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[Lee Wilkinson] ã Blind Obsession [civil-war PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ A Desperate Desire Autumn Milski Had To See Saul Cresswell Just One Time Before She Could Reconcile Herself To The Fact That The Man She Loved Hated Her It Was A Reckless Decision Despite Her Assumed Name, There Was Always A Danger That Saul Would Recognize The Girl She D Once Been A Girl He Blamed For The Accident That Had Robbed Him Of His Sight And Whom He Would Clearly Never Forget Or Forgive When Autumn takes the chance of seeing Saul Cresswell onetime she hopes he wont recognise her Because it s her fault he had the accident that left him blind and ended his career as an artist Somehow she finds herself working for him as his secretary on a new book he s writing A book about revenge Somehow it all starts to come too close to home How these two former friends who were torn apart by the tragedy of one night of mistakes could overcome their history of anger and bitterness and tremendous guilt makes for an intrigueing tale Saul is gorgeous and Autumn is feisty when not overcome by repentance at her mistake I like a bit of angst and a dark hero so enjoyed this very much.
Saul is the type for a faithf Well, the first half was definitely a 4star read Good angst, bitter hero with a disability, sweetheart heroine, great writing, nice build up of suspense and amazing chemistry between the leads, I just couldn t drag myself away from it.
Then it felt like the writer brainstormed with a group of ditzy 15 year old boys on what could constitute a good reason for a grown man to blame an 18 year old girl for him losing his eyesight in a car crash and the author went with the popular vote Then perhaps she realised it wasn t quite a good idea, regretted it, got drunk and asked the 15 year old with the best grade in English to write the rest of the book for her.
So it catapulted down to 2 stars for me But I m a minority here Many others liked this book so do chec This is one of the crazier revenge story harlequins I ve read in recent times with some mad plotting and manoeuvring on the H s side to bring the h to heel but what really bugged me, was how weak the h Autumn was Granted she was pretty desperately in love with the hero Saul most times, she behaved like a carpet who was only too happy to be trod on Saul on the other hand, is supposed to be an author, but does little else than lust after Autumn and seduce her into paying her debts to him But what s really baffling is how Autumn could have ever thought he was blind when everything he did pointed to the fact that he could see pretty well What finally redeemed this for me though, was the chemistry between the characters There was some real angst here even though, it wasn t all justified and the h and H did have an intense attraction to one anothe He laughed harshly It s high time you learnt the difference betweenlove and lust What we did had nothing to do with love That was sex,pure and simple and I only wish to God it had never happened After his so called love and to be fiancee left him because of heroine s deceit, he had bedded with h brutally and then talked like that And supposedly love heroine as a sister JERK He was vengeful and she was martyr, both were dumbs but I admired the silly h when she said When you say things like that it makes you sound little better than a whore Coldly, she said, But that s all I am That s what you ve made me Except that I m using my body not to earn money but to pay off a debt It was a good and angsty HP and I ve read without a break P.
S I ve read the book while listenning the music the h played.
https youtu.
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be Od7gx3Dc U After reading Katie V review, I had to hunt this bad boy down and read it Happily, I was not disappointed It was as angsty as I had been promised I ll forgo the plot redux, and just mention one thing I was surprised to feel as I read this No surprise that the hero is out for revenge, but Lee Wilkinson created some incredibly spooky tension Of course, I was reading the damn book way too late with one eye on the clock and one eye on the angsty antics, but darn if I didn t actually wonder what the hero was going to do In a romance and a Harlequin at that where plot points are as obvious as sign posts, that is saying something.
Los besos robados Holy Mother of God the H was a mean son of a bitch I couldn t even read it and I kept skimming and skimming hoping to see goodness in the H and finally I skipped to the end and even the explanations were extremely stupid I felt really sorry for the H she really was used and abused I was going to give it 1 star but changed it to a 2 because the story had me guessing and it was a little unpredictable when I was reading it intently that is until I couldn t take meanness of the H any and had to skim Added 1 star because of the wonderful ending, and the heart wrenching angst that came before it This really felt so much like an old school Harley, it s hard to believe that it s a modern one I just went and checked it was originally published in 1995, and this current edition is a reprint No wonder It seemed so dated and oh so poignant and angsty and beautiful This story packed one hell of a heart wrenching, gut ripping punch The way the heroine thought she was to blame, that she deserved all the horrid treatment, broke my heart This story is about neighbours, in flashbacks we come to know that H is 9 years older than h, and h has been in love with H since she was a kid When she turns 18, he takes her out, and when she confronts him about his current gf and how she s not right for him, and gf walks in on them and thinks there s something going on between them, and breaks I ve been looking for a train wreck and I finally found one that satisfies The title, first of all, is perfect Our hero is blind and he is obsessed with getting revenge on the heroine Four years before, when heroine was besotted with the H, she made her moves to seduce him on her 18th birthday The OW shows up early and the heroine overhears her berate the hero and disparage her So she takes off her clothes and gets into the hero s bed The OW storms off The hero is angry The heroine is convinced that if hero just has sex with her that he will realize the OW is all wrong for him The hero takes her virginity and then jumps in his car to go after the OW A drunk driver hits him and he looses his vision He tells the h he blames her and never wants to see her again The h haunts the hospital for three days, but they won t let her see him The OW tells her they are getting

Lee Wilkinson was born in Nottingham, the only child of loving parents She was educated at an all girls school, and after leaving, tried her hand at several jobs, including modeling swimwear.At 22 she met and married her husband, Denis They had a traditional white wedding and a honeymoon in Italy, and have been happily married ever since They have two children, a son and a daughter both now gr