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º Read ✓ Burning Angel by James Lee Burke ò Eight books into this series, and I m beginning to think author James Lee Burke is in too deep The prose is great, and unlike anything you will find in other crime mystery novels, but often there is just too much to digest all at once Multiple plot lines begin to collide, with recognizable themes from previous novels The complex and well developed protagonist is Dave Robicheaux, a veteran now working as homicide detective for the sheriff s department Burke likes to take characters and elements from Dave s past, either the horrors of Viet Nam or characters from his early years in NOLA, mix them with present day Mafia and assorted low lifes, add the tension of balancing his family life and personal demons, throw in a little Southern Gothic mysticism and Louisiana history and set the whole thing in a lush, humid setting and you I ve been reading James Lee Burke s Dave Robicheaux series in order and this was number eight Since reading many different series, I had forgotten how much I missed Burke s thoughtful, insightful and descriptive writing Dave, as usual, is faced with bad guys who know no mercy They are beyond the pale in cruelty and are not afraid to demonstrate it in any way imaginable Burning Angel doesn t move far from these wicked characters, with each one, in my mind, worse than the one before.
Clete who was long ago Dave s partner at the New Orleans Police Department, went awry in previous books, but is now on track and legal is a private investigator and is at Dave s side when the chips are down This book is no exception and makes Dave s character even stronger by contrasting Just because every word you write is beautiful and true doesn t mean they should all be there This is, further, a shambolic mess There is no story line But what poetry Burke makes And why no film Burke s mystery, unfolding in the swamps and back alleys of southern Louisiana, is not read to be solved Akin to its predecessors, the novels of Chandler and Hammet, of Mosley and Greene, Burning Angel is not about the ending of the story, but is at its heart about suffering Rather than a steely eyed detective of the hardboiled tradition, however, the detective Robicheaux is plagued by guilt as are several of the characters in the novel replayed in his mind from a war gone by In Burning Angel, the death of a single woman at the beginning of the novel sets in motion a series of events surrounding Robicheaux that eventually see virtually every single character treading a fine line of morality In Burke s Louisiana, everyone is guilty of something It is therein that the relative cri A hot mess Sorry, couldn t help myself This is my least favorite Burke novel so far, and by that I mean I will read of Burke as I know his capability with mystery thrillers The huge problem here is that the plot is a mess To me, this feels like a bunch of short stories shuffled together the result is nonsensical A mistake by a very good writer And we all make mistakes.

This is book number 8 in the Dave Robicheaux series and I m still addicted This series is just getting better and better Burning Angel by James Lee Burke.
I ve been reading as well as addicted to the Dave Robicheaux series especially when Clete Purcell is in the mix Trouble seems to follow Dave or is the other way around Clete Purcell brings uncontrollable chaos into the already chaotic world known as the Louisiana Bayou Expect the totally unexpected in this Dave Robicheaux mystery.
For all mystery lovers especially those hooked on Dave Robicheaux with Clete Purcell Listened to on CD narrated performed by Mark Hammer.
I ve enjoyed and reviewed the whole Robicheaux series up to this point over the course of the last year, began with a much recent one that I read out of sequence because it found its way into my home So now that I ve commented multiple times upon the brilliance and eloquence of this writer, I just have to get this off my chest Does this protagonist EVER eat VEGETABLES Onions on a sandwich don t count We move through the plot lines with a steady series of meals, this makes it realistic Some crime mystery writers have protagonists who appear to never eat or sleep, at some point one starts to notice This writer uses food to evoke a sense of setting, constantly parading before us his begniets, his boudin, his po boy sandwiches He fries fish and gobbles that up, too.
In one of his novels his narrative mentions a bad guy as being among those who let their bodi I enjoyed this book and James Lee Burke s writing style is superb I have come across few authors who have the ability to describe New Orleans or Louisiana and leave you feeling like you are there His characters are rich and colorful To me though this story was not quite as good as earlier books As usual there are several subplots but this time they did not seem to get tied up and the ending left things unexplained and unanswered.
The story opens when Dave bumps into Sonny Boy Marsallus in New Orleans Sonny was a gambler He would also lend money to prostitutes who wanted to leave the life This did not sit well with the Giacano family and Sonny fled to El Salvador and Guatemala where he became a mercenary and also worked for the DEA Now he is back Sonny gives Dave a notebook The Fontenot Family Has Lived As Sharecroppers On Bertrand Land For As Long As Anyone In New Iberia, Louisiana, Can Remember So Why Are They Now Being Forced From Their Homes And What Does The Murder Of Della Landry The Girlfriend Of New Orleans Fixer Sonny Boy Marsallus Have To Do With It Marsallus S Secrets Seem Tied To Those Of The Fontenots But Can Detective Dave Robicheaux Make Sense Of It All Before There Is Bloodshed In James Lee Burke S Intense And Powerful New Bestseller, Robicheux Digs Deep Into The Bad Blood And Dirty Secrets Of Louisiana S Past While Having To Confront A Rag Tag Alliance Of Local Mobsters And Hired Assassin

Dave Robicheaux series He has twice received the Edgar Award for Best Novel, for