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✓ Bumped ↠´ Download by ☆ Megan McCafferty I am really, really disappointed in this book I d been waiting for it for a while and when I got around to reading it, it was such a let down, in all ways I found the dystopian idea to be very intriguing, but the actual plot wasn t very strong I absolutely hated the way it was written and would probably go as far as saying it s one of the worst written books that I have read If I have to see the words rilly , neggers for seriously cock jockey or fertilicious again, I might scream This is either a classic case of the author trying to be too teen and failing or simply a horrendous choice of futuristic slang The characters weren t strong and Harmony and her preaching frankly just annoyed me from the beginning in fact, they were both irritating and p A virus has made everyone over the age of eighteen infertile so young teens are being used as surrogates while they are able to conceive making teens the most prized members of society Sixteen year old twins Melody and Harmony were separated at birth but have now been reunited and learning just how different but alike that they are Melody has obtained a conception contract with the Jaydens but while searching for the perfect partner for Melody to bump with she is fighting her attraction to her best friend, Zen, who is not a good partner Harmony on the other hand has been raised in a religious community and is set to marry and become a good wife instead of getting involved in the high profits of carrying othe When A Virus Makes Everyone Over The Age Of Eighteen Infertile, Would Be Parents Pay Teen Girls To Conceive And Give Birth To Their Children, Making Teens The Most Prized Members Of Society Girls Sport Fake Baby Bumps And The School Cafeteria Stocks Folic Acid Infused FoodSixteen Year Old Identical Twins Melody And Harmony Were Separated At Birth And Have Never Met Until The Day Harmony Shows Up On Melody S Doorstep Up To Now, The Twins Have Followed Completely Opposite Paths Melody Has Scored An Enviable Conception Contract With A Couple Called The Jaydens While They Are Searching For The Perfect Partner For Melody To Bump With, She Is Fighting Her Attraction To Her Best Friend, Zen, Who Is Way Too Short For The JobHarmony Has Spent Her Whole Life In Goodside, A Religious Community, Preparing To Be A Wife And Mother She Believes Her Calling Is To Convince Melody That Pregging For Profit Is A Sin But Harmony Has Secrets Of Her Own That She Is Running FromWhen Melody Is Finally Matched With The World Famous, Genetically Flawless Jondoe, Both Girls Lives Are Changed Forever A Case Of Mistaken Identity Takes Them On A Journey Neither Could Have Ever Imagined, One That Makes Melody And Harmony Realize They Have So Much Than Just DNA In CommonFrom New York Times Bestselling Author Megan McCafferty Comes A Strikingly original Look At Friendship, Love, And Sisterhood In A Future That Is Eerily Believable I suspect that for some, the amount of enjoyment and or engagement they experience while reading Bumped will be directly proportional to the manner in which they approach it.
It s just a theory, and I can t speak for anyone but myself, but I do think that an analysis of Bumped needs to take into account the angle a person has chosen to read it from Taken at face value, there is content and style to the story that some readers may find problematic or even objectionable read as a satirical take on current trends, though, Bumped presents some intelligent, relevant commentary on social and economic pressure and the extent to which it shapes our views.
I m not sure that I would say I liked this book, in the sense in which I would normally apply the word But I was quite fa This book was definitely not for me I have so far liked the dystopian books I have read, but this felt like an infomercial for teen pregnancy than about a world gone bad The story is basically about what happens when a virus hits the US making it to where every person is barren after the age of 18 To make sure the human race stays populated adults start looking to teens, and I mean starting at age 13, to help them have there dream babies Well after a couple of years of this teens and their parents start demanding compensation for their troubles and buying a baby ends up having a whole new meaning So begins the tale of Melody, one of the first teens to demand a contract, and Harmony, her long lost twin who ended up in a church congregation that believes teens who provide this bumping service need to stop and find God The story leads us into what happens This was a YA dystopian story about a world where people went sterile around the age of 20.
The characters in this were okay, although Harmony didn t behave quite the way I expected her to considering that she wanted her sister to find God, yet then did something that went against what she herself believed.
The storyline in this had some good ideas, but the way the book was written was a little odd There were also quite a few made up words, and some odd things like condoms being illegal The basic story was entertaining though, and I did enjoy it.
The ending to this was okay, and I will be reading the sequel to find out what happens next.
5 out of 10 I ll be honest I ve been DREADING writing this review I was SO looking forward to this book I just couldn t wait to get my hands on it I loved McCafferty s Jessica Darling series and I couldn t wait to read her first attempt at Dystopian fic, one of my favorite genres Imagine my absolute delight when I received an Advanced Review Copy of this bad boy sigh As you ve probably guessed by now, this book was a huge disappointment McCafferty s writing is still there Funny, sparkly, witty, and everything else that made Jessica Darling so fun to read However, the premise for the book, while intended to be satirical, just did not work AT ALL The idea is simple, albeit far fetched For some unknown reason that is not developed some kind of virus , humans somehow lose the ability to procreate after the age of 18 Why 18 is the cut off d

Ugh Having enjoyed the first two Jessica Darling novels, I was amused by Bumped s description as a dystopian world where only teenagers can procreate, due to a virus that renders every adult infertile McCafferty and HarperTeen introduce the book as stunningly close to home, given the new obsession with pregnant teens I tag this book dystopian with trepidation I get annoyed when writers don t do their homework You want to write a dystopian novel You have to think about stuff, okay Like how culture evolves, how trends form, what happens when something on the margin becomes the norm It helps if you read other proper dystopian novels, like 1984 dry and Brave New World less dry , or good YA contemporary examples Ship B Wha wha WHAAT What just happened there Okay, let s start at the beginning Bumped is a dystopian novel set in 2035 where a virus has wiped out the ability of every person over the age of eighteen to reproduce Why eighteen How eighteen Does the virus come built in with an age o meter that tells it when to strike The population is rapidly declining, leaving only one section of the planet capable of procreating The teenagers At the point at which this novel starts, it is already established that there is a flourishing trade in surrogacy, it being accepted practice for teenagers to have sex with the intent of producing a baby that is then given away for adoption to older couples who can no longer reproduce The surrogate mothers are divided into two groups, the Reproductive Professionals RePros who are stringently scrutinized on a genetic leve 2.
5I did another video review for this one and if you want to watch it, you can here But if you re not into video reviews, here s a brief written review, in the language of Bumped It was like, rilly rilly all about young girls pregging for money Like, for seriously young But it was okay, cause they were being, like, patriotic, and all the hot girls go Pro anyway, and it s just a delivery, so who cares And if creepy old guy agents are making you major bank on that pregg, and your creepy parents are encouraging it, and you get to bump with like, the hawtest hunkaspunk in, I dunno, the whole Uni, then why the eff not, right And, so, yeah, sometimes people die or have, like postpartum pyschosis, but it just means th

Megan McCafferty writes fiction for tweens, teens and teens at heart of all ages The author of eleven novels, she s best known for SLOPPY FIRSTS and four sequels in the New York Times bestselling Jessica Darling series She s got two new books coming out in 2020 TRUE TO YOUR SELFIE MG, Scholastic, 2 20 and THE MALL YA, Wednesday Books, 7 20 Described in her first review as Judy Blume