides, For Those Of Us Who Wish We Could Dance, Knowing About It From The Inside Is A Rare Privilege Kathy Keller, Coauthor Of THE MEANING OF MARRIAGEAs A Dancer, Jenifer Ringer Offers Quintessential Musicality, Brilliant Technique, Infectious Humor, And A Good Old Dash Of Gorgeous As A Writer, She Offers All Of This And , Providing Us With A Rare Opportunity To Look Behind The Curtain And Understand The Pressures, Challenges, And Rewards Faced By This Remarkable Individual Dancing Through It Is One Of The Most Candid And Insightful books About Classical Ballet I Have Ever read An Honest Portrait Of The Rarefied World Of The New York City Ballet, Jennys Writing Will Make You Tear Up, Roar With Laughter, And Reflect On The Myriad Pressures And Rewards Of Being A Dancer And An Artist Long Before Youve Put This Book Down, You Will Want To Shout Brava Once Again For This Treasured Ballerina And Gifted Author Peter Boal, Artistic Director, Pacific Northwest BalletOne Of New Yorks Most Beautiful Dancers, Jenifer Ringer Brings Idealism, Humor, And A Raw, Searing Honesty To This Poignant Memoir I Had A Hard Time Putting The Book Down, And I Teared Up Several TimesWendy Perron, Author Of THROUGH THE EYES OF A DANCER, And Editor At Large, DANCE MAGAZINE

En tant qu’auteur connu, certains de ses livres fascinent les lecteurs, comme dans le livre Dancing Through It: My Journey in the Ballet , qui est l’un des lecteurs les plus recherchés Jenifer Ringer auteurs dans le monde.