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¿ Read ß Chris Beat Cancer: A Comprehensive Plan for Healing Naturally by Chris Wark ß I have read dozens of books on cancer, as a 25 year researcher and public speaker in the subject This one really took me by surprise, because I didn t think I d learn anything new but I did Chris story starts the book, and it s humble, detailed, and compassionate You will be deeply moved, and have a sense of a clear path to recovery, even if you want to avoid the toxic protocols chemo radiation of the oncology industry A close family member of mine did precisely the entire protocol Chris outlines, and lived another 20 years instead of the less than a year death pronouncement her oncologist gave her These nutritional, supplemental, and emotional spiritual healing methods WORK, and Chris Wark has made his tragedy a learning experience that will sav Colon Cancer Survivor Who Opted Against Chemotherapy And Radiation Provides The Toxin Free Diet, Lifestyle, And Therapy Guidelines He Used To Help Himself HealTwo Days Before Christmas And At Years Old, Chris Wark Was Diagnosed With Stage Colon Cancer He Had Surgery To Remove A Golf Ball Sized Tumor And A Third Of His Colon But After Surgery, Instead Of The Traditional Chemotherapy, Wark Decided To Radically Change His Diet And Lifestyle In Order To Promote Health And Healing In His Body In Chris Beat Cancer, Wark Describes His Healing Journey, Exposes The Corruption And Ineffectiveness Of The Medical And Cancer Industries, And Shares The Strategies That He And Many Others Have Used To Heal Cancer These Strategies Include Adopting The Beat Cancer Mindset Radical Diet And Lifestyle Changes And Mental, Emotional, And Spiritual Healing, As Well As Advanced Integrative Therapies Dually Packed With An Emotional Punch And Extensive Healing Solutions, Chris Beat Cancer Will Inspire And Guide You On Your Own Journey Toward WellnessChris Wark Is An Author, Speaker, And Health Coach He Was Diagnosed With Stage Colon Cancer In At Years Old He Had Surgery, But Instead Of Chemotherapy, He Used Nutrition And Natural Therapies To Heal Himself Chris Has Made Many Appearances On Radio And Television And Was Featured In The Award Winning Documentary Film The C Word Chris Inspires Countless People To Take Control Of Their Health And Reverse Disease With A Radical Transformation Of Diet And Lifestyle You Can Visit Him Online At Chrisbeatcancer I started reading this book last night, and had a hard time putting it down This is real life stuff, people I watched my mom get cancer four times, each time her body weakening from main stream treatment I believe the chemo she had the first time around may have caused the successive cancers She fought each time like a trooper, but by the time her body had been cut, poisoned, and burned by the doctors in the know , the fourth time she got it, she didn t have much fight left in her body How I wish I had known then what I know now I might still have a beautiful woman to attend the weddings of her grandchildrenPlease read this book or get the videos and do not assume that chemo and radiation are the only answers.
Chris Wark of Chrisbeatcancer helped my mom beat cancer in 2016, using nutrition overdose and immensely healing lifestyle changes His research, knowledge and transparency are a blessing to people searching to heal their lives from cancer As a person who has not had to battle with cancer, Chis has also impacted my life with his wonderful Youtube channel and informative interviews Everyone should have this book in their home, it has invaluable information to keep yourself and your loved ones healthy, blessed, and well.

I was diagnosed with 4th stage lung cancer a year ago I began taking a targeted medicine a kind of chemo in a daily pill from my oncologist but also began looking for nutritional ideas Then I discovered Chris I started watching his videos and eventually joined his Square One program to get even direction Now with the book, we have it all One of the best things is that he explains why there s such a divide between traditional medicine and nutritional sources I asked the PA at my oncologist s office if they had any dietary advice for me and the answer was No You re thin so just drink lots of milkshakes and don t lose weight Milkshakes That was her advice.
Chris changed my whole perspective on food I m juicing and eating close to his prescribed menu and the cancer has shrunk drastically My doctor thinks in terms of managing the cancer for several years no talk at all of heali I have never written a review of a book but this book is both life changing and life saving I was diagnosed in December of 2014 with stage 4 cancer I did no surgery, chemo or radiation for reasons of my own I found Chris three months later and began a modified form of his plan because I wouldn t give up all my favorites but now I am fully on the Square One with Chris This book now has in print what can be done by people with cancer that you can hand to them and they can read for themselves He is the most giving young man I know and he devotes his life to save others This really is NOT that difficult if you want to live and thrive My oncologist gave me one year before I deteriorated and laughed at my intention to do things nutritionally so I fired her I ve never been back and here I am almost 4 years later feeling wonderful and loving life I don t know if I still have cancer becaus