☆ Captive (Beautiful Monsters, #1) Þ Download by Ý Jex Lane

☆ Captive (Beautiful Monsters, #1) Þ Download by Ý Jex Lane Matthew Callahan Has Spent Seven Years Struggling Against The Insatiable Hunger For Blood Consuming Him Unable To Stop The Vampire Inside From Preying On Humans, He Keeps Himself Confined To A Lonely Existence Everything Changes The Night He Is Lured Into A Trap And Taken Prisoner By High Lord General Tarrick A Seductive Incubus Who Feeds Off Sexual Energy Forced Into The Middle Of A War Between Vampires And Incubi, Matthew Is Used As A Weapon Against His Own Kind Although He S Desperate For Freedom, He Is Unable To Deny The Burning Desire Drawing Him To The Incubus General He Now Calls Master This Book Is Intended For Mature Audiences 4 StarsExcellent story and I love the Incubus vs Vampire story line.
Would have been closer to 5 stars if not for the pages and pages of graphic MF sex in a book purported to be an MM romance I didn t bother to count but I think there were , and graphic, MF scenes than there were MM scenes Yeah, not interestedso after that first one with Tarrick and the two succubi I skimmed the rest Two long, descriptive scenes with Matthew and another succubus I mean, I get it incubi succubi are creatures of sex and need take it from anyone regardless of gender I just didn t appreciate that we were shorted on the scenes with Tarrick Matthew IMHO, it would have made Matthew s attraction and dedication to Tarrick believable and his heart ache understandable if we d gotten of them as a couple in order to feel that emotion In This was SO addictive I don t think it is for all audiences, but I ll give all the warnings when I talk about the book in my Youtube Channel What I loved THE ACTION, it was on point The final battle had me literally shaking with fear and excitement no but really, I was shaking.

buddy read with Lo 4.
5 StarsDamn I can t believe I enjoyed it that much It s been a while since I read a fantasy book Yes, I had had read a vampiry book recently months ago but a story with vampires, damons, witches, shapeshifters I can t even remember when was my last fantasy book I loved this one I was hooked from the first chapter and with each chapter it got better I loved Matthew so much he was brave, smart, curious, caring and I hated Tarrick At first I had a mild hatred for him but chapter by chapter my hatred increased He doesn t deserve Matthew I know he had reasons for what he did to Matthew but still I can t accept them I hope Matthew choose someone better than Tarrick, someone who really care for him and deserve his love and someone who chose something other than torturing as a help to him maybe if there was Tarrick s POV I could have understood him I hope I like him in book two To

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