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Ì Read ☆ Betrayal: The Crisis in the Catholic Church by The Boston Globe ↠´ Well, I haven t learned anything new from the read I might not be aware of every case presented there but as a wholeness I wasn t astonished at all Yes, shocked at the scale of depravity, cynicism and attempts to cover everything up but sadly not surprised I was devastated to see victims bullied or abashed, demeaned or pointed as guilty for what had happened to them while perpetrators quietly, without much fuss were moved to another city and parish to complete ignorance of new parishioners thus the vicious circle of abuse and injustice could whirl again and again What terrifies me the most is the fact how easily everything could be denied or manipulated and brushed under the carpet And the voices of victims and their families and supporters frequently called unworthy and untrustworthy or simply offensive towards the Church and attacki I ve never been a fan of the Catholic Church To be fair, I ve never been a fan of most forms of organized religion but Catholicism has always struck me as particularly weird and off putting I don t really have skin in the game I am as agnostic as they come but I always thought Luther made a few good points And by always, I mean since I was first exposed to the tenets in college I hadn t met an actual practicing Catholic until college, and the only things I knew about the faith before my religion courses at MC was that they have a pope, Jed Bartlett and JFK were Catholic, and they do confession And I think maybe I only knew about confession because I d seen it on Days of our Lives That s really embarrassing but entirely possible Anyway, I was in high school when the sex abuse scandal broke and because I had zero connection to the church and no This is the story the Boston Globe did on pedophile priests that published in 2002 and exposed the culture of pedophilia in the Catholic Church nation and worldwide I ve read some history and I have a lot of time spent in Ireland where the Church behaved even worse to its members see the Ryan and Murphy reports and all of the Catholic Church scandals are just a case study in that old aphorism, Absolute power corrupts absolutely The first few chapters are pretty grueling, detailing some of the predatory priests and their abuse of minor children in their care, but where this book gets really valuable is in the last four chapters and especially the last two A few items The authoritarian nature of the Old World Catholic Church was bound to clash with the values of New World Americans For many, the clergy sexual abuse scandal was the final straw in their I recently saw the movie Spotlight and found myself completely riveted Thus I decided to read the book version As a former Bostonian I followed this scandal of pedophile priests and the Catholic church s coverup very closely Nonetheless, the book and movie revealed details of which I was totally unaware I spent most of my viewing and reading with my mouth agape The book includes eye opening letters written by Cardinal Law the man responsible for the coverup and Father Geoghan one of the most egregious perpetrators Pleasant reading it is not but very important it is.
My god You want to read the most terrifying book read this The only horror story that comes close to this is Jack Ketchum s criminally under read The Girl Next Door.
Both made me uneasy and angry The difference is, Ketchum based his fictional novel on a real life event Betrayal can t hide behind fiction.
I had to take this book in small sips, because I became enraged with something virtually every page Betrayal is the perfect title for this How else could you describe a 2000 year old religious institution that holds incredibly strong beliefs on what constitutes sin, from eating meat on a Friday, to gays, to birth control, and also holds to antiquated notions such as only male priests, celibacy, and the fact that they are above the laws of men And yetfor all these beliefs, when their so called men of god commit an act that, perso I read this book after seeing the movie, Spotlight As a former Catholic living in Boston at the time most of this was taking place, it is familiar to me The book is a good review and summary of the scandal and I do remember the arrogance of the leaders of the Catholic Church at that time and the book captures this effectively A lot of relevant documents are included at the end.
The actual scandal is so outrageous that it is difficult to believe that it was allowed to happen The book is a well written and thought out narrative of the events.
Winner Of The Pulitzer Prize For Public ServiceThe Story Behind This Groundbreaking Book One Of The Most Significant Works Of Investigative Journalism Since Woodward And Bernstein S Reporting On Watergate Has Been Brought Brilliantly To Life On The Screen In The Major New Movie SpotlightHere Are The Devastating Revelations That Triggered A Crisis Within The Catholic Church Here Is The Truth About The Scores Of Abusive Priests Who Preyed Upon Innocent Children And The Cabal Of Senior Church Officials Who Covered Up Their Crimes Here Is The Trail Of Hush Money That The Catholic Church Secretly Paid To Buy Victims Silence Deeds That Left Millions Of The Faithful In The US And Around The World Shocked, Angry, And Confused Here As Well Is A Vivid Account Of The Ongoing Struggle, As Catholics Confront Their Church And Call For Sweeping Change I grew up Catholic but not religious type where everyone would take every thing seriously, and when I seen news reports about the abuse that the catholic church was covering up, I felt disgusted but at the same time it not the first time that a religion would try and cover up any kind of abuse by using the bible and what not.
I didn t see the movie Spotlight but when I saw this book in Barnes Noble I just needed to get it and I read right after another book I got in Target I immediately felt sick with what I was reading and how it was being handle by the church Some parents were outraged when they hearing their children were being abuse and some just wiped it under the bridge and pretend to not care at all After reading this book, it just broke my heart and angry about what I was reading and how all these priest prefer to be in denial about it Ho Very disturbing read I find it hard to rate, as it s a factual account if what happened It s not as if I could write it s a good story.
An excellent book The only thing that was a bit of a let down was that it was not like All the President s Men in that it is just The Boston Globe s original reporting shaped into a book and doesn t detail how the Globe Spotlight team approached the story I ll have to watch the movie for that That s simply a head s up for anyone expecting something else.

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