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á Breaking the Bro Code » Download by É Stefanie London There are countless tales of woman who find themselves in love with their brother s best friend, of course it almost always involves a lot of sneaking around and learning things about each other you never noticed before But sadly it always involves a brother that might or might not break someone s knee caps, and that someone is always the poor hero in the story It also involves discovering that it s all a big misunderstanding of lust and no love, a friendship damaged and a large dose of uncomfortably In the second read from the very talented Stefanie London we meet Ellie Johnson, she has a lot of important things to think about and men ain t one of them But when gorgeous Col Hillam, her brother s best friend saunters back into her life, she s none too keen but he proposes a purely professional arrangement to help he Elise is struggling to keep her dance studio afloat At this point she needs a miracle to keep things going She just wasn t expecting a miracle in the shape of Col Hillam The same Col, who used to be part of her family and the same person who dumped her like a hot potato many years ago.
Col still struggles with the neglect and abuse he suffered as a child He is home to bury the person who will always be at the root of his fears and problems One of those fears is something he needs to overcome quick snap, which is why he has returned to ask Elise for help.
The two of them have to overcome a mountain of obstacles to rekindle their fledgling romance, including clearing up the real reason Col left in the first place The secret he kept from E

Stephanie London is a new to me author and I was blown away with how engaging and captivating Elise and Col are in Breaking the Bro Code.
Elise is a breathe of fresh air as the heroine So often it is the male protagonist that has commitment issues but in this case, Elise finds it difficult to discuss her feelings and issues with Col, even though he is desperate to reconnect with her after spending time in New York establishing his enormously successful business after a misunderstanding between them.
I loved their background history Elise was always there for Col when his father was abusive and Col spent his free time ferrying Elise around to all of her ballet classes as repayment in her quest to be a professional balleri I fell in love with Elise Johnson in Stefanie s first book, Only The Brave Try Ballet, so I was absolutely thrilled when she was given a story of her own.
There are so many different elements to this story that I adore The hero and heroine share a past but have been separated from one another for a long time The heroine is not what I usually expect In a twist, Elise is the one having the issues opening up She can be very closed off to her own emotions and struggles to put her feelings out there It s hard for her to be vulnerable.
That leads us to Col, the gorgeous hero, who is macho enough to be the hero, but also struggling with his high profile status and being in the spotlight He needs Elise s help with overcoming his fears and in return he s the one to coax Elise s feelings to the surface In other words, they re perfect for each other insert happy sigh.
Their emotional journeys, w Stefanie London does it again with Breaking the Bro Code I ve really come to enjoy reading about these bun head ballerinas and the men who love them This time, ballet studio owner Elise Johnson must help her former close friend and one time lover to earn money to save the studio Col Hilliam is the last person she wants to help he left her after the most amazing night of her life and hasn t contacted her in five years They agree to keep things strictly business, but soon discover the spark between them hasn t diminished with the time and distance Unfortunately, the issues that drove them apart haven t diminished either Can they work last their personal flaws to finally capture the love they could have together You re impossible He brought his mouth down to hers, hot and forceful You re maddening and frustrating and And Insanely hot Breaking the Bro Code is a romance that flirts with some darker issues but ultimately is a heartwarming look at two people who are perfect for each other.
Not only is this a second chance romance, but this is also about a young woman who fell for her brother s best friend, making things much complicated I liked that Elise was the only one who could calm Col down both as a kid when he was running from his abusive dad, and as an adult when he came to her for help They had a very strong connection with lots of yummy sparks.
Read More I really loved this story It was funny, heartfelt, sweet and sexy.
The chemistry between Col and Elise crackles from the page and is given depth by their shared pasts and traumas.
Col returns to Melbourne a successful business man, but he is still haunted by the past and the unresolved feelings he has for his best friend s sister Elise.
Elise has family dramas of her own and her ballet studio is in financial ruin She agrees to a business partnership with Col in order to save her studio, but soon she finds herself in deep with an undeniable attraction to Col despite the years that have passed.
Seeing Col and Ellie work out their feelings for each other and their other issues is a heap of fun An emotionally satisfying and sexy read.
Many favourite moments in this book but I think the most memorable is when Elaine refers to Col having the musicality of a stuffed llama.
A tricky book to say anything else about since I don t like spoiling stories for others.
Off Limitsand Oh So Tempting Elise Johnson Has Important Things To Concentrate On Than Mensaving Her Struggling Ballet Studio For Starters So When Gorgeous Col Hillam Her Brother S Best Friend Saunters Back Into Her Life, She S None Too Keen He Might Be Proposing A Purely Professional Arrangement, But The Last Time They Got Carried Away By Their Crazy Attraction It Ended In Disaster Col Knows Elise Is Off Limits, But It Only Makes Her Tempting With Chemistry This Hot, Surely That Bro Code Is Now Null And Void 4.
5 stars Really enjoyed this Especially the llama reference

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